Out & About!!

Today I’m back behind the steering wheel!! Hehe..

It feels sooo liberating to be able to drive back my car.. Suddenly I missed traffic jams!😀

I really cannot follow the traditional pantang style. Cant go out for 40 days? How can a woman these days not go out for 40 days? What do you do at home?

I tried bengkung.. I walked like  a geisha with that thing on. Of course it’s good because it helps to hold the shape of your body from the tummy down to your hips. But it is so hard for me to bend and pick up my baby!! Remember, I’m a mother of two now (yay!!) and I need to be able to function as a mother.. So, I lasted only for a day with my bengkung.. Haha..

I then substitute my bengkung with a bodyshaper… much much better, I can walk and do daily work like a normal human beings. So practical!

During pregnancy, hormones like the progestrogens and oestrogens did effect our musculoskeletal system, mainly our abdomen due to the uterus expansion and the abdominal wall muscles, its called diastasis recti. The hormones also soften the connective tissue. Expanded uterus cause the abdominal muscle to separate and that one contributes to our back pain, even during post delivery. Thats why wearing a post-partum girdle will help with this problem. We need to support our spine for it to go back into its original posture.

One more thing that a post-delivery mother always forget to do is the pelvic floor exercise also known as Kegel’s exercise. Why we need to do this? Again, it is due to the hormones cause the ligaments to stretch (otherwise, how can a baby pass through the birth canal??) and loosen the pelvic floor. This problem will effect as many as about 60-70% of mothers post delivery. You will notice that you suffer from incontinence when coughing, sneezing, or laughing after giving birth. So, how do you do pelvic floor exercise? Haha.. it’s your job to find out about it!!

Back to my pantang story, as for now, I still don’t carry heavy thing due to all this loosen ligaments, thanks to my husband who helps me a lot with Bella and all other heavy stuffs. I still keep my socks on. I’m still on this pantang diet..

OK, I took a sip of coke from my husband’s glass the other day😉 But I can’t follow the strict no excessive fluid intake. I need to produce milk!! How larr??

I drink a lot of Horlick and Milo.. and not forgetting the hot ginger drink..

I’m already missing my high heels.. Cant wait to hit the gym soon!! X

50 thoughts on “Out & About!!

  1. tetiba terkenang saat saya memandu dgn baby saya,anak ketiga di sebelah selepas 8 hari melahirkan (atas sebab yang tak dpt dielak masa itu) syukurlah Alhamdulillah kami selamat walau jarak 30km.saya sedih dan menyesal sebenarnya .saya mohon pada Allah dan berharap perkara itu takkan berlaku lagi jika saya berpeluang bersalin lagi selepas ini.

  2. congrates Dr!i’m now doing my obgyn postg before my final exam as medical student..so,ur bp was not so high..just pih rite Dr?glad both of u are ok..Alhamdulillah~

  3. Firstly.tahniah for the newborn!seronok dgr org bsalin ni…. hihihihi…..semasa pantang la kita as a women….dpt rehatkan bdn kita dr keja yg berat.bkn selalu kita akn dpt peluang begini.mmg betul ‘agak boring’ bila berpantang selama 40hr….dgn x kuar rumah,tp sbnarnya apa yg kita buat(bpantang) skg adalah utk diri kita pd ms akn dtg…bila umur makin mningkat…ms tu la kita akn dpt rasa ‘kesan2nya….
    Pd saya….betul2 bpantang adalah sesuatu yg mnyeronokkan!hehehe

  4. arwah mak saya kata, berpantang ni utk dalaman kita, sbb bila dah melahirkan, semua urat dlm badan kembang, so kena le makan benda yg panas2 dan takde minyak. Kena bertangas utk hilang peluh dan buang toksin dlm badan. Renyeh tapi bagus utk badan. Saya berpantang 44 hari, tak keluar rumah, utk elak kena angin atau demam masa berpantang. Alhamdulilah, dah lepas 3 anak takde le angin dlm badan atau sakit2 dalaman. Mmg betul ckp org tua…doc, kalau nak energy balik, minum le 12 botol Herba Ikan Polleney, mmg best, stinky smell tapi amat bagus utk ubati luka dalaman. Selamat berpantang. Jgn lasak2 sgt…

  5. Yup totally agree with u!i am mother of two also.my son is almost 2 months now.and his kakak will turn to 3 in march.during my confinement i have to fetch his kakak from school every evening.so i dont really berpantang.only pantang the food.and yes i drink horlick to increase the milk supply.

  6. Salam doc. Nk tny do u vac ur kids? Im so confuse about the side effct semua. Is vac good or not actually? If u dont mind to answer doc. Thanx.😉

    • I do. And always do it on time. Of course every medical procedure comes with pros and cons.. Byk kebaikannya bg vaccine kat anak2.. Jgn dah sakit baru nak menyesal.. Yg penting kita usaha..

