B’s Latest Hobby..

Bella has developed new interest recently.. and that is “drawing” (nicely put there, huh!!) In adult world, it’s called “menyonteng”!! Hehe..

She’s slowly learning how to hold a marker pen.. and not to draw on her own body!!

Yes, I found out she’s quite concerned when she accidentally conteng on her hands or tummy.. Quite a neat-freak!!

We got her a non-toxic and washable marker from Toy’r’us.. quite cool with rounded point, easy for toddlers to hold and draw..

So far, the only color that she able to pronounce is blue.. and that comes out as “buuu”. That will do for now, B😉

Has she ‘draw’ on the wall, yet??

Yes, she did!! Hahah.. Takpe lar.. I’m sure more to come and I must get use to it!!😀

Bella Masuk Asrama!!

Hah!! The title caught your attention, right?😉 Hehehe..

No lar, not asrama.. we are sending her to a nursery, just a half day nursery. Some of you might know that I am gonna go back to work real soon.. well, it’s actually  next week. And no more mommy at home to take care of Bella.

It’s not easy to find a nursery for a 6 month old baby!! I have called up probably half of nurseries in KL (ok, I might have exaggerated that a little :D) but no place accepted her.. poor little Bella.

The main reason why we wanted to send Bella to a nursery is because we wanted her to socialize more. She needs to see more people.. We noticed that she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and refused to be carried by strangers.. It’s called stranger anxiety syndrome and that’s not good. Bad for mommy and daddy too😉 Hence the decision to send her to nursery/playschool. Tak lama, only from morning till noon.. 5 hours of socializing with other babies a day will do good for her. Besides, we are also looking for nursery that teaches babies and play with them, not just swaddle and put them to sleep. Bella doesn’t really sleep during daytime. After she wakes up in the morning, she will play and only sleep around 3pm.. that is almost 6 hours of play time!! And trust me, she is a handful!!

After many phone calls, I finally found a nursery that suits our criteria🙂 Not too many babies (nanti sakit, menjangkit susah..) who teaches flash cards, play with them, do baby massages and grooming too!! Hahaha.. I was surprised  (and excited) when I heard the word grooming..*wink* rupanyer potong kuku jer (alaaaa…)

So, last Friday, we went to see the place, typical childcare centre at one of the double story terrace near our house.. After meeting the caretaker, we are definitely sold!! We like the program that they have for babies there. Since both of us are working, that is the best we can provide her.

So, Monday will be Bella’s first day at her nursery. And because of that, I postponed my first day of work from Monday to Tuesday (hahaha.. alasan!!) I don’t think I can work thinking of Bella’s first day at the nursery..

So, wish us luck people.. Semoga Bella tak nangis byk, and semoga mommy pun tak nangis tinggalkan Bella.. *sobsobsob*