Over Protective Dad!

Just now we went shopping to look for Bella’s kasut and handbag raya!! πŸ˜€ Yes, she will need a tiny sling bag to collect her duit raya!

I just think it’s more fashionable to see her walk around with a cute little sling bag and baju kurung. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find any bags that is small enough for a one year old toddler. Β Hmmm.. maybe a one year old toddler doesn’t carry a bag.. Hahaha..

But I found this..

AWESOME!!! Terpaksa beli!! πŸ˜€ Then my husband said he found something better.. I was curious..

What’s better than my orange shirt??!!

Check this out!!


Ok!! Hands down.. daddy wins!! Hahahaha.. Thats why people say.. a father will always be protective over his little girl!!

37 thoughts on “Over Protective Dad!

  1. Salam Dr, ala ciannya Bella x dapat beg tangannya. “Apa la daddy ni 30thn mana aci. Daddy date dengan Mummny dulu masa umur Mummy berapa yekK?” kata Bella nanti. Kak Rina.

  2. saya suka tengok baju budak kecik sekarang..ayat2 kat baju ade yang sweet ade yang kelakar..macam baju my cousin “smart like daddy sweet like mummy”..btw selamat berpuasa & selamat menyambut aidilfitri to dr. harlina, dr. sms & our super duper cute kakak to be bella πŸ™‚

  3. heheh…comel kan kalau bela bawak sling bag collect duit raya..thinking of to buy 1 for my doter as well…o
    cute tshirt !! selamat hari raya aidilfitri to dr. shaikh, dr. harlina n bella the kakak to be..maaf zahir batin

  4. jangan mummy ngan daddy lak gaduh nak beli nak tengok t shirt mana senang..kalau bella dah faham besar sikit nanti,mesti dia gelak je tengok2 naju dia waktu kecik2…hehe

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