B’s First Haircut..

We just got back from B’s music class and her first haircut!! Yay!! Not easy… it’s almost impossible to get her to sit quietly.. Only in my dreams!!

We found this place, that has toy cars to attract babies and toddlers.. I thought B will be excited..!

But not for long.. within 10 seconds, she became restless and wanting something new to distract her..

One after another..

Not easy.. not easy..

Fuhh.. lucky she doesnt have lots of hair like Rapunzel..

28 thoughts on “B’s First Haircut..

  1. Hai Dr…..
    Love this entry…

    I like the first pic…. Bella had that naughty look….. ee…. geram!!
    The last pic, the guy mcm dah tak sabar dah nak habiskan menggunting rambut bella….. hehehehe…..

    Anyway, where is Bella’s new hairstyle??…. mommy should post it in here la mommy…..

  2. doc…where’s Bella’s new look pic??? 😦
    anyway…Bella looks such a cute & good girl =)…

  3. baiknya Bella..my baby dah 2x bw g saloon but baru duduk kat kerusi dah melalak..since then, his dad yg gunting rmbt smpi skng..jimat duwet..ehehehe

  4. Hannah skipped her music class today since mama is not well.. B must be enjoying her music class n haircut session today.. Post B new look datin.. Can’t wait to meet her in next music class

  5. x sangka ada salon spesel utk babies ye…and bella mmg lucky dapat merasa kena gunting rambut sambil dok lam toy car..hehehe

  6. Haha..very funny that she doesnt hv long hair like rapunzel..my son never made it to hv a proper hair cut until now…so i just cantas his hair n end up like a tempurung style hehe..

  7. anak saya tak pernah bawa gunting rambut kat kedai..baru tunjuk kedai gunting jer dia dah melalak..belum masuk lagi. dari kecik sampai dah nak masuk 4 tahun nie, mama dan tok mak jer yang guntingkan rambut…itu pun hazab..hehehhe

  8. cumelnye..siap kena naik car lg..doc harlina, barber tuk rambut my baby saya sendiri…hikhik..bila ibu dia potong rambut confirm la senget-senget kan…xpe, pesen k-pop

  9. Doc,

    where is the salon?? my boy also have prob if i want to cut his hair.. now, still searching any salon which is provide toys seat or toys car seat..

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