Little B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree

This is Sophea Isabella's favourite food so far.. Do you know how I know that ? Easy.. no war involves during meal time. Hahha.. She just simply open her mouth every time I shoved her the spoon.. Hahhaha.. Jamin sedap!! It's very easy to do.. Siap in less than 30 mins.. First, you heat oil … Continue reading Little B’s Fav: Chicken & Apple Puree

Feeding a Baby..

TV ad is sooo misleading.. Who said feeding an infant is easy?!! Look what I've to go through... It's a battlefield... Laaagi mau pegang camera.. Haishh...

B’s First Protein Meal..

I know.. I know I'm a little late 😀 Hhaha.. B is already 7 and a half month and I haven't introduce protein meal to her.. that means she hasn't been eating chicken or fish or meat yet.. I just don't have the time to cook for her.. yang sempat buat only her favourite carrot … Continue reading B’s First Protein Meal..

Homemade Food.. finally!!

Semangat B's daddy masih belum luntur.. He went to Border's and bought this for mommy!! 😉 Senang-senang jer recipes dlm nie.. Quite a good book with varieties of choice.. and easy instructions. Siap ada jadual makan utk weaning program lagi.. Anyway, I just finish with these two today... Yang tgh2 tu blended steamed carrot, loaded … Continue reading Homemade Food.. finally!!

Introducing Solid Food to Our Little B!!

We (I was reluctant, but my husband was super excited!!) introduced semi-solid to B today.. We can't wait until she reaches 6 month because I'm gonna start work soon. Well, 5 and a half month will do anyway.. We bought the bottled baby food last night and I hide it in the cupboard coz I … Continue reading Introducing Solid Food to Our Little B!!