They Wanted Daddy..!

Hi all..

My life has been upside down for the past two weeks. I spent so much time at work, had to do some readings.. and less time for family. By that, I mean my girls.. I only sent them to school in the morning while they are still sleeping and come back from work late.. sometimes until 10pm. When I reached home, I still need to do some reading and all.. I need to focus on my work and study right now.

My husband has always been supportive. He will pick up the girls from school, bathe them, feed them and all. MasyaAllah.. May Allah grant him Jannah for all his sacrifices.. No complaint. He loves the girls and loves spending time with them. They had so much fun together. They went out for dates.. Hahaha.. Yes, daddy and the girls at MooCow!

And where’s mommy?

At the hospital..

I was busy with my stuffs until two nights ago, I wanted to put my girls to sleep.. and they refused me!! Both Bella and Tasha wanted daddy!

I cried in my heart.

It’s only two weeks and they forgot their mommy?

I guess we can’t have everything in life. One way or another, if you want to achieve something, part of your life will be sacrifice. Salute to all ambitious mommies out there, juggling work and family. I have a friend who completed her post-graduate study with kids and NO maid! That’s unbelievable!! Salute to all husbands and daddies who sacrifies for their family, taking care of their children while their wives is struggling to achieve their ambitions.

In my case, I just need to do some adjustment.. like less sleeping time (hahahah.. and more coffee probably..) and finish my study at hospital and spend more quality time with my girls (I need a date with them too!!)

That night, when Bella and Tasha rejected me was like a slap in my face. I can’t take it..

I need to change.

Wish me luck, ok!


64 thoughts on “They Wanted Daddy..!

  1. sabar banyak2 doc..saya pun..baru tinggal anak 3 hari kat hubby…balik dari outstation..kita yg kerinduan anak2…kena reject..nak tido ngan abahnya…huhuhu..situasi saya pun mcm doc….tgh berusaha memujuk diri dan mencari strategi…huhuhu..wish me luck too doc…

  2. That’s the dilema of working mother kan. U love ur job but u love ur childs too. Goodluck doc. InsyaAllah everything will be back to normal. Whatever it is i believe they want their mummy more than anything. Maybe dorg merajuk mummy always away.. Nnt dorg cari mummy dia jugak tuu šŸ˜Š

  3. I can feel you. Juggling between post grad study and family is not an easy task. In my case I need to sacrifice my sleeping time. I will start studying after my son go to bed. May Allah easy our journey.

  4. Sabar doc. Saya faham perasaan doctor tu. Pengalaman my sis in law pulak agak sama dengan doc. Saya tinggal bersama mereka dan anak bongsu mereka tidur bersama saya setiap malam! Bila saya tiada,si bongsu menangis mencari si auntie.haha..bila si ibu mengajak si bongsu tidur he said no no no! Oh
    gouch….bersalahnya saya! But
    alhamdulillah my sis memahami dan not blaming anyone.haha

  5. I feel you =) We always wanted to do the best for our career & family, that we don’t even hesitate to sacrifice our own personal time. But still, on super busy days, or when the kids got sick etc, at the back of our mind we scolded ourselves for not being a good mom/wife to our family =(

  6. Assalam some people firmly believe that we can never get the best of both worlds…but us as Muslims really do have to relish the understanding that what matters most would be priorities. . If we pursue our worldly affairs so much so that we abandoned our religious obligations. ..perhaps that is where things go awry. ..Islam advocates to pursue ukhrawi first and foremost and dunniyya shall be made easy for us…not the other way round….:-)

    • it’s not really about material stuff. it’s more of showing good example to my kids when they are older. one day, i want them to look back and remember, “mommy still can work and take care of the family when we’re young” insyaAllah they will grow up being a strong, independent woman and obeys Allah at the same time..

      • setuju!! sbg government kursus adalah normal..mcm sy..bln ni je ada 3x kursus di luar KL yg membuatkan sy tak boleh balik..seminggu..suami la yg uruskan anak..anak lelaki sebaya bella 3years..suamilah yg mandikan pagi2.hantar pergi kindy..amik dr tido..selama seminggu walaupun dia pun sama bekerja..tq husband!!..pengorbanan kite sebagai ibu..merelakan semua tu supaya my son dah besar nanti bersyukur..dia masih ada ibu yg boleh besarkan dia walaupun terpaksa kerja…tapi my son mmg manja dgn husband..sikit2 ayah..ayah..okla…ayah hero dia..bhahahaha..

  7. Semangat mesti kene kental ok !! KakNa,bile balik tuh jgn tgn kosong jer,try beli sometimes utk diorg like toy,makanan,air,book or anything,dorg mesti xrase diabaikan..and let them know,mommy igt kat dorg,bese lar bdk2 kan lebih suke mcm tuh!! Goodluck.

