B’s Fav Spot..

Dear mommies,

Thank you for the ever flowing info in my previous entry.. I guess everyone has their own story why they choose their favourite formula milk.. Thank you again πŸ™‚

I just wanna share with you B’s favourite spot in the house right now.. It’s next to the tv rack.. I had to remove my stuff inside there coz she keeps going in and out.. She loves to see sooo many little B in the mirror.. Hahaha..

47 thoughts on “B’s Fav Spot..

  1. Untung bella hanya melihat shj d cermin, andaikan bella ketuk2 cermin sampai pecah.. Konpom haru biru d buatnya… Cute lor :))

  2. Bella very curious lah…. Cute Nya tengok dia main keluar masuk dlm almari, dia suka kot tengok image dia kat cermin ramai gitu!

  3. Bella probably thought that her friends are inside the cupboard that’s why she keep in n out there…. so funny when we thought about how they think… :)… Bella is curious…

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