Motherhood is a choice you make everyday to put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own… Am I right? XO

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26 thoughts on “Mommyhood

  1. thousands of questions,requests,complains = goes to mom
    there’s only 1 question left, “where’s mom” = goes to dad..
    it’s unfair, but that’s what makes all mom in the world smiling from ear-to-ear for all day long… [includes me] (“,)

  2. well, l’m not a parent, but the funny thing is like today for example, my niece is in her 1st few days of primary school & both my nephews are down with a cold yet, it is not their mom or dad ( divorced) that they asked for food, comfort & care from. Where’s the value of motherhood had gone? Lucky, l’m around to help out but, this has been going on for sometime now. The dad was both ignorant & irresponsible. Just be glad that u are blessed with either a good wife @ husband to care for your family. Both are needed for the kids, both must be there, all the time, for better @ worst when the kids need them the most. Very difficult with both parents working though.

  3. Ya memang benar DR,anak-anak lebih kepada IBU daripada BAPA dari segala aspek, mungkin juga kerana anak lebih mudah berkomunikasi & bertoleransi dengan IBU.

  4. haha.. yup.. sgt betul doc…:D xpuas la tengok wajah doc sejak pregnant second ni…:D mudahan dr.halina sentiasa dlm lindungan allah…;)

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