Durian Feast!!

Guess what we did today???

Clue: …..

We went to Durian Feast at R&R Jejantas Sg Buloh!! Hahahah..

It was only for RM 12 per person, all you can eat local fruits buffet!! There were durians, mangosteen, rambutan, langsat for you to eat!! Heaven!

They have this event for two days, yesterday and today. Whoever gets the chance to stop by at R&R Jejantas Sg Buloh should drop by and belasah durian!!😉

This pakcik so semangat bukak kan durian for us!!

And thats our happy face dapat makan durian, Bella was a bit quiet coz it was almost her afternoon nap time.

Until she gets to taste the durian.. then only she makes noise!! Hahaha..

Sugar rush!!

Now we are back at home, kepanasan and pening kepala coz we ate too much!! Did we regret it? Urrmmm.. nope!