Will & Kate

Gosh.. when my husband asked me the other day.. “Wanna go see Kate Middleton?”

I immediately squeaked like a little girl, “Naaakkkkkkk”. Hehe..

We were at Istana Negara just now for a royal dinner celebrating Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Malaysia. Not that we get to see them up, close and personal, but they were walking about 5 meters away from me!! That’s close enough, or I’ll get star-struck!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok, I’m not so into Prince William (anymore.. since he loss his hair!) but there’s something about The Duchess herself. She is just nice to look at.. In real life, both of them are so tall.. William probably more than 6ft, coz he’s taller than my husband and Kate is slightly shorter than him..and that is super tall compared to average Malaysians. And Kate is so skinny, “Hello woman, put some weight lar.. how to get pregnant??” and that spells J.E.A.L.O.U.S!!ย 

Here’s me behaving like a 12 year old kid seeing her favorite popstar.. And thanks to my husband who is so supportive memalukan diri to take my picture. There’s Kate Middleton talking to our Queen and in front of her in her husband.. Prince William!!

You know what my husband said.. “Every women loves Kate Middleton because she lives the fairytale life that you all women want.. to marry a prince!!”

Haha.. kantoi!!

80 thoughts on “Will & Kate

  1. gosh dr…i naaakk sgt tgk this couple for real sampaikan sempat berangan kalau lah they all blh hadir majlis open house i this coming saturday..hahah..mmg minat sgt they all and od courseatas reason yg kantoi itu lah..hehe
    tp bila baca yg dr dh jumpa td n u describes just the way that i wud act feel also..rasa mcm i tumpang jumpa jgk dah…puas ati la jugak kan…haha..u r always funny!! kate is terribly skinny but so cantekk..wargh!

    1. i feel same way..ahaha even x dpt jumpa tpi look at this pic i rasa mcm dekat je dgn kate..ahaha..thanks Dr Halina..

  2. Doctor, u r so cute for behaving like a teen seeing a popstar! That is one concrete proof that u are still young, well maybe not at age but at heart! N u r so lucky for having a sporting hubby like Dr SMS to capture your pic! hehe. It is so true dat we all girls wanna live a fairytale life juz like Kate do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hahha,,just laugh with my all sibling when we read yr blog in your “nada” baca skali tu! When u type “!!!!!!” then our nada is change like “!!!!!” also, u know rite dr?!;) , so cuteeeee la dr halina ni!!!! But really upset, yr blog always shorter than we expect, bace sket scroll byk kli kat bwh, eh habis da ke entry ni.. Always keciwa n mbawa hati yg lara.! Hehe.

    1. totally agree withu nasuha..i wish la byk skit entry untk dibaca ..sbb dri situ i get a lot of the information , knowledge, been sharing wht we feel .

  4. Wahhhh! Terujaaa nyerr tgk gambo doc halina nie… Tp ur story mmg mencuit hati bila baca, nk tergelak pun adaaa dh ni…kalu kami ditmpt doc halina, perasan seronok tu sama tambah2 dpt tgk Pasangan diraja yg paling glamor diduniaa hehehehe

  5. hehehe,,klaka la “Hereโ€™s me behaving like a 12 year old kid seeing her favorite popstar”..ada la sikit2..kikiki..

  6. hehehe u so cute..taking pic like that..like u having fun at there…yes u mus isnt..sape tak happy dpt jumpe duke & duchess of cambridge secara dekat2 lagi kot..heheh

  7. haha… i am totally agree, the fairytale life, what every women always daydream… but she herself has some kind of aura that could attract people to know more about her. similar to the late princess diana. anyway, she is the women next to the prince, for sure she has something special in herself. behind a success man, is a women. =) like you and your husband. =)

  8. bestnyer Dr!!!! dpt jmpe kate & will live….. lawak betul statement Dr sheikh..hahaha.. xtually doc, u also the lucky one lahh..get married with angkasawan that all ladies want too..:P hehe

    1. betul tu! (tukang sokong) hehehe ๐Ÿ™‚ i think dalam malaysia ni Dr paling lucky (katogori wanita) kalau katogori lelaki; Datuk K yg paling lucky.. hehe.. (sori keluar tajuk pulak)

  9. semalam tengok kisah pasal diorang kat true hollywood stories pun dah tersenyum-senyum sendiri..hahaha
    saya bukan tengok kate pun, saya tengok pipi sis lina yang makin bambam..jangan marah haa

  10. โ€œEvery women loves Kate Middleton because she lives the fairytale life that you all women want.. to marry a prince!!โ€

    SO TRUE ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. โ€œEvery women loves Kate Middleton because she lives the fairytale life that you all women want.. to marry a prince!!โ€

    naa….loves Dr.Halina more…she lives a real life that maybe a lot of women want… =)

  12. Teruja tgk Kate & William..tapi..tgk gambar Dr Halina..dan baca blog lagi best…Tak dinafikan Kate cantik..tapi apa kurangnya Dr Halina?

  13. you know what? U live a fairytale life..u married Dr Sheikh!!!! the handsomest (hehehe) human being in Malaysia !! hahahaha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. hahaha… i read every bit of the words…hahaha so very correct….. how we gals wish jadi princess hahahahahaha….. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. hahahaha..so funny! sakit perut lepas lunch baca entry kali ni.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m working at KLCC building..sempat td tgk “rombongan” Kate & Will dr jauh jer.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  16. If I were in your shoes, I would have done that too. wheeeee!!! hehehehe. *excited mode* I totally agree that the both Will & Kate are taller than the average Asians. The only fact that Will’s loss hair.. i guess he inherited frm the royal family. I still remember I got an invitation & have the chance to meet Will’s uncle Prince Andrew personally during his visit to SG 11 years back . Got the chance to capture few photos with him. :)) Prince Andrew himself has loss hair. lol!! Mcm mana i tahu? During the photo session and I was standing behind Prince Andrew who was sitting down realising that the loss hair at the same spot similar to Will. hahahahah..
    Cute ar Dr. Halina. Kan da kena kantoi dgn yr hubby. Anyway it’s has always been every woman’s dream to live like a ‘ tai-tai’ in the ivory tower kan. Setuju tak?

    1. everyone does that.. except that she’s married to a prince, thats why ppl make a big deal out of it. let her be.. she will never get away from those paparazzi. poor kate cant even enjoy her married life with husband..

  17. Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah dah cuba memakai tudung. Semua terus memperbaiki diri dgn menutup aurat dgn cara Islam yg sebenar. InsyaAllah.

  18. wish i can see them too! and yes, same good reason..yg kantoi tu lah minat kate sangat but kurang minat with william afta kehilangan rambutnya tu..hahaha..

  19. ehehehe i ade kat sini…that time Tuanku n dutch dah nak sampai…then Datuk n Datin bangun then pergi kat pintu…in my thought ‘alamak!! mane dowang nak pergi ni…Tuanku dah nak sampai” rupenye nak tangkap gambar…naseb baik DSM n Dr Harlina…kalo org lain saye dah suruh duduk balik kat tpt…ehehehehe…

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