No Time

Now I know what “no time” means!!

It simply means N.O.  T.I.M.E!!

When there was only Bella, it is quite easy to juggle things. I was still able to finish my work, house chores, having some me-time, shopping time, some readings..

But when I have an infant and a toddler at home, I just don’t have time!!


I’ve been trying to adjust Tasha’s bedtime so she knows to sleep mostly at night and be awake during daytime.

We managed to do that for Bella. How did we do that? We exposed B a lot to sunlight during daytime because it helps to regulate her sleep cycle.Bright light means awake, dark means sleep. And we woke her up every morning at 7am without fail to make sure she follows her sleep and milk routine cycle.

B is already sleeping throughout the night once she reached 3 weeks old.

But different with Tasha, maybe because she was born borderline premature at 36 weeks, maybe.. I’m not sure.. her sleeping pattern is still haywire.

Tasha needs her sleep so much so that she can grow bigger. Why? Because growth hormone is release in our body while we sleep!!

But when she wakes up fresh at night.. then she cries, she wakes Bella up too!!

And the cycle never ends!

What do a sleepy mommy do?

Breathe. And be a mommy. Continue breathing.

It is not easy to synchronize these two girls sleeping pattern. When one is awake, one is asleep. Or it’s the other way round.

My mom told me to get some sleep everytime my baby is sleeping. But they take turns to sleep!!


So, that’s my definition of N.O. T.I.M.E!!

84 thoughts on “No Time

      1. Saya bakal dpt anak ketiga bln 6 ni. Anak pertama 3tahun, anak kedua 1tahun dan anak ketiga baru lahir 🙂 semoga Allah permudahkan urusan kita ya, Dr 🙂

  1. Haha klaka la..moge allah mudh kn..amiin..
    Xde pngalaman nk sy pon sleepy jgk, ank bru sorg lelaki , nnt dh 2…
    Huwaaa…sme la ngn doc kot..poning2

  2. totally feel u!when my no3 was born my no2 baru 1yr 1 month. penat gile hanya tuhan yg yg tahu. hang on there will get better!

  3. Me too!!! Absolutely no time! The sleepless nights. Plus, when baby awake for milk. My lil’ boy pon bangun nak breastfeed juga cam adik dia.

    How? I want to bf both since my toddler is just 19 m.o. Nak bf both smpai each 2 y.o.
    I’m praying hard for this.

    Dr, Bella still breastfeed ke? I just wish I’ve enough milk for both of them, since both are boys.

  4. haha.i phm apa yg u feel dr.. i dpt 2nd son bila abg dia umur almost 2y..kdg2 i nages jgk sbb stress,penat sbb manage sdri semuanya…penah smbil bfeed baby..smbil buaikan abg dia tido..keletihan..terkejar2..kdg2 adik dia sedap tido dlm babycot..abg dia panjat masuk n buat bising..mcm2..n sad story suddenly happen.. abg dia kena diabetic type 2 ms 2y ++..n 2nd son baru..6 tu sgt hectic life sgt2. tp alhamdulillah.. lama2 saya bole biasakan.. u too dr halina.. u can..coz u are superpower mommy 🙂

  5. Absolutely no time jgk for me..imagine sy bersalin kembar lelaki and at that time my 1st daughter baru 1 thn 2 bln..then i quit my job..huhu..even sy kat rumah je,bt then they take turns to sleep,bila ummie nk tido?!!huhu

  6. Hahaha…totally agreed! Been there…and now i have 2 kids & 6 months infant. Wait till u reach 10 as ur hubby’s wish. Hmmm….

  7. Mak saya pun selalu cakap mcm mak dr juga….tidur bila baby tidur…
    Tapi, time baby tidur, kita pulak tak boleh tidur…ada je kerja nak buat… 🙂

  8. Same like my baby too borderline prematured..but my baby alhamdulilah tido mnum tdo mnum…sihat alhamdulilah nw 3mnth 8kg already…for u dr so sweet insyaallah

  9. Hi dr ..just stay calm ok….i understand how u feel.. My experience bersalin twins last 3 yrs mmg sgt mencabar..woke up at nite every hr for breastfeeding…another 2 kids to take care of..hmmrezeki Allah nak bg kan…kalau x sabar mmg bole meroyan..alhamdulillah husband byk bantu..likeur mom said, bila baby tasha n b tido,then u should take rest..take care doc…:) insyaallah everything will b ok

  10. Let Mr Daddy take care of Bella until Tasha gets her sleeping pattern all sorted out! I have 2 boys age 6 & 4…and a 3 mth old baby girl…I feel you… 😉

  11. y dr dont show us tash’s pic by now. it is differently with b. please i’m dying to see her.. another mermaid to be in ur life.