  7. I’ve agreed with u DR. Saya masa delivered 2nd baby on Dec 2010, 2 minggu after that mmg dah keluar rumah. 3rd day dah keluar ke hospital sbb baby warded sbb jaundis.selama 3 hari ulang-alik sbb nak bg susu badan yang di pump. Lepas tu early Jan anak yg 1st tu start kindergarden plak. I keluar jugak la, sbb my husband bergantung sepenuhnya pada I bab2 anak ni.So, I tak der saper yg buleh diharapkan(I anak tunggal) dan jugak tak dak parent or MIL. So, nak tak nak I TERPAKSA jugak la uruskan semuanya sendiri. I keluar rumah dgn berbengkung, and berstokin. Sampaikan org tgk I org bleh tau kot yg I dlm pantang. Sampai org tgk siap geleng2kan kepala. So far, bersalin normal 4-5 hari dah okay kot, tp bab mkn I bleh follow lagi lah dgn berpantang cara org dulu. Tp ada beberapa perkara berkenaan pantang yg I rasa tak sesuai dgn keadaan dan diri kita, kita tak buleh follow dgn cara org dulu kala.Ada org kata, nnti badan u dah masuk 40-an baru U akan rasa sakit sana sini. For me,from now ambik lah supplement. apa yg patut.kalau dah masuk umur 40-an nnti sakit sana sini, at least saya tak menyesal sbb saya dah buat yg terbaik utk uruskan anak2 dlm tempoh berpantang.

  8. would like to have thoughts/advise from barelysupermommy & other mommies who read this..is it safe for my baby (age about 14 days) to fly? it’s a domestic flight about 45 minutes to 1 hour journey only..any opinion/advise are really apreciated..thanks

    • Shudnt be a problem as long as you breastfeed / give bottle milk during take off and landing. I wrote an article abt flying with infant earlier. U need to protect his/her eardrums. Changes of pressure in atmosphere is what you need to avoid. Suckling can help to avoid the pressure builds that can rupture the eardrums. See your paediatrician if you’re not sure what to do..

  9. this blog is my number one must read..:) ni first time leave comment. congrates on your newborn girl and “enjoy” confinement😉 bengkung memang agak melecehkan sebab restrict our movement. apa pendapat doc tentang bengkung moden?saya tertanya-tanya jika ia memberikan kesan yg sama seperti traditional bengkung?saya rasa lebih praktikal dan senang utk memakainya.hanya perlu zip, no need ikat-ikat.;)

  10. Assalamulaikum
    Hihi..This is the very first time im commenting on your blog…Sebelum ni silent reader je..
    Tapi because of this pantang story, i love to share mine too..

    saya pun keluar awal..on day 6 dah kluar interview.siap naik tangga..ok lah sebab terpaksa…

    day 15 keluar makan kat chicken rice shop..anak pulak besar..semua orang ingat anak dah 3 bulan…memang rasa boringnya duduk je kat rumah..:p

    Tapi saya masih amalkan diet pantang..cuma saya banyakkan makan orange dan sawi..nak elak sembelit..air pun sama, memang minum dengan banyaknya…sebab tak tahan..bila menyusu tu rasa macam air hilang serta merta dan dahaga yang amat sampai tekak rasa kering..padahal belum 10 minit menyusu…alhamdulillah badan taklah jadi gemuk maintain je..walaupun tak strict pantangnya…
    bengkung pakai yang zip zap tu je..hihi..
    tak berurut sangat..tapi suami selalu sapukan minyak panas…
    jamu tak makan sebab menyusu..sian kat baby…
    week 2 dah start buat kerja rumah sebab suami dah masuk kerja..

    minum gak ais sikit2…macam buat hilang teringin..tapi bukanlah ais tu, cold water…

    Luckily, saya pantang sendiri…dengan suami yang jaga..jadi tak strict sgt..
    yang ketiga ni pun pantang sendiri gak..insya allah….

  11. hahah…masa i dulu pun takde la berpantang sgt2 mcm org dulu2…still boleh keluar pegi serang expo baby…heheh..mkn pun still blh makan mcm biasa cuma tak sentuh la bende2 yg sejuk and angin..i still enjoy eating McD, Pizza Hut..haha..as what my mom said…badan sendiri..u tanggung sendiri..nasib my mom bkn jenis yg strict gile2..lg pun skrg banyak supplement yang kita boleh ambik…insyaallah if kita rase ok..ok la..zaman sekarang mane boleh nak duduk saje.🙂

  12. assalamualaikum dr….dalam tempoh berpantang ni jangan lupa buat abdominal strenthening…start la dulu dengan straigt leg raise..dah lama sket boleh buat abdominal crunch…paling malas buat abdominal static contraction..not to forget your kegel hahaha…..saya selalu takutkann new mommies pasal perut boroi bila saya conduct antenatal postnatal exercise….btw sy physiotherapist..n i think saya sempat kerja dgn dr kat hukm di obygyne kot..tapi kalau dengan your husband sy ingat sgt..kerja dengan beliau kat trauma ward hehehehe…..enjoy your pantang…..

  13. same with me doc… dlm pantang i drive my own coz my husband di Kelantan n i di Melaka… i drive kancil manual lg… hahahah!! my mom marah giler… tp what to do… terpaksa maaa….

  14. Salam Doc,, Masa berpantang, mak mertua masakkan air mata kucing bersama gula kundur dan sedikit halia. Sangat bangus untuk membanyakkan susu badan dan utk memanaskan badan juga..

  15. Assalammualaikum Dr. Halina, izinkan saya share entry Dr. berkenaan Kegel exercise ni and your pantang style di blog saya. Saya akan publish sebaik sahaja Dr. sahaja. Thanks

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