Wonder Woman!!

  Sounds familiar? Ahhaha... You're not alone!! Cheers to all Wonder Women out there!! 😉 Thank you Dewi, this one really made my day!! XO

Sisterhood :)

Natasha + Isabella equals to . . . . . . . . . . . . Natella!! (almost like this one!) Yummy!!

This Morning…

Mommy is on leave. Daddy is around. This is what we did... Lazying by the pool. This is Bella trying to escape her swimming practice with daddy.. She just stayed under the shower for a looongggg time! So clever!! But she can't escape for long!! Daddy knows her tricks!! Hahaha.. And the pool is empty … Continue reading This Morning…

Orang Tua-tua Kata..

Orang tua-tua kata.. Tali pusat adik beradik mesti simpan and disatukan.. supaya adik beradik tak bergaduh!! Here I am, keeping the remnants of Bella and Tasha's umbilical cord in one pouch. So, they won't fight over the same dolls, dress, Barbie or whatever they can think of fighting for in the future.. Hahahah.. Wallahua'lam..

Confinement Food..

Gosh.. Confinement food is really full of black pepper, ginger, onion and garlic. It really makes you sweat!! No fried food. Only grilled and boiled soup. Please God gimme strength to go through this.. Amiinnnnn.. I wonder does McD's Prosperity Burger counted as confinement food or not.. It's full of black pepper, what?? 😉 Something … Continue reading Confinement Food..

Money Is The Root of All Problems

A friend of mine showed me this equation. This must be created by a man!!

I Miss You!!

Hi all!! It has been awhile since my last ramblings... My goodness, how time flies. October was a really busy busy month for us. We are in the midst of moving house. Currently we are 'stationed' (hahhah...) at my in-laws place. My late father-in-law passed away last month so we have decided to stay with … Continue reading I Miss You!!

Barely Supermommy is 1!!

I dont even realized that until I saw a message on my FB page.. Barely Supermommy is ONE today!! Thank you for all your support, opinions, experiences that you have shared together with me on this page. It's really a new journey for me on being a mom and personally I think it's good to … Continue reading Barely Supermommy is 1!!

The New Generations..

  I found this on the internet.. and I thought it's super funny! I hope I don't have to answer this question from Bella..

Will & Kate

Gosh.. when my husband asked me the other day.. "Wanna go see Kate Middleton?" I immediately squeaked like a little girl, "Naaakkkkkkk". Hehe.. We were at Istana Negara just now for a royal dinner celebrating Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Malaysia. Not that we get to see them up, close … Continue reading Will & Kate