Med School 101

Well, I got this from a friend's FB page. Which I thought quite funny.. and partly true 😉 So, adik-adik.. this is how you choose your specialty once you've graduated (and survived housemanship!) Hehe.. Which specialty am I in? Proudly, anaesthesiology! Haha..

She’s a Lady!!

Yay!! B is turning one in a few days time.. Daddy has a big plan for her. He really wanted to do this since B was 6 month old but I kept delaying it with one thousand and one reason not to.. Hahaha.. Guess what he wanted to do?? He wanted B to get her … Continue reading She’s a Lady!!

It’s Not Easy To Be Bella!!

I really don't get this attitude.. Sleeping at the dining table!! Hehehh.. Must be real busy baby, eh!!

B’s Fav Spot..

Dear mommies, Thank you for the ever flowing info in my previous entry.. I guess everyone has their own story why they choose their favourite formula milk.. Thank you again 🙂 I just wanna share with you B's favourite spot in the house right now.. It's next to the tv rack.. I had to remove … Continue reading B’s Fav Spot..

What Type of Mommy Are You?

April is almost over.. thank you God!! It has been a busy month for me.. In my department, we either work in the operation theatre (OT) or the intensive care unit (ICU). Im in ICU for this April.. and working in ICU is known to be demanding in terms of working hours and energy spent! … Continue reading What Type of Mommy Are You?

Barely Supermommy is in the mag!!

Yes we are!! Yay!! We are in InTrend March issue!! Categorized under Si Cilik Manja category.. I know it's tiny but hey.. we made it!! Thank you all for supporting 😉

Post-pregnancy Weight Issues

I was born in high heels.. Tak caya you can ask my mom.. Hahahha.. Just kidding!! Before I got married (and got pregnant!) I was always in (at least!) 3-inch heels 😉 I don't own a sandal or ballerina flats. There were only 2 types of shoes I have besides my heels, one is my … Continue reading Post-pregnancy Weight Issues

Short Notes..

Yes, yesterday was my birthday..I'm only 31 🙂 I owe a huge thank you to all of you for your well wishes and support. And forgive me if I missed my thank you to you personally on FB and twitter. First time celebrating birthday as a mommy makes me feel like I already have the … Continue reading Short Notes..

Ade ke patut…

Ade ke patut lupa buat visa??!! WTH?? Hahahhahah.. Dok India 7 tahun, lupa jugak nak buat visa.. Haih.. terdiam saya tadik biler dia cakap dia lupa buat visa!! Errk... biar benar.. tak kelakar ok.. bag dah packing dah, tinggal nak kuar umah jer.. memang tak kelakar..  Saya tatau nak gelak ke nak nanges.. Saya jugak … Continue reading Ade ke patut…