Dengue. Let’s End This!!

Hi all..

I had a bad ICU call few days ago. It was horrible. I was just mega-exhausted. Our ICU is 22 bedded, and one person taking care of 22 beds during on call is mad. Really.. It’s the Intensive Care Unit.. not the normal ward. if one patient collapsed is still do-able. But there was one time, I was on call, and I had 3 patients collapsed and needed CPR at the same time!! MashaAllah.. The angel of death must be really busy that night in the ICU..

Anyway, back to my on call story. My ill patient that night was a dengue patient.

Dengue nowadays are so much different. It’s getting more and more difficult to manage. They need ICU care just for dengue. At the place where I work, we even have a dengue ward. The load of dengue patient in the hospital is getting worse over time.. and mortality or death due to dengue fever has increased significantly. Since January 1, 2014 until now.. there’s already 22 people died of dengue!!

Yes, it’s because of this mosquito called Aedes Aegypti

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If you happened to find this mosquito with black and white stripes on its legs. Kill it!!

Kill!!! Kill!! Kill!!!

If you can’t.. then run for your life!!

This Aedes mosquito is the carrier of flaviviruses. (Yes, dengue is a viral fever!), so, no antibiotic needed unless you have a secondary infection..

But seriously, all of us have to play part in helping to eradicate the mosquitos. When you use the mosquito spray, it only works on the adult mosquitos. But it doesn’t kill the mosquito eggs!! This is the part where you should ask me.. where does this mosquito eggs live?

The mosquito eggs live in stagnant water!! Yes, probably it’s in our flower vase, or the kolah air in our toilet, clogged drain, rooftop gutter or construction areas. Please, I know we can’t go and clean the construction area but at least what we can do at home is remove all stagnant water in our house / compound. Change the water in the flower vase everyday  (yes, you heard me!!) Make sure the drain around your house is working well, no leaves or anything that can clog the water flow in the drain..

Aedes usually comes out twice a day, during dusk and dawn.. What I do at home, is to close all windows and doors early. And mosquito repellant to prevent mosquito bites. Sometimes the lotion repellant, sometimes the sticker repellant. For the toilet that we rarely use, I keep the toilet seat cover on, so the stagnant water in the toilet bowl won’t be the ground breed for this  Aedes fella..

Typical symptoms of dengue is fever, bone pain (myalgia), joint pain (arthralgia), loss of appetite, common flu-like symptoms, headache and pain behind your eyes (retro-orbital pain).

The technology nowadays can even detect dengue at day one when you started to have fever. There’s a blood test called NS-1 to detect dengue virus in your body. Usually, during first of fever, your platelet count will not be so low. (Lucky there’s this NS-1 blood test that is very specific for dengue fever!). So, if you live in a prone-dengue area, and having dengue symptoms, get yourself check early.

Please, please, please..

Let’s do our part. Don’t let the mosquito breed easily. Enough people dying of this illness. Prevention is better than cure.


For more information on dengue and other health issues, you can follow @mimpatwt on Twitter or download their Malaysian Medical Gazette app on your iPhone and android.

While I’m Oncall..

I'm currently at the hospital while writing this..
While I'm serving the community (cheewahh..) My husband will be at home taking care of our children. I'm really thankful because I can rely on him to take care of the girls while I'm away and not worry a thing about them.
Thank you, S…
And my husband will send me pictures of them having fun at home.. Mostly just wanna make me feel jealous, I think! Hehe.. Yes it works! Yes I'm jealous!
And this one just came in earlier today…
Tasha loves to crawl around the house. She can be found wandering around on her own, hiding behind the curtain, playing under the dining table, crawling from room to room.. This girl is really active. And for the past three weeks, she has started to stand and cruise.. the sofa is her favourite..
The picture above, that's Tasha under the dining table, trying to cruise while holding on to the seats, and check out B's expression.. priceless moment!
Thank you S for making sure I didn't miss this moment!
Will be home tomorrow after my handover rounds ;)
I miss you all..

OK.. What a great response / argument / debate / fight on my previous entry before.. Thank you!

Seriously, thank you for all you feedback. Whatever your believe is, I’m sure, we as a mother always want the best for our children. Whatever your decision is.. to vaccinate or not, I know you think it’s for the best of your children. And we, as doctors, our job is to educate the public as much as we can. Hence, I invited a credential pediatrician herself, and also a good friend of mine, Dr Zahilah Filzah to help me with the vaccination issues.

There’s no better time to introduce to you to my pediatrician colleagues webpage with the intention to help mommies out there in regards to our child’s health problems.. A new blog called (isn’t that cute?!) It’s actually a blog where you ask and the pediatricians answer.. It’s like an online consultation page but of course it will never replace the need for your child to see the doctor themselves if they are unwell. It’s available in both English and Bahasa Melayu. And they also have Twitter account @doktorbudak . How convenient!!

The New Straits Time had an article about this upcoming paediatrician blog on the news yesterday. Please make full use of these enthusiastic pediatricians in helping all parents out there, mommies..


My Unborn Baby..

Remember I told you about my baby is small when I did the scan about 2 weeks ago..?

So, yesterday I went again for my check up. I’m currently at my 35 weeks and hoping that my baby will grow some more.

2 weeks ago, the baby was only about 1.5kg

*insert loud mommy cry here*

In about 2 weeks, the baby only grew about 100g. That makes 1.6kg as off yesterday..

When I was pregnant with Bella, she was already 3.0kg at 35 weeks!! How can I catch up with so much weight gain with sooo little time!!

I’m so depressed because if this baby is born less than 1.8kg, she/he will be admitted to NICU for weight gain monitoring.

