New SSWK Products!!

Hi all!

Here is just a quick, short and sweet update on new product I’ve been using for the past one month! As some of you might find out from my Instagram (@drhalina), Zofea Beauty came out with more beauty products under their wings. Last month, they came out with collagen boosting serum and miracle water!I just love the packaging. It is so modern yet still looks artistic. Forgive me for the squashed box because that is my last one, and I’m running out of better looking box. Need to stock up πŸ˜‰

According to the company, the function of both products are the same. It helps to improve dry, uneven skin tone and give brighter and more luminous skin. I’m sold!!

After trying both products for about a month, I would say my preference is the brightening serum compared to the miracle water.

Here’s why…

1) Its gel-like gives you oh-so-smooth feelings upon application.

2) Gives skin cool-minty feeling, makes your skin feels energize! (Or maybe its just me!)

3) It absorbs very fast into the skin. It’s like you skin food!! Yum! Yum!

The serum is less to my liking because.. probably I’ve used too much serum in my life. Now I want gel! Hahah..

What it did to my skin.. I noticed my skin is less oily than usual. I worked in air-condition area (Operation Theatre is always 18-22’C) for 8 hours straight everyday. Air conditioner will dry out your skin. When you skin feels dry, our sebum gland (or you call it oil-gland) will produced more oil. Which makes your skin feels oily. Do you get me?

So, when you have oily skin, it doesn’t mean that your skin is dry. It could be due to normal responds from your skin to produce more oil, making sure our skin is not getting any dryer. (Please read this statement again until you get what I mean! Haha.. It’s confusing, I know!)

After using this serum and miracle water, my skin is less oily… Which means, my oil-gland is producing less oil because my skin is not dry! Hahaha.. Confused?

Anyway, all and all, I’m happy with these new additions to my skincare regime. But I wish, it comes in bigger container. That is the problem with the gel, it feels so good I tend to scoop more. Face, then neck, then chest.. Hahaha..

Anyway, do you notice the new packaging for SSWK oral supplement?

It’s so kawaii!!

The Kawaii Collagen White Maxx Extra is like the booster for the original supplement. It is to be taken together with its sister product. I just started on the new one myself..

Just for your info, I am not the dealer of this product. So, please don’t ask me some funny funny questions like “Can I come to your house to pick up the product?” Hehe.. Get yours from Zofea Beauty’s original distributor!


30 thoughts on “New SSWK Products!!

  1. Salam dr. Halina.. Please tell us more about your skincare regime.. Are you using Clinique now instead of SKII? πŸ™‚ Much love, doc.

  2. Hai doc..!!
    I’m more interested to the statment “keep calm and just lie about your age” in the picture hihihi…i guess u see it everyday and enjoy that statment..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Dr. Halina, sy baru shj menggunakan sswkc selama 3bulan. Sy suka dgn hasilnya. Kulit lembap & muka tak nmpk kusam. Tapi…sy ada thyroid lump (euthyroid). Sy difahamkan thyroid lump is a form of, adakah sy selamat menggunakan sswkc? Really2 need ur reply. Please….

    1. Ada byk jenis thyroid lump ni… Follow up with your thyroid function test result. By third month of using collagen supplement ni, sure dah nmpk effect dah if any..

  4. I already get mine doc. Tu pun sbb doc yg pengaruh. Hahah. No la. Maybe sbb i lebih trustkan duta seorang doc drpd seorang artis. N effect product ni is so “da boom!”. 3 hari dah nampak effect. But i noticed kan doc, evrytime sy minum ni perut sy akan memulas dan berangin. N esok paginya memang akan “membuang”. It is a normal process for a newbie atau mcmna ?

  5. dr..
    if i not mistaken,dr pernah buat umrah kan masa pregnant.
    i’m just curious,did u faced any problem??
    cos i’m planning to do umrah and at the same time i am 12 weeks pregnancy.
    Can u help me with a little advice.. very appreciated it πŸ™‚

  6. Salam, doc… I’ve read in their website that need to avoid caffeine when taking this product. Is it really necessary to get the result? I am a coffee addict. Haha

  7. Assalam. Hubungi saya utk COD #SecretSkinWhiteKawaiiCollagen area Bandar Sunway, PJS, Subang Jaya, USJ, NPE, Tesco/Giant Besar Shah Alam, Kelana Jaya, PJ, Puchong Jaya, Sg Buloh, Damansara, Subang, Bangsar South, KL Sentral. Lain2 tempat boleh pos, postage percuma! PM/sms/whatsapp #0132088406 utk agen berdekatan anda. Free guide & tips.

  8. “It could be due to normal responds from your skin to produce more oil, making sure our skin is not getting any dryer.”
    I have to reread this statement over and over again to understand it. LOL. Anyway, Dr., if you don’t mind, what does SSWK stand for?

    Ruqayya wrote on…. Yuran tadika di Shah Alam

  9. assalammualaikum doc…if you don’t mind, boleh tak doc share, doc beli dekat dealer mane ya? sbb byk sgt dealer yg jual smpi tak tau which one yg ori or tak..terima kasih πŸ™‚

  10. May i ask something about the skincare kawaii? Seems like you are the docs here eheheh is it safe for a pregnant women like me which is now in 15weeks pregnant to consume it? Please please please do reply kayh hunny! Thanks! Xoxo

  11. helo, Assalammualaikum semua.. saya jual produk Dr Halina. Surelah original dan sangat sangat berkesan untuk kita semua. semua mesti cuba ok. Silalah whatsap saya untuk pertanyaan dan tempahan : 0178881610

  12. Salam doktor.

    Saya ada membaca beberapa kisah individu yang mengamalkan produk kecantikan berasaskan kolagen dibedah kerana ketumbuhan yang melekat-lekat di dalam usus. Ada juga kisah buah pinggang rosak kerana mengamalkan suplemen jenis serbuk.

    Mohon bantuan doktor agar saya dapat mengatasi kegundahan hati untuk mengamalkan suplemen ini.

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