Chicken Pox!!

Yes.. Both B and T are down with chicken pox!!

Well, I may write here “down with chicken pox” but to be honest, they are not “down” at all!! They are up and about, super active and cling to me like gam cap gajah!! Haha.. Alhamdullilah…

Last week, B had 3 spots on her face. No fever, just mild runny nose. Well, kids who stays in nursery are bound to have runny nose, right?! So, I didn’t actually take note about the runny nose. Even when there the spots on the face appeared, I still haven’t got any clue!! (doctor mommy here!! Hahaha..) I thought maybe it was just an insect bite, (or even scarier.. mosquito bite!!) So, I started to spray the whole house, and put mosquito repellant all over the place I can!! Until.. it turned into a vesiculopapular rash..

Papule = raised lesion on the skin

Vesicle = fluid- filled cavity

Therefore, vesicopapular = raised lesion on the skin which contains fluid!!

I know that spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E!

I mean.. chicken pox!

I immediately separated B’s stuff from T’s.. like their dirty clothes in separate laundry basket, towels hang far apart, no more sharing water tumbler, cutleries and lalala coz the virus, Herpes Zoster can spread via two routes..

1) air-borne respiratory droplets i.e. sneezing, coughing, runny nose..

2) Vesicle fluid: …. remember that skin lesion containing fluid!!

That dot.. is highly contagious. It will spread the virus if you have direct contact with the fluid inside it. That’s why I tried to separate their clothes and all…

But 3 days later..


T has the same lesions on her trunk! Hahaha…

I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry.. but I’ve decided to take it in a very positive way.. it’s good that both of them had the chicken pox at the same time.. easier to manage!! :D

I’ve consulted my good friend, Dr Zahilah Filzah from , according to the expert, antiviral (i.e. acyclovir) only works if it’s given within 24hours of the appearance of the vesicles (Za, correct me if I’m wrong!) if it’s later than that.. there is no scientific evidence that shows the antiviral works. So, forget the medicine, we treat symptomatically only.

What does that means?

That means.. fever medicine is your child is having fever, calamine lotion to help reduce the itchiness, drink a lot of water, try to maintain good oral intake and hand washing is very important to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus.

We were supposed to go to Sabah with my husband because he had an event there but all our plan got cancelled because of these two girls with dots on their body.. Haha.. And I’ve sent the kakak who stays with us balik kampung because we thought we gonna be in Sabah -_-

Here I am having the best time at home taking care of these two angels, being a full time housewife.. even if its only for two days :)

Please excuse me, I’ve got a pile of clothes that needs to be iron, grocery shopping and preparing for dinner..  before my husband comes home. Phewww…

*salute to all stay-at-home-mom*


44 thoughts on “Chicken Pox!!

  1. Doc, sy dulu chicken pox, mak sy x kasi tengok cermin sbb xnk kene kt muka, so i pun xde lar tengok cermin and it worked! haha and another one, kalau mak sy nk menumis b4 memasak, sy akan keluar..sbb mak kata itu boleh buat lebih byk bintik2 tu. Tp sy baik sbb mak sy ambik daun sebambu ke ape ntah..daun yg salu org india tanam tu , and i tido atas tuu. pastu chicken pox terus kering hehee

    • ha doctor, dgn air kelapa muda jugak doktor!! ayh kata dulu supaya chicken pox semua keluar xde yg selindung2 dlm kulit n pecah kt dlm bdn..kotttt… tak tahu la betul ke x teori tuu. haha xpe2 nt u boleh tanya nasihat babatok dgn mamatok :)

  2. Dr, u suppose to be in Sabah yesterday??? omgg! Faintttt! i attended the talk by dr sms too yesterday! nak minta dia suruh share result experiment kat angkasa tapi since takda Q&A session jadi tak dapat tanya. i only managed to get his tandatangan only.. but then he is so adorable !!!! so do you.. #yellowclips

  3. Doc, just nak share. last year, my baby n me kena chicken pox at the same time…baby yang paling teruk sekali kena. menggerutu satu badan. yg paling risau takut ada tinggal kesan kat muka. saya beli bedak sejuk sendayu tinggi n apply kt muka and badan kami berdua tiap2 ari.. alhamdulillah takder parut. cuma my baby ada kesan lubang sikit kt tepi mata..

  4. my son got chicken pox at 1 yo.. kesian, from head to toe penuh dgn bintik2.. tapi kakak dia kene same time with adik tp x seteruk adik.. doc ade kah chicken akan berulang sekiranya dia x keluar abis…?? 1 of my frenz kene gatal2di kaki (mcm kayap) susah nk baik & doc cakap sbb maybe chicken pox yg penah kene dulu x kuar abis.. it is true???

  5. Hi Dr.Harlina….I love to read your blog….:D..btw…dulu msa sy kene chicken pox..masa tu baru drjah 3…brmula dgn kakak sy yg tggal asrama…and then she went back home n brought the virus back and spread it to us…haha..and my mum kurung kami bertiga dalam bilik…dua minggu tak brcampur dgn family…tak pegi sekolah langsung…n she never feed us dishes with kicap yg hitam tu..sbb nnti akan parut hitam pada bekas cacar…( bak kata my mum laa)..n its work…

    Bella n tasha..get well soon…:D…

  6. My two sons pernah kene chvhken pox.. Kalau x jumpa n susah nk dapat daun semambu, boleh beli biji sagu kecil, rendam dlm baldi bg dia kembang sebentar dlm 1jam b4 and mandikan dgn air sagu tersebut tiap2 kali mandi..sagu dlm baldi tu jgn dibuang, tuang lg dgn air yg baru utk next mandian…its really works u know..pox cepat kering..try lah Doc..:-)

  7. Dr, I baru kena chicken pox bulan lepas. I’m 21. B and T kena mase kecil. It’s good actually. Tak macam I dah tua baru kena. :D My dad asked to drink air kelapa dengan sup ayam. Insya-Allah, dia akan keluar smpai habis.

