Chicken Pox!!

Yes.. Both B and T are down with chicken pox!!

Well, I may write here “down with chicken pox” but to be honest, they are not “down” at all!! They are up and about, super active and cling to me like gam cap gajah!! Haha.. Alhamdullilah…

Last week, B had 3 spots on her face. No fever, just mild runny nose. Well, kids who stays in nursery are bound to have runny nose, right?! So, I didn’t actually take note about the runny nose. Even when there the spots on the face appeared, I still haven’t got any clue!! (doctor mommy here!! Hahaha..) I thought maybe it was just an insect bite, (or even scarier.. mosquito bite!!) So, I started to spray the whole house, and put mosquito repellant all over the place I can!! Until.. it turned into a vesiculopapular rash..

Papule = raised lesion on the skin

Vesicle = fluid- filled cavity

Therefore, vesicopapular = raised lesion on the skin which contains fluid!!

I know that spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E!

I mean.. chicken pox!

I immediately separated B’s stuff from T’s.. like their dirty clothes in separate laundry basket, towels hang far apart, no more sharing water tumbler, cutleries and lalala coz the virus, Herpes Zoster can spread via two routes..

1) air-borne respiratory droplets i.e. sneezing, coughing, runny nose..

2) Vesicle fluid: …. remember that skin lesion containing fluid!!

That dot.. is highly contagious. It will spread the virus if you have direct contact with the fluid inside it. That’s why I tried to separate their clothes and all…

But 3 days later..


T has the same lesions on her trunk! Hahaha…

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.. but I’ve decided to take it in a very positive way.. it’s good that both of them had the chicken pox at the same time.. easier to manage!! :D

I’ve consulted my good friend, Dr Zahilah Filzah from , according to the expert, antiviral (i.e. acyclovir) only works if it’s given within 24hours of the appearance of the vesicles (Za, correct me if I’m wrong!) if it’s later than that.. there is no scientific evidence that shows the antiviral works. So, forget the medicine, we treat symptomatically only.

What does that means?

That means.. fever medicine is your child is having fever, calamine lotion to help reduce the itchiness, drink a lot of water, try to maintain good oral intake and hand washing is very important to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

We were supposed to go to Sabah with my husband because he had an event there but all our plan got cancelled because of these two girls with dots on their body.. Haha.. And I’ve sent the kakak who stays with us balik kampung because we thought we gonna be in Sabah -_-

Here I am having the best time at home taking care of these two angels, being a full time housewife.. even if its only for two days :)

Please excuse me, I’ve got a pile of clothes that needs to be iron, grocery shopping and preparing for dinner..  before my husband comes home. Phewww…

*salute to all stay-at-home-mom*


Meeting Amenakin

Hi all..

How’s 2014 has been treating you?

Hope everyone is doing great!

I’m oncall today, blogging from maternity OT oncall room right now ;) Please God let me have a quite call today. My plan is to google more healthy recipes to cook at home. Haha.. Yes, that’s part of the new year resolutions!! I’ve been a good girl still (girl??). Attended my gym session regularly. Thank you S for taking care of the children while I’m away!! He has been so understanding and helpful. And keeps me motivated! (P/S I love you, S!)

On the other hand, last week I attended a ‘meet-and-greet’ session with Amenakin. For those who doesn’t know her, Amenakin is actually a Youtuber (is that what you called it?) She has her own youtube channel called Amenakin. Her real name is Amena from the UK. She vlog (vlog = video blog, I think so!)) mostly about muslimah fashion, how to wear tudung, make-up, cooking and also issues related to us, ladies and religious issues as well.

I started to watch her Youtube channel when I wanted to learn how to wear tudung.. Yup, Youtube was my guru! Haha.. To my surprise, I actually like her personality. If you watched her videos, you know she is a beauty with brain, kind-hearted and a mommy too! She’s just a good role model for young ladies out there.

Did I tell you she runs an online scarf business as well?  She designed her signature scarf called hoojab! It’s very simple, practical and covers our aurah. Click here to find out more.

Amena came down to Malaysia last week for a meet-and-greet session with her fans. It was hosted at Food Foundry in SS17, in PJ. That’s Amena. Beauty inside out, masyaAllah!And this is her husband, Mr Osama.

Both of them are super nice and friendly and humble. They have been married for 7 years and this is their first time leaving their children at home back in the UK. And they are still like lovebirds!! And fortunately, our seats were in front of her seat! Thank you Za for dragging me to sit in front! (Yes, that’s Dr Zahilah Filzah of Haha.. Yes, she insisted to sit there. She dragged me! Haha.. and that beautiful lady on my left hand side is NOT Amenakin. But she looked like her (for God sake, I thought she was Amenakin initially!). That beautiful lady (did I mentioned that before?) is MyaZulkifli. She’s a student, model and make-up artist herself. Interesting isn’t it? And to be honest, she does look like Amena!!

