Another Lady in the House!!

My little Bella has shown her interest in beautifying herself!! πŸ˜‰ We got this picture earlier on during our trip to Krabi/Phuket.

Somehow she managed to climb and reach the dressing table and play with my… urmmm… “first aid kit”!! πŸ˜‰

She pretended like she was putting on the moisturizer, played with the compact powder and then she found my mascara tube. Trying to figure out what to do with this thing..


“I’ve seen mommy did this before.. maybe I should do this too…” Probably that’s what she said..


Me and my husband had a good laugh looking at her (Of course not in front of her!)

Daddy: She’s becoming like you!

Mommy: Yeah! Yeah! I trained her well!! -__-

56 thoughts on “Another Lady in the House!!

  1. ololo…. gerammmnye tgok bella duk wat demo pakai lips tu…comelll la..hehe…like u dr.halina… sangat cantik..:D

  2. salam.
    Ecehh… Bella still kecik but dah pandai touch touch cosmetik her mommy.. so cute erk, like You Doc.
    btw, i had read on Dr.SMS fans page that Bella already school. why dont you blog about her go to tadika, mesti comeykan dia pakai uniform πŸ™‚

    have a nice day Doc.

  3. comel ny bella ni.. geram… napa x bg gincu betul tu kita tgk apa jd.. hheheh…. hwmmm tiap hr skodeng pic bella….

  4. Kids are like this because they wanna be like us! the closest example of the best model in their life are their parents! hahahaha. humm.. πŸ˜€ sometimes they grab the phone while we’re using it..ohhhhh they wanna be like us.. huhuhuhu πŸ˜€

  5. Salam Dr.
    Gaya pakai lipstick ada style la Bella…mommy punya jari jemari pun lentik2 jugak ke Bella masa pakai lipstick..?

  6. so in other words children learnt from parents ACTION not from words
    this is the proof
    so parents out there please show good example to children
    do not litter anywhere u like bcoz ur children is learning from u (mencik org buang smpah merata2 !!)
    how can they be soleh or solehah (as all parents out there wish) if parents do not soleh or solehah… JOM REFLECT

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