  8. Hi Doc….Gud Luck for ur post graduate…
    me too…all my boyfrens (i hav 2 son & now preggy 23 weeks for 3rd) rejected me & they want daddy too..
    berak xnak mummy basuh nak daddy, makan nak sama2 daddy..tido pon nak sebelah kanan, no.2 kiri…

    apa yang i buat, untuk dapatkan balik my boyfriends…i took leave 3days
    dari morning sampai evening mmg i spent quality time with them, 1s day mmg mencabar..but 2nd & 3rd day wahhhh amazing
    and i kurangkan masa tidur dan masa di office..on time i balik kerumah dan lupakan hal doc plz spent time wth ur kids…
    mereka membesar hanya sekali…curi masa tido dan lain2 masa untuk mereka

  9. Me too…

    bila menangis sebut dadyyy… tak sebut mummy… bila demam nak daddy… tak nak mummy… uhhuhuh

    we need to change.

    good luck doctor.

  10. Ibu memang akan rasa mcm tu.Dilema ibu bekerja kadang2 pujuk diri sendiri bila anak tak nak dgn kita .Cara saya balik keje gurau ngan ank dulu dukung dia walau dh besar huhu, buatlah mcm2 cara nk pujuk hati dia…

  11. jangan sedih, jangan kecewa dr, insyaAllah…Allah bagi jalan penyelesaian…
    just spend more times with them…

    sememangnya, ibu akan banyak mengorbankan masa, dan tenaga untuk anak-anak….
    cuma, jangan sesekali mengorbankan kasih sayang terhadap anak-anak…

    jangan tunggu bila besar nanti diorang akan faham
    kasih sayang itu perlu disemai kedalam hati mereka diwaktu mereka masih kecil lagi.

    sebab nanti
    mungkin bila mereka besar..mereka akan lebih faham, dikala ibu sibuk dengan kerja dan study, tapi tidak pernah mengabaikan kasih sayang pada anak-anak..
    dan berharap akan menghargai setitik peluh rezeki yang ibu mereka kerahkan…

    semoga sabar dan tabah
    dan menjadi ibu yang mithali pada anak-anak…

    we all pry for your family…
    keep strong…;)
    we love you…

  12. huhu…sedihnyer… bella dh nmpak cam muka gadis ckit….erk…tasha mana??? xder dlm gmbr…. rindu ngn tasha jgk…

  13. sob sob sob…macam pilu pulak bila baca entry ni…yeah mommy will undestand the feeling kan.
    try la selit2 waktu untuk bonding dengan dorang eventho dalam setengah jam.
    asalkan quality time dapat dihabiskan sama2, tempoh waktu tu tak jadi masalah walau sekejap.

    good luck doc!

    i memang salute those mummy yang boleh keje, study & being a housewife/mommy at the same time….kalau i salam situasi tu…memang huru hara lah jadinya.

  14. i feel you doctor!! juggling family and work and trying to balance study at the same time aint easy peasy..ive got 2 boys of my own, aged 3 and 11 months, doing mba part time after freaking busy day at the bank.hahah..when exam and presentations time comes, i have panda eyes for weeks dr!! study only comes after putting babies to sleep..but normally i ended up tersengguk depan buku LOL.nevertheless..mmg sedeh bile jadi mcm tu..tu yg i tukar pattern and ended up with panda eyes..xyah smokey make up gitu!!haha..but its for the kids and my family. teruskan istiqamah can do it! chaiyok2!!

  15. My daughter is 6 and i m a working mom too. Can’t remember who did most of the chores or taking care of the child including teaching quran, solah, arabic, home tuition with maths, english, science, bm and what not, but I thought I did most of them (haha right…) The thing is that, frm d time she knows what mom and dad means, she’ll choose dad more than mom. and I hv to feel contented and blessed so that i wont increase my expectation towards myself. it’s tiring i must say :-D hahaha

  16. my case a bit different from u doc..i quit my job, i struggling my post graduate study now..terpksa tggu my kids besar skit, punyala bertahun tertangguh..hehee..both of my pumpkin 8yrs n 6 yrs old..but yet it still tiring bcause housework never ever2 finish maaaa…but now i think i misssed my period!!..owhhh…keep strong doc..i’ll pray for us…We can do it!!!

  17. sharing on my own experience, while juggling working in the hospital, master n my son. its aint easy. but in end the key is time management. family always come first, no matter what. there is no compromised to it. When i have good time with my son , i work better n i study better. it isn’t the same with medical student time, when i just focused on my studies, everything became secondary. tawakal, n pray for Allah guidance, inshallah everything will work out fine. we all know we don’t know everything, exam is just the key to move forward. it doesn’t justify you as a good doctor :)) all the best

  18. Dr… Thats bcos ur children are gals!.. Trust me kalu boy nnt mommy is everything.. Gals mmg laa ank daddy… Y got another 7 that might be all boys! Gud luck!