  12. salams dr..cheer up! :)…u are going to miss these moments one day. Whichever way you put it , the bottom line is they are your kids ,and Allah knows you are capable of handling this……you have been doing a good job so far….enjoy this ( try :))

  13. Exactly..happens to me.anak berturut tahun. But i kalah. My first got solid 2 years of bf but nope not the 2nd. Lost to breasfeed because too tired to wake up and sit. But pleaseee no,please dont give up..u can do it!!!! I believe in u! Im sure u will!

  14. Exactly..happens to me.anak berturut tahun. But i kalah. My first got solid 2 years of bf but nope not the 2nd. Lost to breasfeed because too tired to wake up and sit. But pleaseee no,please dont give up..u can do it!!!! I believe in u! Im sure u will!

  15. Haha.. Itu lah yg berlaku pada sy smpai terpaksa transfer balik kg coz hubby was not around!! Waaa..xpe dr heli cool!!

  16. Salam Dr Halina,

    Am very interested on the story where u control bella’s sleeping pattern as early as 3 weeks old.. Can u tell us more about it? Or can u suggest some good books for reference for guiding me? My husband’s away for 6 months and my baby’s 3 weeks, so its hard for me to take care of my baby alone with such sleepless nights.. Hope u can help 🙂 thanks in advance..

  17. Hang on doc. I got 4 daughters age between 12 to 6 months. My work schedule..tell horrendous!! From being a mommy, a cook, a cleaner, a ‘warden’, even a teksi driver! But I’m loving every mins of it. They are my only ‘harta’ and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I think ALL mums are super duper fantastic creation of Allah.

  18. salam Dr. saya pun prnh mengalaminya.Anak pertama 6 thn, anak ke2 4 thn..dua2 lelaki dan baru2 ni bersalin anak ke3 masa mgu ke 38 dan syukur dpt jenis berjaga malam dan tdo siang tapi bila abg2 agak aktif waktu siang menyebabkan rutin tidur baby agak lari.Saya hanya boleh rehat or tidur sekejap2 je..mula2 agak pening bila tak cukup rehat atau tidur tapi skrg usia baby dah 48 hari dan semuanya dah terkawal..yang penting stay calm dan takmo stress2 okey?Dr akan mmpu menghadapinya..(^_^)

  19. saya pun pernah mengalami perkara yg sama ,masa tue ank yg sulung sethun sebulan dan yg kedua baru berusia lbih kurg sebulan gak.bila siadik nangis maka si kakak pun terjaga gak.akhirnya saya temui jalan penyelesaian dgn mengatur tidor baby ngan asing tido mereka.bermaksud letakkan mereka bilik berbeza.bila dah betul tido baru saya letak mereka sama-sama.

  20. my turn will come to be…just wait for 2 weeks to go for 2nd baby…aghhhh….harap bole tempuh dgn tenang…Ya Allah permudahkan segalanya…

  21. hohoho..give me five doc!
    i have is 3yo this coming April n 2mo twins..
    siang tido memanjang..malam berjaga..apakah? mungkin sebab twins pun lahir mcm Tasha at 36wks?hehe

  22. hehee..sama mcm i jgak doc..dpt 2nd child n msa tu my 1st is 1yr 3mnt..still ok in a few mnt..bla baby dah start merangkak i dah trduduk n xtau mne 1 i nk kjar (pnh mngnis jugak)..hahaaa..mmg penat..tpi skrg bla sweettttt..hihiii 😉

  23. OMG now im freaking baby going to be deliver end of May. and my elder son is same age with Bella..and i am now doing my master..takutnyer..

