No Time

Now I know what “no time” means!!

It simply means N.O.  T.I.M.E!!

When there was only Bella, it is quite easy to juggle things. I was still able to finish my work, house chores, having some me-time, shopping time, some readings..

But when I have an infant and a toddler at home, I just don’t have time!!


I’ve been trying to adjust Tasha’s bedtime so she knows to sleep mostly at night and be awake during daytime.

We managed to do that for Bella. How did we do that? We exposed B a lot to sunlight during daytime because it helps to regulate her sleep cycle.Bright light means awake, dark means sleep. And we woke her up every morning at 7am without fail to make sure she follows her sleep and milk routine cycle.

B is already sleeping throughout the night once she reached 3 weeks old.

But different with Tasha, maybe because she was born borderline premature at 36 weeks, maybe.. I’m not sure.. her sleeping pattern is still haywire.

Tasha needs her sleep so much so that she can grow bigger. Why? Because growth hormone is release in our body while we sleep!!

But when she wakes up fresh at night.. then she cries, she wakes Bella up too!!

And the cycle never ends!

What do a sleepy mommy do?

Breathe. And be a mommy. Continue breathing.

It is not easy to synchronize these two girls sleeping pattern. When one is awake, one is asleep. Or it’s the other way round.

My mom told me to get some sleep everytime my baby is sleeping. But they take turns to sleep!!


So, that’s my definition of N.O. T.I.M.E!!