B Having Her Haircut..

Bella having her haircut earlier today at Kool Kutz BV II. She really needs a lot of distraction..

This One Makes Me Happy..

Despite having said what I said in my previous entry, this never fails to make me smile..Probably some of you have seen coz I've put this up on my Keek..Hope you love this one too.."Rain, rain go away.. come again another day..."X

The Big Bad Wolf ~ Biggest Book Sale!!

Homaigawd!!! We just got back from the Big Bad Wolf book sale at The Mines.. and the crowd is madness!! Today is the last day and as usual, we Malaysians just love last minute shopping!! Haha..Check out the huge hall and the queue at the cashier.. I think they have more that 10 cashier counter … Continue reading The Big Bad Wolf ~ Biggest Book Sale!!

Durian Feast!!

Guess what we did today??? Clue: ..... We went to Durian Feast at R&R Jejantas Sg Buloh!! Hahahah.. It was only for RM 12 per person, all you can eat local fruits buffet!! There were durians, mangosteen, rambutan, langsat for you to eat!! Heaven! They have this event for two days, yesterday and today. Whoever … Continue reading Durian Feast!!

Daddy’s Biggest Fan

Tomorrow we are going on a cruise!! Yay!! From Penang to Phuket than Krabi.. together with B's daddy's fans and supporters!! 🙂 Time to get up, close and personal! The cruise passengers are gonna go to Penang by flight from KL, but we are gonna drive up to Penang! Roadtrip.. hooray!!! Having our own transportation … Continue reading Daddy’s Biggest Fan

B’s First Movie at the Cinema!!

  Yesterday we brought B to her first movie ever 🙂 We chose to brought her to watch Sammy2 because underwater creatures excites her.. Since now she can concentrate on the screen better, so we guess it's a good time to let her experience something different..     Ok.. thats us in the dark without … Continue reading B’s First Movie at the Cinema!!

2 Syawal 1433H

                How's hari raya treating everybody? We had fun celebrating raya in both our parents places and collecting duit raya for Bella! Hehe.. But I'm more excited to tell you what we did on second raya day.. By the second day, we are already back in KL.. and … Continue reading 2 Syawal 1433H