Owh, and that empty white chair where Amena was seated before she was stolen by other fans! Haha..

I thought of waiting till the end before snapping pictures with her but OMG, it was too crowded and the rest of the girls didn’t seems to want leave her at all! I had to leave the place considering it was almost 10.30pm at that time and my husband already sent a picture of him and the children having fun at home! Haha.. (Yes, that’s how he hinted me to come back! Funny right? But it works all the time!!)

So, Amena, we shall meet on Youtube again, InsyaAllah!


While I’m Oncall..

I'm currently at the hospital while writing this..
While I'm serving the community (cheewahh..) My husband will be at home taking care of our children. I'm really thankful because I can rely on him to take care of the girls while I'm away and not worry a thing about them.
Thank you, S…
And my husband will send me pictures of them having fun at home.. Mostly just wanna make me feel jealous, I think! Hehe.. Yes it works! Yes I'm jealous!
And this one just came in earlier today…
Tasha loves to crawl around the house. She can be found wandering around on her own, hiding behind the curtain, playing under the dining table, crawling from room to room.. This girl is really active. And for the past three weeks, she has started to stand and cruise.. the sofa is her favourite..
The picture above, that's Tasha under the dining table, trying to cruise while holding on to the seats, and check out B's expression.. priceless moment!
Thank you S for making sure I didn't miss this moment!
Will be home tomorrow after my handover rounds ;)
I miss you all..

B is Turning 2!!

Hi all..

Today is B’s 2nd birthday!!

MasyaAllah.. Time flies really fast. My baby girl is already two years old.. (Or 2 ers yold, according to Bella..! Haha..) Alhamdullilah, I am really blessed having her and Little Tasha in my live. They are my source of joy and happiness and occasionally makes me crazy. But above all, they are my life!

See, big girl already.. dah pakai makeup!!

On the other hand, Little Tasha is turning 6 month old!! Yay!! You know what that means? Yup, weaning! She’s gonna start eating all boring, blended baby food until she’s old enough to eat our yummy food. I’m all excited to feed her.. at the same time, when Tasha is 6 month old.. you know what that means?

That means mommy is going back to work!!!


Yes, I do miss work. And trust me, after starting work, I will cry to my husband telling him I miss the girls so much.. and that will last for about a week or two until I’m emotionally stable. Haha… If you see me at the hospital with flushed face or maybe teary eyes, yeah, maybe I just cried.. hehe..

Thank you for all the birthday wishes on Twitter. I’ve been receiving them since last night. And I actually told B about it.. and she just angguk2 and smile. I don’t know whether she understand whats going on or not…

We are gonna have a great day today, insyaAllah.. and hope you are too!!


Out & About!!

Today I’m back behind the steering wheel!! Hehe..

It feels sooo liberating to be able to drive back my car.. Suddenly I missed traffic jams! :D

I really cannot follow the traditional pantang style. Cant go out for 40 days? How can a woman these days not go out for 40 days? What do you do at home?

I tried bengkung.. I walked like  a geisha with that thing on. Of course it’s good because it helps to hold the shape of your body from the tummy down to your hips. But it is so hard for me to bend and pick up my baby!! Remember, I’m a mother of two now (yay!!) and I need to be able to function as a mother.. So, I lasted only for a day with my bengkung.. Haha..

I then substitute my bengkung with a bodyshaper… much much better, I can walk and do daily work like a normal human beings. So practical!

During pregnancy, hormones like the progestrogens and oestrogens did effect our musculoskeletal system, mainly our abdomen due to the uterus expansion and the abdominal wall muscles, its called diastasis recti. The hormones also soften the connective tissue. Expanded uterus cause the abdominal muscle to separate and that one contributes to our back pain, even during post delivery. Thats why wearing a post-partum girdle will help with this problem. We need to support our spine for it to go back into its original posture.

One more thing that a post-delivery mother always forget to do is the pelvic floor exercise also known as Kegel’s exercise. Why we need to do this? Again, it is due to the hormones cause the ligaments to stretch (otherwise, how can a baby pass through the birth canal??) and loosen the pelvic floor. This problem will effect as many as about 60-70% of mothers post delivery. You will notice that you suffer from incontinence when coughing, sneezing, or laughing after giving birth. So, how do you do pelvic floor exercise? Haha.. it’s your job to find out about it!!