  8. huhuhu been thru that doc, my boys pun kena last year dari daycare. Mula2 yg adik kena pastu bukan main i try to avoid abg dia siap bg mandi daun sebumbu la letak camille lotion la, kena jugak. Hope B & T recover soonest! ni dlm 2 minggu baru ok. Best of luck doc!

  9. mak kata kalu ade yg chicken pox dlm rumah jgn goreng ikan… org yg kena chicken pox jgn mkn nasi dgn kicap… nanti lekat parut katanya…. hehehehehe…
    moga B dan T cepat sembuh….

  10. same 2 my anak sedara. 3 beradik kena berperingkat from the eldest to the youngest. patotnye kena panggil jugak dorg siblings with dots. hahaha. mcm musim chicken pox sekarang ni sbb anak sepupu pon kena jugak. get well soon B and T. :)

  11. alolo… poor B and T. I kena chicken pox when i was 16 mcm tu and my mom said it’s better if you kena masa kecik sebab tak berapa teruk compared to kalau kena bila dah besar. Apa2 pun, may the angels get well as soon as possible!

  12. hai dr.. cuba buat bedak daun bambu (bleh cr kt umah2 india sbb dorg guna wat smbyang) tumbuk dgn bedak sejuk n mata kunyit.. buat bedak sapu.. cpt kering n tak tinggal kesan… daun bambu tu rebus airnya mandikan bg agy cpt elok insyallah.. (my mother inlaw nya petua)

  13. hai dr.. cuba buat bedak daun bambu (bleh cr kt umah2 india sbb dorg guna wat smbyang) tumbuk dgn bedak sejuk n mata kunyit.. buat bedak sapu.. cpt kering n tak tinggal kesan… daun bambu tu rebus airnya mandikan bg agy cpt elok insyallah.. (my mother inlaw nya petua)

  14. Anak saya berusia 9thn, di jangkiti
    ‘Chicken pox’ pd hujung 2013. Saya bawa anak saya berjumpa dgn dktr utk mdpt rawatan. Di samping itu saya juga
    beri anak saya minum air kelapa selama 1 minggu. Saya juga mengambil sedikit air kelapa utk di sapukan di atas ubun2 kepala anak saya. Selepas 2 minggu, bintik2 yg mengandungi air sudah mulai kering. Selepas itu saya sapu bekas2 parut di badannya dgn krim khas utk menghilangkan tanda2 parut
    ‘Chicken pox’ tersebut. Alhamdulilah,Lebihkurang 3 minggu semua tanda2 dan bekas parut mulai berkurangan.
    Insya Allah..berkesan. Cubalah!!!

  15. “Cling to me like cap gajah” Lol! That’s the most suitable phrase for clingy kids. Like mine, my daughter had hfmd last week, and now continues with teething, bleeding gums along the teeth (went to the dentist, he said perhaps because of heating) and she was way to clingy. Be strong mommy! :-)

  16. My 1year 6 mths baby baru kna chicken pox last 2 weeks.Disebabkan vac. chicken pox habis satu dunia(according to the doctor..he3) so my baby di beri antiviral.Malam tu bagi minum sekali sahaja, esoknya chicken pox dah tenggelam.Third days hilang terus.My husband and i worried sbb takut tak keluar habis. One week after that my baby demam panas 4 days..tak tahu adakah sbb chicken pox yg tak habis atau memang musim.On day fourth doc. prescribe antibiotic juga sbb demam panas berpanjangan.Fight juga dgn antibiotic tu.Lewat bagi saja panas naik semula.Tapi kita bljr sesuatu, masa kna fix bagi ubat x blh terlewat.Alhamdulillah sekarang sudah sembuh.Rupa2nya jika bagi antiviral within 24hrs mcm inilah jadinya ya..Cpox cepat sembuh.Thanks for the infor.Dr.Halina.

  17. Doctor, my eldest son already had the vaccine. Is it for lifetime? or does he need to get another shot? im also planning to get my 2nd son the same vaccine. he’s 2 now. is it ok for him to get the shot?

  18. Saya ambil vaksin utk anak since umur 4 thn alhmdulillah still cure sampai skarng dah 16…even masa kecil dulu kat rmah baby sitter semua kena….

  19. As salam Doc , anak saya Adam sama daycare dengan Bella dan Tasha. Hari ini Bella start pi Daycare kan? Hari ini jgk anak saya kena chicken pox balik dr daycare ptg td. Terima kasih Bella. hahahha. ( saya gurau je ni sbb sy faham kalau anak duduk daycare , mmg senang nak berjangkit mcm2 penyakit ni ). Mcm Bella jgk, tak demam dan sgt active. Muka penuh dengan spots tu. Kesian…Tp peliknya anak saya ada ambik vaksin since umur dia kecil lg tp Allah nak bg dia rasa jgk kena chicken pox ni. Saya redha dan pasrah… huhuhu

    • Hahahaha.. Bella pun dah vaccinated tp kena jugak. Mana ntah dia dpt.. Teacher Miah cakap Bella dgn Ryan yg dpt dulu.. Saya pun pasrah jugak.. Tak dpt lar jumpa Adam pagi2.. Slalu saya sampai mesti jumpa dia..

  20. doc, boleh share tak time ni doc bagi B and T makan apa.. anak saya baru kena chicken pox smlm. my mum cakap tak boleh makan ayam, telur dan masakan yang goreng2. . dah la semenjak dua menjak ni dia picky eater..

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