    • Its ok .. just a matter of time .. I can feel the situation because we’re at the same boat Dr .. Alhamdulillah hubby so supportive … especially on replacing our routine with the kids .. mine was 5 and 2 …is just they are ok because I oftenly communicate with them whenever free or as needed … never fail … 5 minutes over the phone … fair enough… being supermommie with job and post gradute study aren’t easy as we thought for a fact ….. , yet its never impossible Dr … not only Panda eyes over the presentation and panel assesment as well the Zombiieness world were brought us to be … still we have keep going … InshaaAllah its not permanent … just a matter of time ..stay put , more guts and courage .. as additional application get communicated with them and the hubby as well … du’a for you and all supermommie our there .. amin ..

  19. Same with me doc!!! Sometimes i feel i’m not good as a mom! yes… i’ also cried in my heart when she need her pap from me! When she wake up in morning also ask me… where s papa? n goes find hers papa… if she cant find hers papa she was cried also… huh…
    Sometimes she wans eat with her papa only!
    Even at mall! Omg… i was shame with other people at there… huh… wish me good luck too for get back my little heart to love me…

  20. Dear Dr Halina, your situation almost the same like mine.. It just saya di Saudi Arabia. My husb yg byk dgn kids.. Baru 4months di Saudi, bila nak facetime dgn kids, kids akn cakap, “taknak ibu! Nak abah!” Sedih, tapi kuatkan diri jela.. I am amir’s wife Dr.. Adore u so much :)

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  22. I know the feeling. We feel rejected and it’s a warn for us to win their hearts again. It’s okay, sooner or later things will get back to normal. :)

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  24. No matter how hard your situation will be, just remember something good you will get soon. You inspire me in a lot of ways! šŸ˜„ stay strong, pretty lady šŸ’Ŗ do not forget to have some rest too! Your body needs rest as well šŸ˜Š good luck, super woman of Bella and Tasha šŸ˜Š

  25. Same with me..
    4 years ago.. travel from kuantan to shah alam every wekend for 2 years to attend master’s class!! 2 kids ..doter..memang nak dgn daddy jer …huuu terasa sangat masa tu. Tp i cuba rapat semula dgn kids during sem break. .. yeahh its work!!
    Moga Allah nengurniakan darjat yg tinggi untuk my hubby atas jasa baik dia jaga our doters during my study
    Insy u can do it!!

  26. i feel u doc… sy tpaksa cuti jaga ank cronic lung kt nicu almost 2 months. bila blik umah..ank kedua taknak dgn sy…ajak tdo sama pn menangis2. ibu pn nangis…

    skrg pn masih kt wad…jd penghuni setia…every time dpt discaj, anak kedua tu ckp..ibu jgn tinggalkn kita lg ye… very touched..

    tp smua kena brkorban perasaan tmasuk anak2. huhuhuhu…

  27. sedeh. i paham i dpt rase. Dr dah tentu la kerjaya as a doctor saye ni just as a clerk! but my doter prefer with her abah dari ummi die.huhuhu..! mmg style anak2 skarang la kot. saya pujuk hati sendiri “takpe la kecik2 bia lebih abah,dah besar nnt kite sure jadi bff!” :)
    sabar ye Dr. its normal.hee..hee.. wish u allllllll the best k!

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  29. InsyaAllah..gve them a time utk biasakan dr tanpa ibu buat sementara…nnt dorg faham n will miss their mommy also…insyaAllah..

  30. i also experience the same thing even sy cuma being a working mom with no maid..but my 2 year old son asyik nak ayah dia jer…maybe i terlalu bz dgn kerja rumah..smp kurang spent time dgn dia..still learning to spend quality time with him..and the same time planning to do part time business..wish me luck too…n good luck to u doc harlina….i love reading your blog..sometimes we had almost the same experience with u doc..

  31. Dulu,my mom and dad super duperr busy…always outstation,bkn sekejap tau sampai 2week to 1 month..bila umi abah balik,mereka nk peluk tp sy tolak terus lari ke bibik…(saje nk tunjuk merajuk) tp skrg dh besar,sy dh faham ^_^

  32. Ibu saya juga seorang yang sangat komited pada kerjanya. Tapi dia berprinsip kuat dan selalu berazam untuk buat yang terbaik untuk keluarga dan kerja. Dia pilih dua2. Memang bukan mudah doc. Ada yang perlu kita korbankan. Masa kecil memang tak nampak sangat kesan pada anak, tapi klau ia berlanjutan hingga anak dewasa, ia bagi msg pada anak, mereka kurang disayangi dan berpendapat ibu tak buat yang terbaik untuk mereka hanya disebabkan kurangnya masa ibu bersama mereka.

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