What’s Your Body Shape Type?


Remember this quote I put up on my IG

The other day, I was answering some silly quiz on the internet.. It was about body shape and fashion and stuff.. Haha.. I was stressed up doing anaesthesia thingy ok!!

So, one of the question was… What’s your body shape type?

a) hour glass

b) pear

c) apple

d) heart

I don’t think I’m apple-ish or heart-ish, but I’m not sure I’m the hour glass or pear.. ( or even pear-ish hourglass!!) So, who do I asked? He, who sat next to me lah!πŸ˜‰

The unlucky person was my dear hubsy… Hahaha… He was shocked, like in 2 secs I can see the wire inside his brain sparks trying to make connection between all the brain cells! Then he smartly answer.. “Hourglass. No doubt. I confirmed!”

Safe answer. Well done! He checked my tag on his IG pageπŸ˜‰


Marry Me, Mommy..

Good morning!!!

(Or afternoon or evening or night.. whenever you are reading this!)

See, I said I will try to write more often.. Here’s another storyπŸ˜‰

Kids have different perception about marriage and love.. or maybe it’s just my kids.. The other day.. Hubby brought the girls to visit me during oncall. Just a short visit before they go to sleep. I guess Tasha was missing me that night. When I met them..

T : Mommy.. I miss you.. I wanna marry you…!

B : You cannot marry mommy Tasha, a girl must marry a boy. Mommy is a girl. You have to marry daddy like me..

Hahahhahah… B told her daddy previously that she wanted to marry daddy!! And her daddy agreed until B is 28 years old! Clingy daddy! Hahaha..


To them, being married is probably just a way of saying they love you.. or they are missing you.. Such pure and innocent hearts. I hope our girls will still wanna ‘marry’ us when they are teenagers! Hahahahahah..


Happy New… Year?!

Tomorrow is the last day of January 2016, people!!

Unbelievable.. how time flies!! I haven’t even wish you Happy New Year and we are already going to February! I hope 2016 has been treating you great so far..

As for me and my family, we are doing great so far. Both of my girls settled down with their new school routines. Bella started at a new kiddy that needs her to wake up at 0630H. The thought of waking her up super early in the morning breaks my heart… but I really need to bring out the tiger mom inside me. She was alright after about a week of adjusting.. I get to send her to school because it starts early enough and she is doing great with the squatting toilet at school. Haha..

Tasha stays at the same previous school. Initially I noticed she doesn’t really enjoy the school as before because Bella is no longer with her. It took time for her to adjust to school without Bella.. Now, she is back to her chatty-sometimes-shy herself..

As for me.. I have a lot on my plate right now. In between my big exam and MyAdinda project coming up really soon, driving here and there sending our children to their schools and other activities and I have been trying to lose weight and balance a healthy lifestyle for my family. Eating clean and gym sessions have been on our regular daily schedule. Now I plan our meals weekly because I really wanna focus on eating the right food. Trying to cut off myself from caffeine is definitely not easy! Haha.. But now I’m hooked on plain organic green tea. Yup.. No coffee and less caffeine!

So far all is working well in 2016! Thank you God! I really should make this blog a priority this year. Hah!Β Maybe you have heard that for the hundredth time. Hehe..

To be honest, I miss writing here.. and reading your comments. I will try my very best. And above all chaos right now, one thing I want the most… is another baby. Crazy isn’t it.. Must be my illogical biological clock ticking.. Hahaha..

Please doa for us..

I miss all of you.. X

P/S: I still love coffee..


I believe cancer awareness is important. The public should be educated and at least have basic knowledge about cancer..

Im writing this on behalf on my Surgical colleagues in Selayang Hospital. All of you are invited to a health public forum conducted by doctors and surgeons this coming December 10th, 2015! That is this coming Thursday!!


It’s open to all, please invite your family, friends, neighbours to come. If you have any health related question to ask, this is the best time!!

Yeah, I know sometimes we are a bit shy to talk about “the twins”. You know what I’m talking about..So, this is the best time to catch a lady doctor to help you with your “twins” problems.. Or you can also get your husband to come and learn how to do “twins” examination for your monthly home check up!!πŸ˜‰

And if you are wondering what does “kolorektal” means.. It’s actually colorectal in English and that is all about the bowel. Cancer of the bowel.

If you think the cancer is rare. You are totally wrong! I can name you 5 persons in my life that has breast cancer and colon cancer. Each!!

So, Selayang Hospital Auditorium this coming Thursday, ok?


Kursus Bahasa Melayu Intensif Hari Pertama

Satu, dua, tiga, empat, lima, enam, ujuh, lampan, sembilan, sepuluh! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Ada pulak coach yang lupa cakap melayu hari ni! πŸ™„


Cakap Melayu

Last night, my husband told me.. “Bella doesn’t understand Malay”

and I was like.. “Come on.. That’s ridiculous. She understands Malay! Not so bad you know..”

“But she doesn’t know what mata is!”

Suddenly I feel dizzy…

Then I went to her bedroom.

“Bella, do you know what ‘ainun’ is? It’s a arabic word”

“Eyes, mommy”

“Do you know what is ‘mata’?

She ignored me.. OK that’s it. Who taught her ainun means eyes.. and forgot to teach her it’s also ‘mata’!!

Then I went back to my husband.. “We have to speak Malay to her.. We have no choice..” Hahahaha…

Then I went back to her room..

“Bella.. Tasha, mari tukar baju. Sudah malam, masa untuk tidur”

Hahahaha… what is wrong with my language! But I need to teach her proper Malay language, right? She is only 4 and a half. We still have time before she goes to sekolah kebangsaan… We can do this! Hahaha…



Happy Fri-Yay y’all!! Gosh I love Friday..

Today I’m off from work. Not feeling well, likely due to viral.. so I’m just resting and being plain lazy. B and T both are in school right now.. So it’s just me, my laptop and my planner.. Nope, not planning anything, just rescheduling appointments to later dates..

Hubby left for Kota Kinabalu yesterday and left lots of sticky notes for the girls..

*Ignore the lipstick mark on the drawer. Tasha did that and I gave up cleaning because she will do it again and again and again..

B can read on her own and typical first-born trait, she will read messages for her little sister too.. We find this leaving-notes method works better than telling them straight because they will forget. With notes, I can make them read again and again.. Especially the one written “Take care of mummy” Hehe..

OK I’m going back to being lazy..