When a Rooster Crows..

Living in the city and having a kampung which is not so kampung.. Bella has never heard a rooster crows.. Hahaha.. During our trip to the Bird Park, she had her first encounter with chickens and roosters.. Here's her first reaction when a rooster crows.. X

Lazy Mommy Recipe!

Hi all!! Gosh, my husband is not around this week. He's currently attending a United Nation workshop in Beijing for a week. So, I'm left with my two girls running around like a circus. Haha.. Tiring but I'm having fun.. a mommy-kinda-fun. Yes, I miss having him around. It makes me feel more appreciative towards … Continue reading Lazy Mommy Recipe!

Introducing.. Sophea Natasha

Dear Barely Supermommy readers.. I would like to introduce to you, our latest addition in the family, Sophea Natasha bt Sheikh Muszaphar. We had a photoshoot session earlier today at our home done by Azmir Khalid. He does a lot of photoshoot for infant and babies. He took beautiful pictures of Bella when Bella was … Continue reading Introducing.. Sophea Natasha

Our Newborn Daughter

We finally have a name for B's little sister!!! It doesnt took us long to decided on her name this time.. We think the name suits her well 🙂 insyaAllah.. Daddy went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara today to register her. To those who doesn't know, you have to register newborns within 14 days after the … Continue reading Our Newborn Daughter

Truly Malaysian!!

Today we brought B to her first visit to.. mamak shop!!! Hehehe.. You're not a truly Malaysian if.. 1) You don't eat nasi lemak!! 2) You don't eat durian!! 3) You don't eat mamak food!! Yes!! That's my definition of Malaysian citizens 😉 So.. #1.. checked!! (of course without the sambal!!) #2.. checked!! (Yup, I've … Continue reading Truly Malaysian!!

B’s First Movie at the Cinema!!

  Yesterday we brought B to her first movie ever 🙂 We chose to brought her to watch Sammy2 because underwater creatures excites her.. Since now she can concentrate on the screen better, so we guess it's a good time to let her experience something different..     Ok.. thats us in the dark without … Continue reading B’s First Movie at the Cinema!!

B’s First Haircut..

We just got back from B's music class and her first haircut!! Yay!! Not easy... it's almost impossible to get her to sit quietly.. Only in my dreams!! We found this place, that has toy cars to attract babies and toddlers.. I thought B will be excited..! But not for long.. within 10 seconds, she became … Continue reading B’s First Haircut..

Teaching Bella Oral Hygiene

Dear readers, Bella is 9 month old today.. Hooray!! And she got 6 teeth!! Only God knows how much she loves to bite!! Hahhaha... I've been trying to teach her how to brush her teeth since she had her first tooth *obsessive mommy mode* We started with this one.. Thumb in one pocket, and middle … Continue reading Teaching Bella Oral Hygiene

Little B’s First Fever!!

Maybe some of my Twitter follower knew that B had high-grade fever a few days ago 😦 For a doctor, fever is easy to treat.. simple and straight forward.. I know what to do.. But!! When my own child has fever.. I was SAD and WORRY!! That was my first "mommy reaction". I prayed to … Continue reading Little B’s First Fever!!

Mommy Survived!!

~Dear readers, this is the same entry like the one that some of you can't open if you click directly from my blog. But somehow it is visible if you click from my FB page.. Pelik. Anyway, it's originally written on Jan 16, 2012. Hope you can view this time.. X It’s B’s first day … Continue reading Mommy Survived!!