Back to my pantang story, as for now, I still don’t carry heavy thing due to all this loosen ligaments, thanks to my husband who helps me a lot with Bella and all other heavy stuffs. I still keep my socks on. I’m still on this pantang diet..

OK, I took a sip of coke from my husband’s glass the other day ;) But I can’t follow the strict no excessive fluid intake. I need to produce milk!! How larr??

I drink a lot of Horlick and Milo.. and not forgetting the hot ginger drink..

I’m already missing my high heels.. Cant wait to hit the gym soon!! X

My Labour Story..

Alhamdullillah.. I’ve safely delivered a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her father on Jan 19, 2013 at 1953H :) Well, it wasn’t like a typical movie type story where my waterbag broke while I was shopping (eventhough I kinda hope it would turn out that way!! Hahah..)

It was actually an induced-labour. My ObGyn had to induced me because my blood pressure is high and my amniotic fluid is getting less which is not a good sign. So, I was given 2 options.. #1: straight for LSCS operation (Lower Segment Caeserian Section) OR #2: trial of vaginal delivery with close-fetal monitoring..

I have set my mind to go for vaginal delivery because it’s easier taking care of vaginal delivery wound rather than operation wound. Pain is much much more managable post vaginal delivery. (Paracetamol is enough, not need high tech medications..!!) and as much as possible, I don’t wanna have any surgery that will prevent me from having 10 kids!! AHhaha.. Yes, if you had previous LSCS, maximum amount of pregnancy you can do is only about 3 to 4 because of the risk having uterine rupture and many other health issues.

So, vaginal delivery it is.. I prayed to God for safety of the baby and myself during delivery. Only God knows whats best for me..

After being reviewed by my ObGyn, I got a green light saying I can proceed with vaginal delivery.. At around 11am, that Saturday morning, I was started on oxytocin, a medication that is given thru the intravenous drip to stimulate my uterus to contract. Every 30 minutes, the dosage of oxytocin will be increased until I have a regular contraction.

Slowly the contraction started and the pain builds up. No it wasn’t a waterbirth this time because of my high blood pressure. My BP needs to be monitored regularly and my baby also needs a regular monitoring. Pain was getting more intense over time. I was on Entonox gas as my pain killer.. It’s actually a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide and O2. And I can feel myself getting dizzy and lightheaded, but not for long. When the cervix opening was 7cm, I just don’t think the Entonox works anymore.. and I requested for some pain killer injections. Got it..! But somehow, the labour pain is much much stronger that the effect of the painkiller!! Hahaha… All I can do is just doa and bear the pain.. And my husband was in the labour room next to me all the time!! I guess he was my painkiller!!

Around maghrib time, I feel like pushing, I know her head is down there!! My husband went for maghrib prayer for a while.. The labour room staff nurse checked on me and told me, “Hmmm.. dah boleh push dah ni doctor, tp Prof (my ObGyn) dgn husband doctor gie sembahyang.. Tunggu kejap boleh?” and I was like… “WHAT????!!!” Hahhaha.. that’s the worst thing you can tell a woman in labour ok!!

After about 10 minutes of waiting.. huh!! Both of them arrived from surau hospital. My ObGyn gown up.. Hubby is back next to me.. and my ObGyn told me push.. After 2 pushes, alhamdullilah my baby is out! (Or was it three times? Can’t remember!!) She cried.. I, urrmm.. didn’t cry but feels sooooo relieved because she’s alright! Alhamdullillah :)

My Unborn Baby..

Remember I told you about my baby is small when I did the scan about 2 weeks ago..?

So, yesterday I went again for my check up. I’m currently at my 35 weeks and hoping that my baby will grow some more.

2 weeks ago, the baby was only about 1.5kg

*insert loud mommy cry here*

In about 2 weeks, the baby only grew about 100g. That makes 1.6kg as off yesterday..

When I was pregnant with Bella, she was already 3.0kg at 35 weeks!! How can I catch up with so much weight gain with sooo little time!!

I’m so depressed because if this baby is born less than 1.8kg, she/he will be admitted to NICU for weight gain monitoring.

Too small baby is difficult to handle. I don’t want my baby to drink milk via tiny tubes in NICU

*louder mommy cry here!!*

In my case, there are many causes that could contribute to my small baby..

1) Stress

2) Not enough rest

3) Not eating well

4) Placenta insuffuciency due to mommy’s high-ish BP most likely secondary to (1) and (2)

And somehow, despite my baby is so small, I’m so big.. I retained so much water in my body thanks to the progestrogen!!

My husband said I reminded him of puffer fish!! Hahaha.. How sweet ;)

Guess what my ObGyn did??

