Tarawikh & Little Surprise! Hint: Discount Code!

Its has been almost half of the holy month of Ramadhan. I hope all of you are coping well the usually Ramadan hectic schedule.. You know, the sahur, the fasting, catching up with tarawikh and tadarus... May Allah bless us all for our efforts. InsyaAllah.. Like previous years, my husband and I always bring our … Continue reading Tarawikh & Little Surprise! Hint: Discount Code!

Curves Setia Alam

Sponsored Post I have a good news to share with you ladies out there.. Especially the ladies of Setia Alam!!! Pfffttt.. Do you know there’s a new club in your area? I’m talking about a fitness club here.. called Curves. What caught my attention about this place is that it’s a ladies-only-fitness-club!! How lucky!! It’s … Continue reading Curves Setia Alam