Too small baby is difficult to handle. I don’t want my baby to drink milk via tiny tubes in NICU

*louder mommy cry here!!*

In my case, there are many causes that could contribute to my small baby..

1) Stress

2) Not enough rest

3) Not eating well

4) Placenta insuffuciency due to mommy’s high-ish BP most likely secondary to (1) and (2)

And somehow, despite my baby is so small, I’m so big.. I retained so much water in my body thanks to the progestrogen!!

My husband said I reminded him of puffer fish!! Hahaha.. How sweet ;)

Guess what my ObGyn did??

She put me off from work from now on!! She prescribed me enough rest and high calorie intake (sounds heaven to me!!)

Well, of course that means healthy food, not just ice-cream :)

So, I’m on MC till my next visit to see her next week..

Till then, gotta go get my rest and elevate my super swollen legs, peeps..

Can’t be puffer fish forever.. I miss my 3-inch heels already!!

And that’s B enjoying her visit to IKEA. She was so amazed with the star lights and canopy and just refused to leave the bed.. Adoihhh… X

P/S: NICU = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It’s like ICU for infants and babies..

Med School 101

Well, I got this from a friend’s FB page. Which I thought quite funny.. and partly true ;)

So, adik-adik.. this is how you choose your specialty once you’ve graduated (and survived housemanship!) Hehe..

Which specialty am I in? Proudly, anaesthesiology! Haha..

Mommy’s Back To Work!!

First of all, I apologize for the super late entry.

Now Barely Supermommy is definitely BARELY SUPERMOMMY!! I am back at work.. That means less time for B and more tiring factors everyday!! Haih..

Yes, my day starts as early as 5.30am.. Taklah awal sangat as compared to rubber tappers out there right.. No, I am not complaining.. I’m just ventilating my feelings and reasoning why sometimes I take caffeine more than I should! Hehehhe.. Bangun pagi, first thing I will look for is my ever loyal breast pump. I use the single Medela pump.. I think it is called  Citystyle. I bought that long time ago when I was pregnant. I just never thought of buying the double pump which called Freestyle.. Many of my experienced friends said it is enough with single pump.. so that will do :)

Before Subuh, I already finished expressing my milk, then time to shower, solat and get ready to work.. By 6.45am, I am all dressed up for work. Packed my breast pump for another session at work.. and also Bella’s milk and food. I just grabbed her, changed her diapers and put her in her car seat. Off we go to the school and straight to my work place.. We will be at her playschool around 7.00am!! Nope, she wasn’t the first baby there, so far she is always no 2!! Hehehe.. I try to make sure she sees my face first in the morning.. I don’t want her to wake up to unfamiliar faces.. At least, I have the time to talk to her in the car, to tell her that she ‘s going to school, to play with friends, and I will see her in the evening..

And by 07.30am, I am already at my work place getting ready to go into the operation theatre. No, I am not a surgeon, I am the anaesthesia personnel :)

My day at work usually confined to the operation theatre and ICU. And that’s all.. Not even the hospital cafe. We rarely leave these two compound unless it is necesssary. Poor anaest.. Hahhaha.. Hospital prepares our daily lunch.. It is not yummy but slightly better that a hypertensive and diabetic patient’s food.. Heheh… But the most important thing, it is wholesome, complete from carbohydrate, protein, fat (urmm.. yes, that comes from the oiliness of the food!) and fruits!! :D

Owh.. yes, after soo long staying at home.. I actually miss eating from this tray!! Hehehehhe.. By noon time, daddy will pick up Bella from school. Yes, she only goes to school for 4 hours, just to learn how to make friends, play with them, and learn a few things from her teacher.. otherwise, she will stuck with adults at home and has no baby friends!! :)

I usually finish work around 5 or 6 pm if I am not oncall (oncall is another story!!) I will rush home, drive like a mad woman, wanting to play with Bella :) Hehehe.. So that’s my daily routine. I haven’t started my oncall yet. Maybe somewhere around next week. A lot of school students asked me what oncall is.. Oncall is when you have to stay at the hospital for 24 hours.. from 8am until 8am the next day to work.. and it is 24 hours of working ok!! Sleep is not guaranteed!! And trust me, If you get to sleep at least 2 hours, that is a good call already!! And again you are expected to work the next day.. who said life is easy, but it is worth living for, right??!!

I’m gonna go back playing with my little B..

Enjoy your long weekend everybody!!

Going Back To Work..

“Dr Halina, surat keje dah sampai” that was ayat sentap from Kak Ita, admin officer kat Selayang Hospital.. Dalam hati dah meraung-raung dah.. apasal lar surat tu tak basah kena hujan sampai takleh baca.. or diorg hantar kat salah hospital ker.. haih..

Maka tamatlah cuti bersalin saya.. selamat dah 6 bulan dok umah.. berat nyer hati nak tinggalkan Bella.. takleh lar susukan Bella pagi2, main dgn dia, mandikan dia.. sbb dah kena balik OT, masuk ICU, dgr bunyik beep, beep, beep kat spital..

InsyaAllah mid January ni dah start keje balik.. yes, I know Bella will be in good hands, I have a nanny at home taking care of her, in fact this is the same nanny that took care of me since I was a baby.. believe me or not!! She has been with my family since I was less than 1 year old!! (now 31 already!!) She took care of all my siblings.. and now she’s taking care of my daughter.. Kak Yah has been with us since I first can remember.. I know Bella is in good hands and her daddy will be at home too whenever he is not at work..

It is just that, I will miss her.. thats all..

How can I not miss this :’(