Our Newborn Daughter

We finally have a name for B’s little sister!!! It doesnt took us long to decided on her name this time..

We think the name suits her well🙂 insyaAllah..

Daddy went to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara today to register her. To those who doesn’t know, you have to register newborns within 14 days after the baby is born. If you took more than 14 days, you’ll be fine!!!

Malu lar kan kalu kena denda.. Haha..

So, we have decided to name our daughter..

Sophea Natasha

(insert fireworks here)


Almost like her sister..

Sophea Isabella.

We love the name ‘Sophea’ so much.. It means ‘wise and beautiful’

we decided to keep it..

and daddy chose ‘Natasha’ because it means ‘strong’. This baby is a strong baby.. after all ups and downs during pregnancy and delivery, she made it through!!

And ‘Natasha’ also means ‘gift of God’.. Which she truly is🙂

Owh.. And btw, B and daddy is in Kosmo newspaper today!!!

Check them out!!

Where’s Tasha’s pic? Nanti ok😉 X


Out & About!!

Today I’m back behind the steering wheel!! Hehe..

It feels sooo liberating to be able to drive back my car.. Suddenly I missed traffic jams!😀

I really cannot follow the traditional pantang style. Cant go out for 40 days? How can a woman these days not go out for 40 days? What do you do at home?

I tried bengkung.. I walked like  a geisha with that thing on. Of course it’s good because it helps to hold the shape of your body from the tummy down to your hips. But it is so hard for me to bend and pick up my baby!! Remember, I’m a mother of two now (yay!!) and I need to be able to function as a mother.. So, I lasted only for a day with my bengkung.. Haha..

I then substitute my bengkung with a bodyshaper… much much better, I can walk and do daily work like a normal human beings. So practical!

During pregnancy, hormones like the progestrogens and oestrogens did effect our musculoskeletal system, mainly our abdomen due to the uterus expansion and the abdominal wall muscles, its called diastasis recti. The hormones also soften the connective tissue. Expanded uterus cause the abdominal muscle to separate and that one contributes to our back pain, even during post delivery. Thats why wearing a post-partum girdle will help with this problem. We need to support our spine for it to go back into its original posture.

One more thing that a post-delivery mother always forget to do is the pelvic floor exercise also known as Kegel’s exercise. Why we need to do this? Again, it is due to the hormones cause the ligaments to stretch (otherwise, how can a baby pass through the birth canal??) and loosen the pelvic floor. This problem will effect as many as about 60-70% of mothers post delivery. You will notice that you suffer from incontinence when coughing, sneezing, or laughing after giving birth. So, how do you do pelvic floor exercise? Haha.. it’s your job to find out about it!!

Back to my pantang story, as for now, I still don’t carry heavy thing due to all this loosen ligaments, thanks to my husband who helps me a lot with Bella and all other heavy stuffs. I still keep my socks on. I’m still on this pantang diet..

OK, I took a sip of coke from my husband’s glass the other day😉 But I can’t follow the strict no excessive fluid intake. I need to produce milk!! How larr??

I drink a lot of Horlick and Milo.. and not forgetting the hot ginger drink..

I’m already missing my high heels.. Cant wait to hit the gym soon!! X

Confinement Food..

Gosh.. Confinement food is really full of black pepper, ginger, onion and garlic. It really makes you sweat!!

No fried food.

Only grilled and boiled soup.

Please God gimme strength to go through this..


I wonder does McD’s Prosperity Burger counted as confinement food or not.. It’s full of black pepper, what??😉

Something to ponder….

My Labour Story..

Alhamdullillah.. I’ve safely delivered a beautiful baby girl who looks exactly like her father on Jan 19, 2013 at 1953H🙂 Well, it wasn’t like a typical movie type story where my waterbag broke while I was shopping (eventhough I kinda hope it would turn out that way!! Hahah..)

It was actually an induced-labour. My ObGyn had to induced me because my blood pressure is high and my amniotic fluid is getting less which is not a good sign. So, I was given 2 options.. #1: straight for LSCS operation (Lower Segment Caeserian Section) OR #2: trial of vaginal delivery with close-fetal monitoring..

I have set my mind to go for vaginal delivery because it’s easier taking care of vaginal delivery wound rather than operation wound. Pain is much much more managable post vaginal delivery. (Paracetamol is enough, not need high tech medications..!!) and as much as possible, I don’t wanna have any surgery that will prevent me from having 10 kids!! AHhaha.. Yes, if you had previous LSCS, maximum amount of pregnancy you can do is only about 3 to 4 because of the risk having uterine rupture and many other health issues.

So, vaginal delivery it is.. I prayed to God for safety of the baby and myself during delivery. Only God knows whats best for me..

After being reviewed by my ObGyn, I got a green light saying I can proceed with vaginal delivery.. At around 11am, that Saturday morning, I was started on oxytocin, a medication that is given thru the intravenous drip to stimulate my uterus to contract. Every 30 minutes, the dosage of oxytocin will be increased until I have a regular contraction.

Slowly the contraction started and the pain builds up. No it wasn’t a waterbirth this time because of my high blood pressure. My BP needs to be monitored regularly and my baby also needs a regular monitoring. Pain was getting more intense over time. I was on Entonox gas as my pain killer.. It’s actually a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide and O2. And I can feel myself getting dizzy and lightheaded, but not for long. When the cervix opening was 7cm, I just don’t think the Entonox works anymore.. and I requested for some pain killer injections. Got it..! But somehow, the labour pain is much much stronger that the effect of the painkiller!! Hahaha… All I can do is just doa and bear the pain.. And my husband was in the labour room next to me all the time!! I guess he was my painkiller!!

