B’s Latest Hobby..

Bella has developed new interest recently.. and that is “drawing” (nicely put there, huh!!) In adult world, it’s called “menyonteng”!! Hehe..

She’s slowly learning how to hold a marker pen.. and not to draw on her own body!!

Yes, I found out she’s quite concerned when she accidentally conteng on her hands or tummy.. Quite a neat-freak!!

We got her a non-toxic and washable marker from Toy’r’us.. quite cool with rounded point, easy for toddlers to hold and draw..

So far, the only color that she able to pronounce is blue.. and that comes out as “buuu”. That will do for now, B😉

Has she ‘draw’ on the wall, yet??

Yes, she did!! Hahah.. Takpe lar.. I’m sure more to come and I must get use to it!!😀