Dry Shampoo

2 updates here..

#1 I’m officially hooked to Snapchat. Hahahah.. Been snapchatting like a 14-yr old girl. But it’s nice. Or maybe this is just my midlife crisis 😝

#2 Yup, the video… that was taken from my Snapchat. Of course it has to be less than 10 second. I finally found the solution to my problem when I work out twice a day.. Dry shampoo!! It is such hassle to wash hair after every time I work out and too time consuming.. wash, dry / blow-dry and possible damaging to my hair.. So, dry shampoo is the answer! Why didn’t I think about that before..

I did feel like a genius for a while.. Hehe..


11 thoughts on “Dry Shampoo

  1. dry shampoo, meaning?…i’m actually blur for this item..meaning u use shampoo without water ke?…ermmm..explain pls, anybody??

  2. ohh..you are so brilliant doc!!..i never heard about dis kind of syampoo..wow..by the way, share la new pic of you..kan dah turun 10 kg..mesti slim melim nih..

  3. Dr Halina, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee share ur daily food/diet and exercises to achieve this 10kg loss. Pleaseeeeeee

  4. dang! dry shampoo.. you’re the first person everrrrr to tell me or us about this dry shampoo. hahah
    You can feel extremely genius.
    I’m definitely buying one.Thank you~~~

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