Real Swimming Lesson Here!!

Hey mommies!!

Did you watch Nona last Sunday? There was a segment on teaching Bella how to swim.. Whoever missed it can watch it on TontonTV. Its from Nona Episode 21 πŸ™‚ I still get a lot of questions on how to teach your baby to swim. So here I put it down in written.. well, not me actually. This was written by Bella’s daddy. I guess he is my guest blogger now!! Hehehhe.. I just inserted pictures in between it πŸ˜€

So, here you go..

“Teaching your babies how to swim ….

Babies stayed for 9 months in the mother’s womb filled with water ( amniotic fluid ) , hence its only naturalΒ  that babies will feel at home when they are being brought back to the water environment . Its important to teach babies how to swim at an early age . In fact the earler the better for them . Babies are born genius and they can adapt very well to their surroundings .

But why do we teach our baby Isabella to swim at a very early age ? Many parents out there worry that they might drown or gulp plenty of water which can be dangerous .Β Β  There’s no doubt that you cant simply throw the babies into the pool and expect them to float by themselves . You need to know the technique on how to do it .

Here are some tips on how we teach Bella how to swim and dive underwater at the age of 6 months .

We started Bella at the age of one month starting in the bathtub . We filled the bathtub with water till it reaches upto the face covering both her ears while we lay down Bella and stabilize the neck to prevent her from swallowing any water . The idea is to make the baby comfortable in the water .

Once Bella is comfortable which lasted for 2 weeks , we decided to go to the next step. We give Bella an instruction β€œ Bella , Ready , Go ! β€œ and we pour water with a cup of water onto her head and flowing down on her face . By doing this , the baby would start to know when to hold her breath . There are times when water goes into her mouth and the babies will start coughing . Stop for a while until they become comfortable again . We did this everytime its bathtime for Bella and that means 5-10 times of pouring the cup of water per session three times per day . The purpose is to teach Bella to hold her breath each time she heard our instructions β€œ Bella , Ready Go ! β€œ .

By the time Bella is 4 months we knew she was ready to go into the pool .

Bella loved the water as she had waterbirth . This eases our process to introduce her into the pool. Make sure the temperature of water is right . Wear a thermal cloth if necessary . If the baby is comfortable and not showing any signs of stress like crying , you can start the next step.

By saying out loud β€œ Bella Ready Go ! β€œ bring the baby underwater for a short duration .

As time goes by , you can increase them to 3 secs , 5 secs even upto 10 secs as how Bella is able to do now . But remember !Β  Safety to the baby is the top priority .Β  And never leave the baby alone unguarded or unsupervised …..Β 

Starting to teach the baby to swim has many advantages . It increases muscle tone, , bone development and even IQ ! Most importantly it might help the child to save their own lives or others in the future .

Best of luck on your babies .

And remember … its never too late to teach your child on how to swim”

So, that’s from little B’s daddy…

While at the pool phase, we called up a professional coach to teach Bella since mommy is like a chicken in the water. Hhahaha.. To be honest, I was worried to put her underwater and daddy can’t be doing it alone. So, we decided to hire someone to teach Bella with daddy. That’s where Albert, Bella’s coach came in the picture. Now Bella is doing great underwater.

77 thoughts on “Real Swimming Lesson Here!!

  1. yes…bella really is a great baby, wish u many luck in the coming years ‘bella’, ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’. GOOD JOB BELLA!

  2. masyaallah…Alhamdulillah..Allah kurniakan dirimu,suami yang hebat bersama dengan anak yang hebat..sesuai dengan isteri yang hebat…Peliharalah amal dan iman mu utk bersama2 insan tersayang di syurga nanti..~with lots of love.. πŸ™‚

  3. it is amazing to see bella can swim…. Soon nak cuba ajar kt my daughter pulak.insyaallah

  4. yeah…me also tak sempat tgk NONa that day, nasib ada tonton. Dr, it is amazing tgk Bella really can swim with her daddy…..

  5. and not to forget, it’s part of Sunnah Rasulullah S.A.W too.
    good job to both of u!
    insyaallah, i’ll start to teach my daughter soon.
    thanks for inspiring me B-)

  6. yeahh!! i watch Nona last week….im feel proud for Bella indeed! πŸ™‚
    hope Bella’s mommy can do so too….hehehhee……

  7. “since mommy is like a chicken in the water.. ” haha this line is so funny but kinda cute for me.

  8. me & my children couldn’t wait to see the segment last Sunday, we follow your blog silently! this time it started to ‘talk’

  9. doc,
    air tak masuk dlm telinga baby ke?i takut betul klu air masuk dlm boy sebaya dgn Bella.

