Teaching Bella Oral Hygiene

Dear readers,

Bella is 9 month old today.. Hooray!! And she got 6 teeth!! Only God knows how much she loves to bite!! Hahhaha… I’ve been trying to teach her how to brush her teeth since she had her first tooth *obsessive mommy mode* We started with this one..

Thumb in one pocket, and middle finger in one pocket.. It’s not easy to use this at first but after a while, I got used to it.. Then my mom told me to buy ‘real’ toothbrush for baby.. Β When Bella is getting better at holding something (and shoving things into her mouth!), we bought this one..

It comes with set three toothbrushes, the most left is for beginner where usually baby loves to bite and chew whatever things they are holding.. Bella loves to chew this one as compared to the second one.. and the third one is for real brushing works..

I usually let her chew her toothbrush while she’s playing and during her bath time.. and only use the third (real) toothbrush before she goes to sleep. Im just trying to make it a habit for her to brush her teeth at nightΒ (even I know she’ll drink milk until she falls asleep :D) and if you’re wondering, no, I don’t put toothpaste on the toothbrush!

So that’s the story of Bella’s toothbrushes.. Can’t believe I’m writing about this but I guess it’s good to share experience with mommies out there.. If you got any thing to share with us on this serious matter πŸ˜‰ Hahhaha.. You’re more than welcome to write πŸ˜‰

55 thoughts on “Teaching Bella Oral Hygiene

  1. U r such a good mommy doc….obsessive in a good way…masyaAllah….mungkin doc boleh bg bella dgr ayat 2 quran pulak…:) n ajar dy sebut Allah..hehehe..i see a lot of mommies do that….

  2. there is a toothpaste which is organic and is milk based. from guardian. but must be used within a month as cepat kulat. being food based ingredient. FYI dear

      1. Hi , the brand is ‘First Teeth’ kalau c silapnya. Its Milk enzymes + banana & apple. RM 25 a tube. Only available at Guardian and selalu ader under the hanging toothbrushes shelves! Fluoride free too!

  3. my mya zaara same with bella…..21 july…but my daughter xde rambut,blum tumbuh gigi…hisshhhh takut la mama,doktor please advice me anything……

  4. i dulu mula2 beli yg lembut tu..tp lupa nama..brand 1st doctor ke tak sure sgt..then i tukar MAM..1pek tu ada 2pcs..satu yg pendek n satu yg pjg..so, masa ajar dia berus gigi, kira pegang sorang satu la..lps tu memandangkn my baby sgt sukar utk diberus gigi, i tukar ke oral B yg electronic punya..hihihi..i pakai ubat gigi jenama first teeth..safe to swallow tapi i guna lps my baby 1y+++..

  5. saya pernah guna berus lembut jernih yang masuk dalam jari tu. Tapi, ouch! Sakitlah kena gigit bila masukkan berus (berserta jari) dalam mulut dia… πŸ™‚

  6. my muhammad is kust 3 weeks younger than bella. tak banyak bezalah growth dua orang ni. Muhammad dah ada 8 gigi…tak tahan kalau dia menggigit masa bf…rasa nak campak ajerk. hahahha. hhmmm..guna berus gigi yang kita boleh masukkan jari kita kat dalamnya…sama macam berus gigi biasa, tapi instead of batang tu, kita masukkan jari. senang nak control…gerrammm eh tengok bella ni..haaiiipppp

  7. I haven’t married yet, but I love to read Bella’s stories. The swimming part I love most. InsyaAllah when i have babies, i wanna teach them to swim even me, myself can’t swim πŸ™‚

  8. yup…better start awl, klu lambat nnt dia malas nak gosok gigi hehe…my daughter 3yrs old, kene warn xleh mkn aiskrim klu xnak gosok gigi haha x jln…then bwk dia g dentist same for my scaling appt, dia tgk gambar2 gigi rosak trus rajin gosok gigi hihihi…

  9. Muke die cheeky gile..comel anak dara ni..my son br 2bln.haishhh..tau gelak2 n sembang2 j..rambut pon skit j..tp berat!!!aritu p cucuk 2bln,6.5kg already..;) salam utk cik bella..

  10. Hey hi doctor πŸ™‚ just wanna let you know that I’m 17 but then love love love to read bout your baby’s progress. Such an amazing blog! You make me wanna hv my own baby bfr I turned 20! Oopss!

  11. alhamdulillah..you have taught your beautiful daughter since she is small..emm i’m just want to suggest you to refer this blog..this blog is also amazing..maybe you can practice for your daughter…:)…

  12. I used to use the rubber thumb thingy for my baby. Ala lupa plak brand apa. But it supposed to clean the tongue too to la.

    Ada org guna that tooth tissue too. Spiffies is the brand.

