2 Syawal 1433H









How’s hari raya treating everybody? We had fun celebrating raya in both our parents places and collecting duit raya for Bella! Hehe.. But I’m more excited to tell you what we did on second raya day.. By the second day, we are already back in KL.. and decided to bring the kids for a tour at Zoo Negara!! Hahah.. We went there with my husband’s brother family, who has 2 toddlers, 5 and almost-2 year old children, another nephew, who’s 8 years old and Bella. All that sums up to 3 toddlers in strollers and a superactive kid who always run around.. My God!! Hahaha..

Bella loves animal. I remember the first time she saw a cat, she bravely pulled the cat’s ears and tried to hug the cat.

Lucky the cat didn’t scratch her.. Poor cat, she was traumatized with Bella, and since then, she ran away whenever she sees Bella.. Haha..


B’s first time seeing an elephant.. her eyes became so bulat and she said “wooooooo” . Must be really impressed with the size of the elephant!!

She keeps knocking the aquarium and screaming.. probably wanting to go inside it to play with the fish! 

All and all, we had fun.. and crazy tried running around carrying and running after these kids..


13 thoughts on “2 Syawal 1433H

  1. Selamat Hari raya Dr Halina n family 🙂
    Bella, nanti datang melawat Zoo Taiping pulak tau. Kat sini, ada tasik yang cantik tmpt shooting Sepi, n makanan sedap2 🙂

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