B’s 1st Birthday Party at School!

Tomorrow, July 21 is B’s first birthday!! How time flies… She has grown up so quickly, and we tried very hard not to miss her first smile.. first word.. first step..

We have thousands of B’s pictures and videos just to capture all this precious moment. I believe many of you out there feels the same way too.

Today, Bella celebrated her first birthday with her friends at school. We celebrated earlier because her birthday falls on Saturday, no school on Saturday meh.. Nope, mommy and daddy wasn’t there. Only the kids!!

Can you imagine??!! We are not invited to her first party ever!! Hahahha..

But she had a blast at school!!

That’s B with her first birthday cake!! Yup, Red Angry Bird!! Hahahha.. We just thought it’s a nice decor, so we choose that cake πŸ˜€

Is she wishing for a big present?


Here’s Bella’s classmate.. all tiny little kids sitting together. So adorable! Thanks to B’s teacher who who help us with the small party and taking the pictures..

Happy 1st Birthday Sophea Isabella Β XOXO

49 thoughts on “B’s 1st Birthday Party at School!

  1. cute nye bella!.. happy birthday bella n to my lil prince to..;) tp jatuh pd 27 july. i pon bt brthdy party awal coz DOB ny jatuh bulan Ramdhan.. simple party! ;). birthday cake pon sama jgak masa i bt brthdy party my son.. hihihi.. myb sbb decor nye yg mncuit hati ibu2. knnnnn

  2. Salam Sis, I’m from Singapore and i Luv all your blogs about Princess B…She is so adorable…Happy 1st Birthday to her dan Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa to u n hubby…

  3. Salam buat Datin and Baby B!!!
    Happy Birthday Comelllll πŸ™‚ Aunty Ela lupa bday Baby falls on first day ramadhan..I kept asking your mommy bila nak buat bday Baby B..since last year! My bad xtgk calender! Anyway, semoga Baby B membesar dlm keadaan yg serba ada InsyaAllah dipermudahkan segala urusan ibu dan ayah besarkan Baby B.Perhaps your 2nd year bday nanti company kecik Aunty ni blh sponsor Baby B! Kita buat kat Zoo! πŸ˜‰ Hehe! (Mode:Berangan) Salam for u Dr.H! Stay fabulous and gorgeous coz that’s what u r. Love,Ela

  4. happy belated birthday beloved sophea isabella … huhu dah baca dr entry on friday nak wish cam awal lagi, tiba hari sabtu terlupa lak, hari ni baru teringat ..Bella buat birthday party mommy & daddy not around? isk isk isk so proud bella is so independent baby at 1 years old, Dr tak buat celebration ngan family members & friends ke?
    so proud to see Dr dah train bella to school, u tak amik maid ..semoga bella menjadi anak solehah .. emm i dah lama nak cakap this though it’s too late , congrat Dr dah berhijab skg,u look lovely , i pun baru je berhijrah ramadhan last year ..Dr beli tudung kat sugarscarff yeaa, i ada beli sehelai sangat best kan material dia … selamat berpuasa dr..

  5. Assalamualaikum lil’ B and of coz for the Dr. Mommy too..its my 1st time here:)

    Well, saje je nak share, last year we had the same month of delivering.hehe..
    my expecting date supposedly on 20th July 2012 but but but..my baby Dhia Medina tak ready nak keluar lagi..
    Mase i dengar2 mcm2 story keluar pasal u dah bersalin i macam stress la, boleh?hehe..sebab wondering y my baby tak nak keluar2 lagi..lepas tu mcm excited la nk dgr update news from Moms to be on July kan. so with my other two girlfriend yg due on July jugak..but at that time, diorang dah awal2 bersalin both on 22nd July.

    Tunggu punye tunggu, at last, 27th July 2011 baru la die nak keluar:)

    Tapi, boleh tak kalau Dr. boleh tlg jawab lah, is it normal my baby nak reach her 1year old this Friday, tapi tak tumbuh2 gigi lagi..yes i saw la putih2 mmg dah nak keluar la. but just curious la.:)


    Happy Belated Birthday Lil B, May Allah bless u:)

  6. Salam Dr, happy belated bday Bella. Semuga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. Nampak dia happy sangat. Especially bila dia angkat tangan tu. Comel sungguh. Agaknya apa lah dalam hati dia berkata ya. Maybe “Yeyy saya dah 1 tahun dan dah boleh jadi kakak pas ni boleh tolong Mummy masak”. Kak Rina

  7. Helo Dr.H & baby bella..bella, me oso born on 21st July..samalahhh!!!…hope baby bella maintain cute & sihat2 sllu..

  8. lmbtnye sy…ehehe…anyway…sukanya tengok picts bella..especially yg first n last pict tu…^^.,,happy birthday bella!

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