  24. Salam Dr and all the mommies..

    Being reading ur post and the comments from mommies. Most of us experience the same thing..”NO TIME” when come handling the baby + todlers. In my case I hv 3 boys (now 7,5,3 yrs old). When I delivered my 2nd baby I thought that was tough already..but when came to the 3rd baby…adoi…tak terkata No TIME nyer.. With no maid at home, my house was such a mess. Bab tidor lak..I’ve made a deal with hubby that I will only handle the baby n he will handle the other 2. You can do it Dr Halina.. InshaAllah ada ganjaran atas pengorbanan ibu..

  25. Wow! Sounds overwhelming, but mothers always find ways to survive and thrive! 🙂

    Maybe you ought to synchronize the time so you tandem feed them or separate the sleeping arrangement so that Bella is not disturbed by Tasha’s crying.

    I’d get myself some chocolate and a hot foot-bath before sleep. Ask the daddy for some me-time 🙂

  26. haha semua mommies pun sama kan. I’m a zombie at work today cuz son (3y/o) is unwell. He was awake for every 1-2hrs, crying and waking his sister (3 m/o) up! hubs pulak took cough syrup before sleep so dia pun mamai. aiyo. good luck doc!! we feel you. =)

  27. Pengorbanan ibu tak ternilai, sebab tu syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu
    You will be really relieved when you hear this song from Yusuf Islam, “Your mother”
    Allah recognized mothers like us 🙂

    “Who should I give my love to?
    My respect and my honor to
    Who should I pay good mind to?
    After Allah And Rasulullah
    Comes your mother
    Who next?
    Your mother
    Who next?
    Your mother
    And then your father
    …and so on…”

  28. when my daughter tries staying up beyond bedtime, i turn the telly and downstairs lights off, it seems as if children behave like moths; she soon agrees that her night light is better than the boring dark downstairs 🙂

  29. What helped me is just take them both to my bed, hug and sleep all together. Just after several days no problems sleeping all night 😉 (My daugther is 3, the little one is now 7 months)

  30. assalamu’alaikum doctor..
    i found this of fb on how to stop a crying baby..
    but i’m not so sure about the effectiveness and the side effects..hee~.
    maybe u can try it on tasha..
    best regards to ur family and ur lovely daughters..

    1. Itu sebab saya ada maid. Setiap kali bersalin..maid jaga anak2 yg lain..dan masak. I just jaga yg baru besalin punya baby. End of this year..maid is going back already to her home country after serving us for nearly 13 years. My kids semua dah besar..eldest taking SPM this year. Yg youngest standard one already. Thankyou bibik.

  31. cam mana nak anak 10 orang ni Dr? hihi tak pa nanti cepat selim melim … or amik maid shiann Dr jadi zombi …. hihi

  32. Hang in there. My mom had twins (my brother and I), and when one of us was awake in the night, the other one was sleeping and vice versa. So she had to constantly feed at least one of us, and didn’t get to sleep too well either!

    Beautiful names btw. 🙂

  33. Doc, i’m about to experience the same like you this mth..
    First daughter 2yrs old, n the coming baby girl bile2 je nk meletup..

    What we plan is to separate bedroom, father with 1st daughter
    and me sleep with baby..

    We can do it doc coz we’re supermom and u inspire me a lot! hang on doc, we can make it!! 🙂

  34. hihi…tu lar org kata lain budak lain ragam nya 🙂 macam mana doc handle stress? saya baru anak seorang pun kadang2 rasa macam nk pack bag and never come a minute later, when I look deep into my daughter’s eye…cancel balik…I’d miss a world hot having her by my lepas tu stress balik..and the cycle never ends…

  35. Daytime, send B to daycare and you can sleep while T is sleeping. Otherwise, you will be super tired after finished your confinement…not good. You must have enough rest for 44 days. Good luck

      1. I tolong you je. Kot2 you tak sempat nak reply. Haha! You got No Time remember? Hang in there mommy. Things will be better. Promise.

    1. You have to upgrade your blog. That means you hv to buy your own domain. You can check the price on your blog dashboard. There’s a yearly fee..

  36. If we are barely supermommy, that means we need superdad! We are managing super duper active twins toddler and an infant at home..

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