We Are Back (for good)!!

After so long disappearing due to some logistic and domestic issues.. Hehe.. BarelySupermommy is back! Will definitely update you on our experiences in Mecca!! And I have upgraded my blog, so now I can upload videos into the blog!! Yay me!! For those who misses little Bella.. here she is!! Sorry about the quality of the video. I have no idea how to edit all this stuff.. haih.. Anyway, enjoy!

P/s: Until now Lil B still can’t pronounce ‘banana’ properly.. but we know for sure.. ‘nana’ is ‘banana’ πŸ™‚

54 thoughts on “We Are Back (for good)!!

  1. Bella is so adorable. ! take care of yourself and the baby, doc. πŸ™‚ can’t wait to see your second child. hee

  2. alololo…chumel sgt bella…i always adore little gurl..my own…somebody else’s…they r jez so cute n adorable lah..kan…rasa nak ciom2 jerr..da la pelat lg..pandaila buat mimik muka…grmnyaaaa

  3. DR. Can you p/s make more video about little B . She is so cute and adorable ..
    we gonna miss her ..hope you don’t mind πŸ™‚

  4. Salam, rindunya dengan tuan punya blog dan Bella ni. Awat lama menyepi.Alahai Bella ada lesung pipit yerr. Tomei tullllll. Gewammmmmm.

  5. oh lil bella.it seems to be u have an eyebag. bella besar nanti be gud gurl ok.
    Cc: Dr halina.u looks good in hijab. adorable mommy,adorable daughter.

  6. yeahhh..lil Bella is veryyyyy cute..plus sweet..and adorable…I hope she will be pretty like her mother when she grow up later…..and she is soooo talkative….and smart also..

  7. Hello dr, perhaps u can provide some tips on how to handle second pregnancy with an active toddler? I just lost my new babies (twins) im not sure was it because of me being too active or any other reason during the pregnancy.

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