Mommy Likes : Baby Online Shopping Page

Who doesn't like to shop?? There must be something wrong with you!! Hahahha.. *ooppss.. sorry ;)* Since Bella arrives, my baby-stuff-shopping addiction is getting worse.. and it has expended to online boutiques and shops.. That is even better cause I can just shop in my pajama while breastfeeding Bella!! 😉 Heaven! And in two days … Continue reading Mommy Likes : Baby Online Shopping Page

Maternity & Children Expo @ MidValley

OK!! We just got back from this expo! I am definitely a sucker for all this baby stuff! Hahahah.. You can get most baby stuffs in cheaper price.. Some things you can't get it even from regular baby store 🙂 First stop, we singgah CellSafe Stem Cells booth. We are keeping Bella's stem cell just … Continue reading Maternity & Children Expo @ MidValley