  13. i love to read your lovely story doc.. keep it up.. keep writing.. πŸ™‚

    love you love bella too πŸ™‚

  14. Came across your blog and I think that you are doing an amazing job with your girl. And it is wonderful too that you are sharing the things you do with your girl so that other mummies can learn too. Good that you are cultivating the habit of brushing with Bella. And you are right not to use toothpaste. I am sure you know the adverse effects of fluoride. Not advisable to use fluoride toothpaste especially if the babies don’t know how to spit out the water and tend to swallow the water. My son is 5 and he still uses organic toothpaste. His teeth are all healthy and clean :))

  15. Kudos to you for taking the time to share the things you do for your girl. I’m sure many mummies can learn from your blog πŸ˜‰

  16. Btw, it is good that you are cultivating the habit of brushing teeth in Bella. You are right not to use toothpaste, especially the ones that contain fluoride. I am sure you know the adverse effects of fluoride, especially if the children do not know how to spit out the water yet. My son is 5 and still uses organic toothpaste. His teeth are all white and clean πŸ˜€

  17. doc..the best part i can see every step from lahir until now everythngs look manage sgt taw.. mcm mne doc manage smua nie?exmple mcm start bg solid food.. swiming class.. berus gg.. any books for this? or it base on own? or myb u alredy plan ? πŸ™‚

    1. This blog is abt my journey on becoming a mommy, my dear.. I learn new things a long the way by sharing experience with others πŸ™‚ glad you like it!

  18. doktor ceritalah pasal penjagaan rambut bella pula..utk kulit pula mcm mane
    ..bella ade kulit yang sgt cantik
    ..bellla ade rambut yang nature

  19. Hi doc.. Try and get the GC tooth mousse for Bella. It is pretty good. I’ve been using it on my daughter twice daily for a month now. It was recommended by dentist and few other mommy friends of mine. Apparently it is like calcium for their teeth and makes them stronger. Good for teething babies too. Problem is it is so difficult to find. I had to buy it online as on their website, most of the stockists are either in Penang or Sabah.

  20. i use silicon tootbrush. just fix it to your index finger and ask baby to open the mouth wide and keep remind the baby not to bite mommy’s finger…thats wht i did…now at 2 Mia is using her small toohbrush by herself under my supervision…when Mia still a baby, I use Kodomo toothpaste then when she’s 1yr up change to Mukmin brand kids toothpaste, have kayu sugi ingredients and ok if swallowed. Mia just love brushing her teeth…one step at a time…after this stage..then potty training is waiting…have fun…

  21. i started to introduce toothpaste to my daughter when she is 1, every baby/toddler tend to swallow everything that gets into their mouth so i use Pureen toothpaste since the ingredient don’t have active fluoride, which is not good for the baby.

  22. salam dr halina..interesting blog! ur Bella is 2 month younger than my Atirah. my atirah also got 6 tooth at her 11 month old. i just buy silicon brush from Pureen..after reading this, i will find the real brush for atirah la..

    anyway salam kenal dari atirah utk bella πŸ™‚

  23. semua mommies busy talking bout the tooth brush.. tapi saya lebih berkenan pada hoppop bath tub hijau tu.. Bella sangat comel…

  24. hm…i wonder,mcm mane nk berus gg die sblm tdo? saya biasenyer berus gg die mase mndi pagi dan petang. itu je masa yg saya ade anyway.. what should i do?

  25. da lama tak baca crita bella.. ptg ni baru ada masa, baby i pun sebaya bella gigi dia pun da nak masuk 8 btg tp tu la.. masa mula tumbuh gigi dulu i just bought yg silicon lmbut tommee tipi tu jer tp papa dia tak suke guna coz leceh org lelaki gaknya..mcm mcm kdai beby da pg cari toothbrush electrionic tuk beby tp tak jumpa jumpa (sesapa tau pls betau i nak sgt bli tuk mybaby Aamily Delissa) at last p mothrcare duk berejam kat butik tu yg jumpa “tooth tissue” jadi beli toothtissue je laa..haha! tak sngka cik Aamily beby i suka sgt bila kita gosok gigi dia dgn toothtissue tuh! siap da tau da lau kita tunjuk tissue tu dia tunjuk gigi..hehe~ funny sape nak bli bole carik kat mothercare brand ” my dentist’s choice”

  26. salaam dr halina. its good that you want to make it a habit for bella to brush her teeth before sleep. however, putting her to sleep with milk and not cleaning her teeth is not a good idea. i would like to suggest you to wet a cloth in a warm water n wipe her teeth once she falls asleep. this is to avoid nursing bottle caries. you can google it for more details. bella has a very bright smile. would love to see’em in years to come. =)

  27. my daughter zahra sgt ssh nak brush her teeth..sometimes mcm give up je…sbb dia dah blh hold tapi still xnak brush her teeth…..now i try belikan dia berus gigi biasa for children 1 years but still sama…i used First Teeth toothpaste …hurmm mcm ssh je nak treat anak utk berus gigi

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