Around maghrib time, I feel like pushing, I know her head is down there!! My husband went for maghrib prayer for a while.. The labour room staff nurse checked on me and told me, “Hmmm.. dah boleh push dah ni doctor, tp Prof (my ObGyn) dgn husband doctor gie sembahyang.. Tunggu kejap boleh?” and I was like… “WHAT????!!!” Hahhaha.. that’s the worst thing you can tell a woman in labour ok!!

After about 10 minutes of waiting.. huh!! Both of them arrived from surau hospital. My ObGyn gown up.. Hubby is back next to me.. and my ObGyn told me push.. After 2 pushes, alhamdullilah my baby is out! (Or was it three times? Can’t remember!!) She cried.. I, urrmm.. didn’t cry but feels sooooo relieved because she’s alright! Alhamdullillah🙂

B’s Fav Sh-oup

I haven’t been writing about B’s favourite food for quite some times.. that is mainly because she eats less of baby more and more adult food nowadays. No, I’m not talking about masak lemak cili api or even chicken curry here. She eats mainly soups, spaghetti, chicken rice, tosei, nasi lemak (minus the sambal) and even beriyani..! Owh.. she loves the beriyani!! Hahaha..

Today I wanna share one of her favourite nutritious daily food that she eats almost everyday!! And that is mixed soup (pronounced as “shoup” by her!) to eat with rice (a.k.a “sh-ice”).

It’s just the same soup that we eat everyday except I put a lot of things (basicly everything!!) that she needs.. from proteins i.e. chicken balls or meat balls or fish balls. Those balls are home made, I didn’t buy the one from the shop to avoid preservatives. It’s actually very easy to make.. 

You just add a little bit of minced meat, with some onion, shallot and ginger.. Just enough to give a little taste to the meat balls and a pinch of salt with tepung jagung (my goodness, I really can’t think of the English name for tepung jagung, right now!!!)

And you make it into a cute little balls shapes..

Taddaaaa… Not that cute but that will do!😉

Besides meats, you can also use minced chicken and fish to make the balls.

I also all some macaroni and potato which is my carbohydrate back-up just in case Bella refused to eat rice😉 Yeah, yeah, yeah.. sometimes she can be quite picky but most of the time, she whacked everything!!😀

As for vegetables, I add broccoli, carrots and spinach in the soup. She can eat the carrots and broccoli on her own but not the spinach, what I did was I slices it into small pieces and just add to the soup.

Bella also loves egg, but only the white ones, so, I let her eat on her own the white ones and left the egg yolk on the soup, stir it and she will drink the soup together with the spinach and yellow  egg!!

Sometimes we also add egg taufu to replace the real egg. She doesn’t really know the difference thou.. As long as it’s tasty😉

So that’s how I make Bella’s soup. And she can finish this one whole bowl on her own together with some rice!!

(Yeah, I use mangkuk tingkat to pack her food.. hahha.. so old-skool!!)

Dya have any other recipes to share with other mommies out there.. I would love to hear that!!


My Unborn Baby..

Remember I told you about my baby is small when I did the scan about 2 weeks ago..?

So, yesterday I went again for my check up. I’m currently at my 35 weeks and hoping that my baby will grow some more.

2 weeks ago, the baby was only about 1.5kg

*insert loud mommy cry here*

In about 2 weeks, the baby only grew about 100g. That makes 1.6kg as off yesterday..

When I was pregnant with Bella, she was already 3.0kg at 35 weeks!! How can I catch up with so much weight gain with sooo little time!!

I’m so depressed because if this baby is born less than 1.8kg, she/he will be admitted to NICU for weight gain monitoring.

Too small baby is difficult to handle. I don’t want my baby to drink milk via tiny tubes in NICU

*louder mommy cry here!!*

In my case, there are many causes that could contribute to my small baby..

1) Stress

2) Not enough rest

3) Not eating well

4) Placenta insuffuciency due to mommy’s high-ish BP most likely secondary to (1) and (2)

And somehow, despite my baby is so small, I’m so big.. I retained so much water in my body thanks to the progestrogen!!

My husband said I reminded him of puffer fish!! Hahaha.. How sweet😉

Guess what my ObGyn did??

She put me off from work from now on!! She prescribed me enough rest and high calorie intake (sounds heaven to me!!)

Well, of course that means healthy food, not just ice-cream🙂

So, I’m on MC till my next visit to see her next week..

Till then, gotta go get my rest and elevate my super swollen legs, peeps..

Can’t be puffer fish forever.. I miss my 3-inch heels already!!

And that’s B enjoying her visit to IKEA. She was so amazed with the star lights and canopy and just refused to leave the bed.. Adoihhh… X

P/S: NICU = Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It’s like ICU for infants and babies..

Another Lady in the House!!

My little Bella has shown her interest in beautifying herself!!😉 We got this picture earlier on during our trip to Krabi/Phuket.

Somehow she managed to climb and reach the dressing table and play with my… urmmm… “first aid kit”!!😉

She pretended like she was putting on the moisturizer, played with the compact powder and then she found my mascara tube. Trying to figure out what to do with this thing..


“I’ve seen mommy did this before.. maybe I should do this too…” Probably that’s what she said..


Me and my husband had a good laugh looking at her (Of course not in front of her!)

Daddy: She’s becoming like you!

Mommy: Yeah! Yeah! I trained her well!! -__-