Bella Balik Kampung…

Yes Bella is away from us now.. she’s in Seremban with her mamatok and babatok for the school holiday!! Not for long, only 3 days πŸ™‚ She left us yesterday and insyaAllah coming back to KL tomorrow. As hard as it is for us, it’s good for her to learn to adapt in different environment..

Our house is so quiet right now, just me and hubby watching our fish in the aquarium..

41 thoughts on “Bella Balik Kampung…

  1. sigh… n bella will be one in a month or so…. enjoy the peace for mommy and daddy time… lepas balik for all you know, another bun in the oven πŸ˜‰

  2. dr,i would like to suggest,why don’t you use this time(without bella at home),to give a new brother/sister to bella…heeeee=)..just kidding….:p

  3. boleh la honeymoon dah bella takde…tambah lagi sorang.datuk kan nak 10..huhuhu…just kidding.. πŸ™‚

  4. yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..bella go holiday………………………………bye bye mommy daddy……………

      1. She still does.. I gave frozen breast milk to my mom so she can just warm it up..

      1. bestnyer banyak stock.. myself, once da start kerja with all the meetings and datelines and not forgetting stress, milk production decreased.. my first son, i managed full 6 months BF n campur with formula till 1 y.o.. second last five months jeks.. pastuh dah full formula till now.. sedey nye… u still express BM masa keje ker?

  5. wah..kagumnya dgn bella. dh mcm budak besar la.. n kagum juga dgn both of u, (mommy n daddy Bella), the way u treat her is really amazing! don’t forget to share tips with us!

  6. dia x ngs ke ble tido umah atuk dia?? my daughter x boleh tido dgn org lain.. mesti nk me or my hubby ade.. br dia tido.. i pernah htr my daughter tido umah my sis since cousins dia sme ade.. tp mlm dia ngs.. so midnight pon, ktorg gi amik dia from my sis house..

  7. Salam Dr, Bella balik kg ? Kira Mama and Daddy jadi pengantin baru la ni. Sure Bella dapat adik tahun depan he he he.

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