Oven-baked Potato Wedges

I just finished making home-made oven-baked potato wedges for Bella. I know it is so much easier to just buy french fries from McD and feed B but all this MSG and stuff.. haih.. Tak elok lar..

So, found this super easy recipe on the internet to make my own fries.. and gave it a try..

You only need: russet potato, salt, garlic powder, black pepper, cloves of garlic, olive oil and paprika (optional, but no paprika for B!)

Step 1: Cut cloves of garlic into slices. Heat up olive oil and stir garlic until the oil is infused with garlic smell (sehingga naik baunya bak kata orang Melayu..). Then filter out the garlic (yes, you only take the olive oil!)

Step 2: Cut the russet potato into wedge shape, and steam it for 5-10mins. (Russet potato soften very fast as compared to our local potato)

Step 3: Pre-heat oven to 220’C

Step 4: Mix the garlic-infused olive oil (step 1) with a pinch of salt, black pepper, garlic powder (and paprika if you want) in a mixing bowl. Add the steam wedges and toss well to coat (this is where you can control the amount of olive oil you put..)

Step 5: Bake in the over for 30-40mins at 220’C or until it turns golden brown. You can flip halfway through baking to even browning.

Taddaaa.. siap! I didnt wait until it really turns golden brown because I’m not good in adjusting the heat.. Nanti hangs, terus keras and B can’t eat.. Hahaha.. Ni pun okay dah, I can taste the garlic with a hint of black pepper. And B loves it! Yay!

P/s: That portion is for B, mommy ate the rest of it! 😀

31 thoughts on “Oven-baked Potato Wedges

  1. buat bnyk lebihan for mommy ye…hehehehe..thank you for sharing..will try it soon for myself..nanti je for my ms Hana..

  2. Russet potato tu type of potatoes… Mcm ubi…D ubi kayu ubi keledek…ubi bla bla…sama lah Mcm potato…. Russet potato tu ad je jual kat Carrefour or mana mana pasaraya… And I didn’t know we grow potatoes in Malaysia… When u said local…I was amazed… Aren’t all potatoes imported especially from Australia… 😉 but the wedges are tasty…thanks for the tips

  3. nampak sedap la… Dr. , bella dah bleh mkn black pepper ker? bb sy br 11 bulan black pepper n salt tuh dah boleh makan ker?….

  4. Looks yummy..tp salt dh blh bg ke? From my readings byk yg ckp garam n gula x perlu lg utk baby below 2yrs old n sy mmg x bg garam or gula dlm my baby food..apa pndpt doc as a doc..appreciate if u could share your thoughts..tq =)

  5. Dr Halina, thanks for sharing the recipe!. I baked the potatoes for my family and they said the wedges taste yummy esp when they ate them, the potatoes were soft inside.

  6. Salam Dr, hmmm…. sedapnya….

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