Guilty Mommy

I went for ultrasound scan for my second baby last week, and to my shock,he/she is underweight and looks small for his/her age. At 33 weeks, the parameters are only at par with a 29 week size baby!! Oh my God!! Have I been a bad mommy?? I know it’s not the end of the world but I guess there are few factors that I would like to share with all of you mommies out there..

Up until now, I’m still breastfeeding Lil B, not regularly but usually at night before she goes to sleep. The nutrition that should go to the new baby might have been taken by the breast milk… Well, I just can’t say “No” when Bella said she wanted “shushu”. She did it with the cutest face ever!!

Besides, I’m not eating very well during this pregnancy, that’s the different between this current and previous pregnancy. I just don’t have that much appetite like before. I just eat for the sake of eating.. Alhamdullilah there was no vomiting or feeling nauseous but my appetite is just so-so. Besides, taking care of a toddler and carrying a baby at the same time is really no joke. Work is as demanding as ever. We moved house, packing and unpacking.. A lot of crazy stuff is going on during this current pregnancy. There was just not enough time to lie down and put my feet up. Husband has been a great partner. He helped me in every way he can but I guess progestrogen really effects your body more as you get older.. It makes you tired and sleepy, it retains water, makes you forget things, stretches your ligaments (OMG!! Thats the worst!! Sometimes I feel like I left my pinggang on the chair when I tried to get up!! Hahahha… Husband comes handy around this time to pull you up without complaining I’m too heavy!! Haha..) My weight gain is good coz my body retains water easily (thanks to progestrogen!! I’m like a sponge retaining water!!) but baby’s weight gain is a little lagging..

My point is.. (not to blame anything here!) I missed taking my multivitamins!! *insert regret face here!*

Don’t get me wrong, I love this hectic life.. I just hate the progestrogen!! Hahah..

From now on, I have to force myself to eat and takes my multivits regularly..

To expecting mommies out there.. do NOT take things for granted. Take your nutritious food regularly, multivitamins. Just do it for your unborn child. No excuse!!’

P/S: Pic credit goes to Hasninuraini Hasan who we met at Pavilion wandering around with her canggih camera. Thank you!!

48 thoughts on “Guilty Mommy

  1. When I went into pre-term labor with my son, I asked my doctor what I did wrong. She said, “You could have followed every rule in the book and still went into to pre-term. Just because you follow the rules, doesn’t mean your baby will.” I thought was very good advice. πŸ™‚ You are doing a lovely job with both babies! I wish you well with the rest of your pregnancy!

    1. Take care halina. Mine, alhamdulillah.. Even though my tummy looks smaller, but baby weight is 1 week in advance. May allah ease our pregnancy… :))

  2. Dr, if u loss appetite, u should snacking more and choose more energy dense foods. All the best Dr! May ALLAH shelter your baby with barakah and protection πŸ™‚

  3. salam Dr.
    saya pulak terpaksa control makan sbb GDM…total insulin dos daily 96 which is totally high dan xbagus untuk saya dan baby…seriesly…kekadang rasa kecewa dgn bacaan glukos..risau jugak kalo baby kat dalam perut tu terhyper atau terhipo…stress la walaupun doktor suruh enjoy dgn masa2 mengandung ni..huwaaaa~

  4. Assalamualaikum…..saya pernah lalui pngalaman ini dr. harlina….masa preggy 4th baby..saya masih lagi mnyusukan anak yg ke 3…cam bella gak…bila dia nak tdo…dia buat muka al2 manja gitu….tapi bak kata dr….makan mesti jaga, vitamins kena amk….alhamdulillah w/pun baby auni lahir 2.99 kg, tak macam abg ngan kakaknya yg lepas…3.4, now…dia lbh aktif dan manja……la ni my auni dah nak masuk 2 yrs….masih lagi nenen mummynya….:)

  5. Assalamualaikum dr halina.. πŸ™‚
    Terima kasih sangat2 sebab post about this..
    Im currently pregnant 2nd baby.. And memang I take for granted all the multivitamins.. Now rasa bersalah dengan baby.. Huhu.. I will take all the vitamins after this..
    Tq doc.. Love u..

  6. i am 27weeks pregnant and neglecting all kind of vitamins since 4mnths pregnancy..just bcoz my mom said, taking supplements can cause demam kuning to the dulu2 tak makan pun vitamin segala..hee..after reading this, i am confuse and feel gulty to my baby too..mcm mana ye..

    1. Of course multivits doesnt cause jaundice (demam kuning) to babies!! What would doctors want your baby to have jaundice? But it is a fact if mother makan jamu.. That will cause jaundice to your baby!!! Trust me!!!

    2. Dear sheila,
      please read up/google what really caused jaundice in newborn. It has nothing to do with apa mommy makan/tak makan masa pregnant. Please jgn amik bulat2 apa org tua cakap. Dulu dulu maybe they x makan segala multivits but then again look at what they eat semuanya fresh and takde processed foods mcm kita now. Apa yg gynae prescribed is a must for mommy to take. Btw, dr halina, u r doing a good job. Maybe u need to rest more. If the baby tak underweight mesti u pun tk perasan and still moving around kan? Ada hikmah tu. Take care dear.

  7. tak de apa lah yang nak dirisaukan…asalkan sihat dan sempurna itu dah memadai..kalau baby kecil senang nak keluar nanti waktu nak bersalin….bila dah keluar nanti gerenti naik berat badan dia. insyaallah…

  8. InsyaAllah when u carried out the sunnah way in your life how u take good care of Bella for sake of Allah insyaAllah He’ll help you with your new baby..I pray for you..;)

  9. 2nd baby saya pun x cukup berat masa dalam perut, x aktif (duduk diam2…sunyi sepi)…lahir pun 2.9kg je…tp dalam pantang berat terus bertambah berkilo-kilo macam kena baja…hi..hi…sampai sekarang tak ada tanda menyusut..

  10. salam doc… i like u n ur family very much…:D suka sgt baca kat sini slalu… nak tnye, multivitamin yg produk shaklee bagus kan? sy ada ambil supplement dari produk shaklee.. u know that? adakah produk shaklee ni bgus bg pndangan doc?:)

  11. Halina, try eat kurma a lot.. i had that so-so appetite as well, puasa lagi time tu, i didn’t drink milk and multivit.. dah yg ke-4 ni rasa tak lalu dah nak mkn semua tu.. but i eat a lot of kurma.. alhamdulillah semua ok.. my baby ok and tulang pun mcm lebih kuat then the others..

  12. Dr,bersabar la. Ya betul tu makan kurma. Akak masa anak ke – 4 kurang morning sickness tapi selera makan plak kurang. Tapi suka makan kurma. Dapat kurma yang kering kecut pun sukanya bukan main. Dr take care ya. Lagi satu saya minat tudung dr tu beli kat ne ya. Saya pun nak cantik macam dr gak.

  13. Doc,nak tanye..little B skrg fully bf? or campur dgn formula.klu campur boleh share susu formula ape die minum?

  14. I had worst morning sickness during my 3rd pregnancy, no apetite to eat but my hubby forced me to eat at least dates cause it has high nutrients. Kalau doc, takde selera, telan je 3 biji kurma…good enough for the baby and doc. My 3rd baby weight at 3.8kg when born. Alhamdulillah. Power of kurma I guess..

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