Mommy Needs To Shop!




Im currently at 16 weeks pregnant right now.. and officially off from my regular pants! Haha.. It’s getting tighter I can barely breathe.. Fuuhh..

So I went to search for my old maternity pants that I dumped at the back of my wardrobe closet.. Guess what?!!

Most of it are too loose for me because I over-stretched it towards the end of my previous pregnancy.. Hehe.. On the other hand, I feel quite happy because I can shop some more!! Yay!!

So, here I am, just got back from my favourite maternity house.. It’s called Spring in Bangsar Village II. They have the nicest maternity clothes I have ever found.. and acceptably fashionable too! Except that I had very little time just now because my husband kept looking at his watch like there was a time bomb gonna explode πŸ˜€ Tak sempat I nak merapu-rapu. Definitely gonna come again and try a few more outfit πŸ˜‰

And check out my lil B, super hyper before going to bed. Sugar rush probably.. My bad πŸ˜‰

27 thoughts on “Mommy Needs To Shop!

  1. wahhh so happy you mummy bella. i know shopping means a lot to every girls. btw who is jiddah?? u keep mentioning bout it lately. it was a place or person?

  2. Owhh, jiddah is grandma. btw, congrates Dr. I hope the your upcoming baby will be a boy. *boleh jadi body guard untuk bella, so Dr. tak perlu buy another shirt of “If you think I am pretty, see my mom” hehe. πŸ™‚

  3. Setiap kekurangan adalah peluang. haha. Kekurangan baju-bajan yang sesuai adalah peluang bersoping. on the other hand, rezeki untuk Spring in Bangsar.

  4. I dh 15weeks tp still able to wear my jeans n regular pants. This is my 1st pregnancy. Hrp my baby mbesar dgn normal n sihat. Smga Doc n baby pn sntsa sht. Amin…

    1. kata org, 1st pregnancy boyot tu ssh nk nampak..sbb perut masih kemas depends on body msg2 jgk kan? saya pon sama dr.halina..16weeks..ade yg ckp dh nmpk, ade yg ckp long as perut makin membesar, brt makin naik, i guess ok la tu..InsyaAllah..

  5. Marhaba Dr. Halina,

    Have you tried Dynas maternity wear? Nampak sangat selesa and chic too! Located at The Curve Damansara…

  6. Doc, can u make an entry about your feelings during Dr Sheikh’s rocket launching and everything. I’m curious to know about that hehe. If it’s not something personal for you to share la πŸ™‚

  7. Saya pun skrg pregnant 16weeks..dulu 1st pregnant perut 7bln pun org xtau kite pregnant…skrg baru 16weeks perut dh mcm 6mth..huhuhuhu….x sabar nk tau 2nd baby ni boy ke girl..hihihihi…

  8. hi there!

    was just blog hopping and saw your post.. first of all, just wanted to congratulate you on your preganancy..! hope everything is going smoothly.. secondly, just wanted to let you know that we do stock some maternal love items (similar items to what spring maternity carries). so if you’re ever out of time to shop and pamper yourself, do come and visit us yea?

    take care! =)

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