Is It Time?

OK mommies.. Let’s just straight to the point.. How soon do you wait for no 3? I’m just curious. I wanted to have as many children as I can.. InsyaAllah but I think Bella and Tasha still needs attention in term of educating and managing them.. Tasha is 15 months now and B is turning … Continue reading Is It Time?

Piercing T’s Ears

Tasha had her ears pierced yesterday!!! That is like her birthday present for turning one!! Haha.. We did the same for Bella when she turned one. At that time, I was scared because.. Bella was only one! But this time, I was the one who is over-excited and keep reminding my husband over and over again … Continue reading Piercing T’s Ears

Tasha Is 1!!

Alhamdulillah.. Time really flies. Tasha is one year old today.. MasyaAllah, God gave us this cheerful, bubbly little girl to our family. I have no words to describe my feelings towards this little angel. When we first had Bella, I thought I have given my all to her. All my love that I have inside … Continue reading Tasha Is 1!!

The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

Another outing day.. This time the girls get to enjoy the beach!! We were in PD yesterday evening. It was just a day trip. We drove down to PD after lunch and already back in KL by 7pm. Both grandparents came and join us together with their cousins. We had real fun, we brought food … Continue reading The Laid-Back and The Clean-Obsessed!

Another Animal-Friendly Trip

It's family outing time again!! Both me and my husband are on leave until next year!! Haha.. January 1, 2014 is in 3 days time!! After that, we will be back to our daily work. I guess every parents are the same, we try to spend as much time as we could with our children. … Continue reading Another Animal-Friendly Trip

Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

It's the school holiday season and the best event during year-end school holiday is on!! Aren't you excited...! (or is it just me alone? Haha..) It's the Big Bad Wolf book sale!! Woot! Woot!!!! Calling all book lovers out there!! Its 24 hours a day starting from Dec 6, 2013 at 7am until Dec 15, … Continue reading Big Bad Wolf is Back!!

Family Potrait

B and T wont be small for so long. My husband and I really having a great time raising our two girls. We love to keep their photos and videos whenever we had the chance to do it. About a month ago, we decided to have a family photography session.. Just for fun at FamGlamStudio … Continue reading Family Potrait

Keluarga Magazine Dec 2013

Here we are in Keluarga magazine December 2013 issue.. Looking all happy and cheerful! Little that you know, we shot in the evening where it's almost Tasha and Bella's nap time. And that is definitely a guaranteed recipe for disaster!! Hahaha... When they are bored... I don't want!!!  Milk, mommy M.I.L.K!!!!! Trying to distract them … Continue reading Keluarga Magazine Dec 2013

When a Rooster Crows..

Living in the city and having a kampung which is not so kampung.. Bella has never heard a rooster crows.. Hahaha.. During our trip to the Bird Park, she had her first encounter with chickens and roosters.. Here's her first reaction when a rooster crows.. X

KL Bird Park

On Deepavali Day, both me and my husband were free and jobless for a day.. So, my husband decided to bring the children out to the Bird Park near Lake Garden.. Yay! I love family outing. It is so nice to get to bring the girls out and let them enjoy nature. Well, it's KL, … Continue reading KL Bird Park