She put me off from work from now on!! She prescribed me enough rest and high calorie intake (sounds heaven to me!!)

Well, of course that means healthy food, not just ice-cream :)

So, I’m on MC till my next visit to see her next week..

Till then, gotta go get my rest and elevate my super swollen legs, peeps..

Can’t be puffer fish forever.. I miss my 3-inch heels already!!

And that’s B enjoying her visit to IKEA. She was so amazed with the star lights and canopy and just refused to leave the bed.. Adoihhh… X

P/S: NICU = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It’s like ICU for infants and babies..

Guilty Mommy

I went for ultrasound scan for my second baby last week, and to my shock,he/she is underweight and looks small for his/her age. At 33 weeks, the parameters are only at par with a 29 week size baby!! Oh my God!! Have I been a bad mommy?? I know it’s not the end of the world but I guess there are few factors that I would like to share with all of you mommies out there..

Up until now, I’m still breastfeeding Lil B, not regularly but usually at night before she goes to sleep. The nutrition that should go to the new baby might have been taken by the breast milk… Well, I just can’t say “No” when Bella said she wanted “shushu”. She did it with the cutest face ever!!

Besides, I’m not eating very well during this pregnancy, that’s the different between this current and previous pregnancy. I just don’t have that much appetite like before. I just eat for the sake of eating.. Alhamdullilah there was no vomiting or feeling nauseous but my appetite is just so-so. Besides, taking care of a toddler and carrying a baby at the same time is really no joke. Work is as demanding as ever. We moved house, packing and unpacking.. A lot of crazy stuff is going on during this current pregnancy. There was just not enough time to lie down and put my feet up. Husband has been a great partner. He helped me in every way he can but I guess progestrogen really effects your body more as you get older.. It makes you tired and sleepy, it retains water, makes you forget things, stretches your ligaments (OMG!! Thats the worst!! Sometimes I feel like I left my pinggang on the chair when I tried to get up!! Hahahha… Husband comes handy around this time to pull you up without complaining I’m too heavy!! Haha..) My weight gain is good coz my body retains water easily (thanks to progestrogen!! I’m like a sponge retaining water!!) but baby’s weight gain is a little lagging..

My point is.. (not to blame anything here!) I missed taking my multivitamins!! *insert regret face here!*

Don’t get me wrong, I love this hectic life.. I just hate the progestrogen!! Hahah..

From now on, I have to force myself to eat and takes my multivits regularly..

To expecting mommies out there.. do NOT take things for granted. Take your nutritious food regularly, multivitamins. Just do it for your unborn child. No excuse!!’

P/S: Pic credit goes to Hasninuraini Hasan who we met at Pavilion wandering around with her canggih camera. Thank you!!

Benjol Management *wink*

Being a mommy to a toddler is definitely more challenging. They just walk around like Energizer Bunny and try to grab everything they can. MasyaAllah.. and Bella is one of them too. I’m not complaining. I’m very happy she’s healthy and active but I’m just worried about her safety.

Last night, when we were out of the house, she tripped herself on a carpet and accidentally bang her forehead on to the corner of the wooden table. My heart skipped 2 beats. She cried and I immediately checked her face making sure there was not cut or bleeding area.

While I was doing my “tu ku takal muka pintu, fuh.. fuh..” charm on her forehead..

(hahha, yes I know it’s against medical ethics but Bella loves it when she’s faking her cries!! Hehe..) This time it doesnt work! I know it is something serious! Then I saw a benjol spot emerging from her forehead.. I ran to her daddy.. “Bella jatuh.. Benjol!! What to do??” *insert panic tone here*

~ in my defense, she never had benjol before, this is my first time, panic lar sket kan.. ;)

Then her daddy checked her forehead, “Go get ice cubes..”

“Owhh.. I forgot they taught that in orthopaedic before.. Silly me..” Hehehe…

So we put ice cubes on her benjol spot. It turned red for a while and it disappeared after that..

And today, no more benjol spot on her forehead :)

So mommies, our take home message today.. Immediate benjol management is to put ice cubes immediately before further damage happens to the soft tissue and vessels underneath the skin :)

Panic Mommy!!

On a telephone conversation with my husband:

Hubby: Bella demam. She drank only 1oz milk this morning. Makan pun tak byk.. Coughing still..

Me: *panic button pushed* OMG!! We must bring her to the doctor!! *in a high-pitched tone*

Hubby: We are doctors, aren’t we? *blur*

Me: *gulp* Lupaaa!!! I was totally in my mommy mode. Forgot I’m a doctor.. Hahahha..

Hubby: ….