Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hello all!! To cheer up your Monday morning.. here is B's version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Sorry there's no picture in the video because it was taken in the dark, before she goes to sleep. Yes, she sings for us.. not the other way round! Haha.. Most of the time we fall asleep first … Continue reading Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

OK, I've been receiving a lot of complaint through my twitter lately.. that I'm not updating my blog!! 😀 Hehe.. You know why? It's because of this.. Keek! I'm so addicted to this new social media apps. It's not really new but somehow I just discovered it. My intention was to follow Kim Kardashian!! Hahaha.. … Continue reading Latest Apps Obsession.. Keek!

B’s Latest Hobby..

Bella has developed new interest recently.. and that is "drawing" (nicely put there, huh!!) In adult world, it's called "menyonteng"!! Hehe.. She's slowly learning how to hold a marker pen.. and not to draw on her own body!! Yes, I found out she's quite concerned when she accidentally conteng on her hands or tummy.. Quite … Continue reading B’s Latest Hobby..

B and Keropok..

B loves keropok!! Keropok ikan.. keropok udang.. and her latest discovery.. keropok bayam!! She really loves munching them. But she can't pronounce 'keropok' properly.. it always comes out as 'opokok' or sometimes 'pokok'.. Hahaha.. super funny!! She always goes.. "pokok, more.. pokok.." Check this out!!

Riyadh / Mecca 2012

Hi there! Some of you might know that me and Bella followed my husband to Riyadh and managed to perform umrah during our stay in Saudi last month. Its was almost a week stay in Riyadh, followed by 3 days stay in Mecca. Short.. too short in fact but alhamdullilah we managed to make full … Continue reading Riyadh / Mecca 2012

We Are Back (for good)!!

After so long disappearing due to some logistic and domestic issues.. Hehe.. BarelySupermommy is back! Will definitely update you on our experiences in Mecca!! And I have upgraded my blog, so now I can upload videos into the blog!! Yay me!! For those who misses little Bella.. here she is!! Sorry about the quality of … Continue reading We Are Back (for good)!!