    1. i siap tggu nk tgk nona ngn kengkawan kt opis ok..haha
      bella mesti gelak2 bila tgk daddy dia ckp..hehee πŸ˜‰

  10. dr.halina………SAYA NAK JADI ANAK DR BOLEH??? >_<

    Bertuah btol jd bella….
    isteri hebat untuk suami yg hebat..anak hebat daripada ibubapa yg hebat!!!
    Teruskan mjadi org yg hebat sbb sangat mbantu kami utk mjadi hebat mcm dr satu family…love u dr!

  11. OMG…I am so impressed with your daughter!!! How lah I can get my daughter to swim like urs *Dreaming*…Hehehe…

    Congrates Bella!! You swim like a pro lah in that picture with ur daddy! aduh..Bestnya!

    By the way, all Mummies out there. Please check out this blog of mine and do follow yeh! I would love to know all of you and be online friend. We could change stories and experience too. =)

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    3) —> New Kaftan & Jubah for Hari Raya.

    Have a nice day to all of you.

  12. Salam super mommy…u inspiring me.:) I will teach my child in future! Swimming is a very good hoobby! I love it too…. Btw, just wanna share this blog with super mommy. Masa baca entry Dr kali ni, I teringat my other favourite blog by Lina Karim. She teach quran to her children from baby. Thanks 4 sharing ur daily parenting skill! May ALLAH bless U.;)

  13. I tgk Nona that day..sgt kagum dgn baby B..
    bestnya kalau dapat ajar my kids swimming as early as hubby tak caya…
    terlopong dia tgk baby B dive..gud job gal!!

  14. I wish I could learn swimming earlier. Until I almost drowned during white water rafting trip, I decided to learn swimming seriously at the age of 24. Ruginya tak belajari awal2. So good job bella.

  15. i ada tengok..sangat teruja tengok bella…and dr. halina still cantik jer…dr pun ada tangkap gambar dengan bella kan underwater…nanti tunjuk gambar sekali ok….

  16. Salam, syabas Bella, Bella memang budak yang hebat. Auntie pun nak belajar berenang la lepas ni. Dengan ayah Bella (oops). Tersasul pulak. Bukan2 dengan Bella la. Maaf ya Dr Harlina bergurau aje.

  17. I pun ada tgok nona last week..wahh..very impressive..congrats dr halina & dr SMS!!
    Really admire your style in educating ur little cutest B..

  18. Masya Allah sis Lina, your family really inspired me.
    My friend nak ajar anak dia swim tapi most of the instructor refused to teach kids under 3yrs old.

  19. masyaAllah.. keep up the good work dr..btw, can anyone give me direct link to watch bella on tontontv? i cant seems to find it.. 😦

    1. You can try Search for a programme called Nona. Look for episode 21.. Bella was the final slot in the show πŸ™‚

  20. Kalau kat US, benda ni da biasa..cuma kita di Malaysia rasa mcm berenang di usia sgt muda dilihat terlalu bahaya, sedangkan ianya lesson yg sangat bagus.
    Cthnya org Bajau Laut pn akan campakkan bayi yang baru lahir ke dalam laut(rumah mereka kebanyakannya di atas air laut) supaya anak2 mereka tak takut dengan air bila meningkat dewasa nnt.

    Btw good job doc!
    #untunglah kamu wahai Bella punya parents seperti mereka!Subhanallah!!Allahuakabar!!

  21. Hi Doc…i wanna ask…baby bella swim in a public pool or do u hv a private pool at ur plc? i wanted to start swimming soon for my 2 mth old baby but i’m not comfortable starting him in a public pool…

    Thanks Doc…

  22. Reblogged this on Juliana Z and commented:
    Sangat-sangat berharap suatu hari nanti anak saya akan jadi macam ni. Sebab saya tak boleh berenang, hanya boleh menyelam. Itulah kelemahan saya. harap-harap anak saya bolehlah tamatkan kemaruk nak berenang saya tu.

  23. mommy bella… i missed the nona last week n cant found the episodes from tontontv. do u mind to share the links with me

  24. drhalina i am so proud of u and bella. watched u on tv9 just now. well done dr & family πŸ™‚

  25. dr halina and dr sheikh muszaphar very good mommy and daddy.And dr sheikh muszaphar for your information you’re are my idol…always SUPPORT And have a great day with your family..- LOVE BELLA-

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  27. Hello there, can I have the trainer number? Im currently searching for infant swimming trainer. To my disappointment, most of the website claimed that they have the program is actually a lie. Some of them even laughed during the conversation. I believe they’re still living in stone age era. So please tell me how can I get the swimming trainer for infant.

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