Chicken, Sweet Potato and Apricot :)

This time I’m gonna share another of B’s favourite food.. As usual, I like to try Annabel Karmel’s recipe. It’s easy to make and super yummy!! πŸ™‚

You gotta have boneless chicken, diced sweet potato, dried apricot, carrot, chicken stock and tomato puree.. Simple and quick.. promised!

First, heat up your cooking olive oil, saute a few slices of onion and boneless chicken until sealed. Then you add your sweet potato with some amount of chicken stock (at least until all your sweet potato and chicken are covered). Add a few slices of dried apricot, tomato puree (secukup rasa) and slices of tomatoes.. Bring to the boil and simmer for 12-15 minutes..

And blend until smooth as you wish πŸ™‚

Look at Bella’s face.. that’s how much she loves this chicken with apricot and sweet potato meal πŸ˜‰

38 thoughts on “Chicken, Sweet Potato and Apricot :)

  1. She very cute… and sit like a boss while knew she will get the tasty cuisine again, Although I still don’t have a baby…. but once I own a baby.. this blog I will do as current refer as a tips for mommy outside here…. (^_^)Y I like ur Blog Dr….

  2. hai baby girl! dah makin besar ye! omg doc.. tak boleh tengok anak dah makin besar, makin pandai buat itu buat ini. tgk bella duk kat kusi mcm tu, tetibe teringat anak sendiri. pastu sayu. haha!

  3. so so so so behave!!hehe. that the sign when they loooove the food. I really want to try it, but no baby yet. what to do??hehe

  4. wahhh , look so interesting. superb yummy i guess. thanx 4 sharing da info Dr. your lil B look so cute . πŸ™‚

  5. OMG..she’s really cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!
    sy belum kawen dan masih belajar, tapi suka sangat baca blog dr.

  6. Jealousnya bila tgk Dr buat special menu utk bella. anak saya dah 6 tahun dan 5 tahun, tak pernah terfikir dulu-dulu nak buat macam ni. balik2 saya kasi bubur nasi, dengan isi ikan dan sedikit bawang putih.

    Rindu nak ada baby, tapi kena rest hingga April 2013 sbb csect masih baru.

  7. my sister add some brokoli into her daughter (8month) meal. (first time having meal with brokoli). on that night baby become more active than usual n refuse to sleep, does brokoli give impact??

  8. Salam, ala tomei, tomei nya dia. Ada iras2 muka dr baby B ni. Nampak sangat dah tak sabar nak makan tu. Rasa nak gigit-gigit aje pipi dia tu. Nak booking jadi menantu la macam ni !! Boleh x Bella.

  9. Alololo…oh, cik husna saya tak macam ni kalau tggu makanan dia..dia siap dongak dan hulur tangan kat atas suruh suap cepat-cepat..hehee..Bella oh bella yang comel

  10. well yeah…bella’s face pretty close now just like her mom. ps: just look how she pose n waiting for food…hahah…so feminine what….selamat makan ya adik bella cayang!

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