Busy B!

Missing Bella?

Here she is..

Busy! Busy! Busy!

That’s her new hobby!!

We take her ‘drawing’ skills a notch higher! She’s allowed to draw on the wall!! πŸ˜‰

We painted a segment of her playroom in matte black.. and get her some washable crayon.. walllaaaaaa…

Now she’s one happy toddler!!

P/S: Dont worry mommies, you can remove the crayon with water πŸ˜‰

65 thoughts on “Busy B!

  1. so sweet memang semua budak-budak sebesar bella ni memang suka melukis hehehe..sy pernah pergi rumah kawan saya habis dinding berconteng hehhehe…bgs2 ada crayon yg boleh di remove jgn guna pen sudah hehehhe…

      1. it is safe for our child to use this crayon if she terjilat or gigit doc?eheh…i think i wanna buy that too =)

      2. Assalamualaikum Dr.saya nak bertanya skit boleh..?makan kolegen memang akan effect dekat saraf badan kaa..??Tq

      3. Collagen supposedly menambahkan collagen dlm bdn kita. Bukan saraf.. Saraf dan collagen adalah 2 benda yg berbeza..

  2. Wauu…best yer tgk Bella berkaryaa….
    Dr. mne nak dpt black board tu? mmg skali dgn crayon tu ke?
    mcm best jerrrr…..sb my gurl pon suke menconteng2 jgk…
    hbs bku2 mama yer die buat notes…huhu

    1. Aiyoh.. my husband yg beli paint tu. saya tak perasan lar pulak brand nyer. Just ask at the DIY shop for paint yg bole content and wipe..

  3. Gud idea Doc! i want to do this for my son also. hehe. share la doc kat mana boleh dpt papan conteng ni..:)

  4. salam doc. i like to ask you, how you manage to get 10 child? lots of modern & new mommy nowdays worried to get baby after age 40++ according news, magazine talk about they maybe get higher risk, but they loves kids more. its that ok laa to gets baby after 40? ( kalo x kena la kawin awal or try to get twins..) heheheh -asy

    1. I WANT to have 10 children but only God knows how many I WILL have.. hahha.. medical technology is so modern now. InsyaAllah kalu Allah izinkan..

  5. Awww Bella is so cute! She looks so much like you πŸ™‚ This is a brilliant idea! Btw are you off from work to BF Tasha now? Like you did with Bella? U r lucky you could do that πŸ™‚

  6. my mum took up child psychology and she told me once that when a child starts to “draw” a paper is just not big enough.. haha.. tapi bankrupt la parents if the child draws all over the walls in the house.. you’re doing exactly what my mum did with me, “here’s a wall for you to enjoy, but only THIS WALL.. because it’s special” πŸ™‚

  7. very good idea.. boleh ikut ni.. btw, Dr makan set pantang apa ya. anything to recommend.? im going to deliver next month, still in hunting of set pantang..

    1. Saya cuma cont mkn obimin sbb breastfeeding and vit E tablet utk wound healing. Lots of Hot ginger drink. Hmmm.. Tu jer lar..

  8. hehe..can’t stop smiling read all the comments..dr. maybe u should take a picture of bella’s playing room and label each item where did u buy them hehe

  9. hai dr halina pls help me…can u tell me how to lose impact scar cracks in the stomach after the giving birth?i saw u used it before but forgotten the oil brand name..i need that 😦

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