The Big Bad Wolf ~ Biggest Book Sale!!

Homaigawd!!! We just got back from the Big Bad Wolf book sale at The Mines.. and the crowd is madness!!

Today is the last day and as usual, we Malaysians just love last minute shopping!! Haha..Check out the huge hall and the queue at the cashier.. I think they have more that 10 cashier counter opened for the visitors. Im so proud knowing that we have a huge crowd of reading society!!

What did we buy? Books for Bella.. of course.. Those are the ones with huge fonts and lots of pictures..

And some for mommy..

Yes, I  bought cook books!! Hahahha.. We’ll see how long I can finish reading these books!!

Maybe some cooking experiment during maternity leave?? 😉

Unfortunately daddy couldnt find the books that he wanted… Haih…

Anyway, we had fun!! New books to read for Bella tonight!! Yay!!

21 thoughts on “The Big Bad Wolf ~ Biggest Book Sale!!

  1. banyaknye buku..bgus bella bace bku..nanti leh cte kat mum n dad bout story in the book..tomey bella..:)

  2. hmm..pergi sana awal event hari tu…pilih-pilih buku..susun letak tepi dulu sementara nk pilih yang lain…siap memilih…tengok2 buku yang dipilih awal2 tu dah hilang…kecewa dengan manners rakyat malaysia yang tak reti nak hormat barang orang lain…

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