What Type of Mommy Are You?

April is almost over.. thank you God!! It has been a busy month for me.. In my department, we either work in the operation theatre (OT) or the intensive care unit (ICU). Im in ICU for this April.. and working in ICU is known to be demanding in terms of working hours and energy spent! Hahaha.. really exhausting but if you asked me.. between OT and ICU, to be honest, I prefer to be in ICU! Don’t ask me why.. It’s just something I enjoy to do despite the heavy workload. It’s like a love-hate relationship I have between me and the ICU.. Hahaha..

Today I wanna write about being a mommy.. not about what I went through but what I wanna be in the future..

Will I be a tiger mom? Yes I have read that book.. “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”. For those who doesn’t know what tiger mom is, it’s the kind of mother that takes childhood seriously.. Childhood is about work now, play later!! A tiger mom takes her kid’s future seriously and won’t let anything get in the way. Tiger mom is very strict with their children.. and won’t take “I can’t” for an answer..

OR will I be a power mom? This kind of mother is into career success.. She’s the type of person who’s very proud of her career and at the same time wishes she could just chill out with other moms. Trying to find balance in both world..

OR a laid-back mom? This type of mom couldn’t care less about success. She’s all about the path of least resistance. If the children want cake, let them have the cake… Whatever.. As long as everyone is happy..

For me, I wanna find balance between all three. I wanna be a hands-on mommy. A kind of person who does homework with their children, teach them ABC, read them storybooks, read the Quraan. I wanna spend time doing their science project together. Go to their sports day event, music class and swimming lesson. I wanna be a friend to my children. They can talk to me about life, school, fashion, the cute boy at school.. whatever they like..

I don’t think I’ll make the cut to be a tiger mom but I am very discipline person myself.  Therefore, I’m definitely not really a laid-back type of mommy. To me, family comes first. Career is important but nothing beats family.

So what type of mommy are you then?

28 thoughts on “What Type of Mommy Are You?

  1. I like when u mentioned about discipline. yes, as a person in the med field of course, discipline is vital. and now coz you’re a mom, that plays a greater role. u have enormous responsibility, what not to achieve the goal of the mom u wanna be. goodluck dr harlina. I am certain that you’ll turn great!!

  2. I’m not a mommy yet but I think I just have to start being discipline myself right in this moment, right now. I’d like to have a successful family in the future so be a multitasker is pretty good I guess..

  3. I’m a tiger mum who is proud of her career as a Work At Home Mum 🙂

    My late mum used soft but firm approach and i think i’m practicing it too.
    Oh no..sekarang dah terbayang diri sendiri besarkan mata n tanya afi KENAPA TAK BOLEH, KENA CUBA BOLEHKAN bila afi cakap “IBU, AFI TAK BOLEH NAK BUAT NI.”

  4. after having a baby and earned few ‘stripes’,tiger mom sounds “so me”..haha!but.. i think hands-on mum is the best..its really mummyish ..=D

  5. its a great and superb entry. u are teaching us(reader) something. and i thought, ur mom also treat u the way u treat ur daughter. keep up the good work doc! looking forward to see wat lil Bell going to be in the future. and i hope, she’ll be as great as her parents. 🙂

  6. i’ve been a mum for 30 years now…my girl is almost 29 n doing her masters in UM while also doing part-time work as a translator/subtitler n my son is doing sales at a game store…i can’t say much abt the three kinds of mum…i guess i’ve been almost three…hehe…no matter…the most important thing is that both my kids have led a good life n now living a good life still…they’re not involved in drugs or anything bad…i am grateful for having two wonderful kids like them both…take care always ok…

  7. I want to be a mom that sees motherhood and being there for my child from the day he is born as a career. Thus ive left my paid job for a non-paying one hoping that it will be profitable in terms of deeds for the afterlife for me and my child. insyaAllah.

  8. I wish i can be the mommy for my kid(s). Still new and always learning. I learn thru experience n reading too. Hopefully i can be a mommy now, and a friend later….

  9. doc. I just finish reading all your entries. happy to read your blog actually as a awesome mother to baby bella. insyaAllah I will always reading your blog and give the best to my baby too…

  10. same like u… for sure not a tiger mom (i once been a tiger teacher but doesn’t work at all), laid back mom?! no no no… the one that’s balance… hands on mummy like u said, coz my sister is hands-on mummy and it’s really worth it (even she’s very busy mummy)…

  11. Salam Dr. Bella is look aloke you now. I love her and i feel that she is very intelligent baby and she is too lucky to have parent like you n Dr SMS,

  12. out of topic.. what a kind of conversations that is often used when u talking / teach Bella on anything? did totally in English..

    1. I just talk to her like she’s an adult.. Tell her stories.. Ask her questions like she’s gonna reply me.. Hahhaa.. Sometimes I think she understood me. Hahahha..

      1. dr the best m0mmy !! i wnt to be like u in future …i wnt u to be my role-model & spermommy !!! that”s great ,..doc ,.(^-^)

  13. Am, mom to two babies. one is my doter who’s going to be 5, soon n a 7-month -bam2- baby- boy, hehe. am a librarian. Am sometimes a tiger mom w my doter, when the kid’s tantrums come, huhu. Always trying to find quality time for her. Before going to sleep, she will demand from me a bed-time story at least the story of the gingerbread man, while both of us will doze off, haha. am considering to work half day next yr, still thinking, as time is precious that they grow up so fast, tt I do wanna miss those early essential yrs, still thinking…:). Btw, i just got to knw abt ur blog, awesome! did try-out some recipes for baby food u wrote. the recipes sounde yummy, n more enticing than any other structured website, hehe. my lil boy loves the chicken dish at the moment, i didnt use the sweet potato, instead i used potato plus brown rice powder n milk, yes he loves it, for sure! Thanx Dr Harlina, xoxo.

  14. hmm.. as a mother.. i’m quite garang.. quite gila2.. actually garang or strict because i want them to be a good child.. kalau nakal mmg kena pukul.. a lesson to be learned.. as a mother we want our kids to be the best.. we hope they will one day.. sometimes your expectation is too much.. haha.. now, i try to relax a bit.. every kid has their own intelligence.. there are 8. i realise my boy is more to an art person, he likes to fold things to something, drawing and very innovative (my office is like tong sampah already since in the morning he will lepak at my room and just imagine how many papers he will use everyday to create his things.. i think let him be what he likes with good guidance from us parents.. he is in standard one now.. kalau dulu2 surely everyone wants their children to be a doctor.. nowadays a bit open.. wateva it is, i’m sure we want the best for our kids..

  15. Totally laid back mom here. For example, my baby is having Open Heart Surgery in one week and I’m in complete denial about it. If my husband were a “mom” he would be the tiger mom to the extreme. I guess we’re a good mix then.

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