Beef Casserole and Butternut Squash for Little B!!

I just tried this recipe last night.. For the first time, I’m introducing red meat to Little B! ๐Ÿ™‚ and she loves it!! I just wanna share the recipes with mommy out there.. I got this one from Annabel Karmel Cooking Book.. So, tried and tested.. approved yummy!!

It’s very easy.. You just need minced beef, butternut squash (as I said before in my previous entry, nak guna pumpkin biaser pun buleh.. butternut squash ni pumpkin omputih), carrot, beef stock (air rebusan tulang daging, it gives the sweetness to the taste but please don’t put salt when you’re making it!), tomato puree (also home-made, blended tomato, fry with onion and shallot until it becomes thicker) and thyme leaves..

Thyme leaves ni tak wajib but many western food uses thyme leaves for red meat, it gives a nice aroma to the food.. I couldn’t find fresh thyme leaves but I found this at the supermarket.. Pokok thyme!! Hahhaha.. kecik jer pasu ni, so I just bought this one.. senang kalu nak masak next time.. what could be more fresh than this, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰

First, what you should do heat up the saucepan with olive oil.. (yeah I use olive oil for all B’s food), the the onion and minced beef. Fry over a medium heat until they start to turn brown.. Step two, just add the butternut squash (or any pumpkin), carrot, beef stock, a little bit of tomato puree and thyme leaves..

Step three, just bring to boil all the ingredients together..

Step four.. blend until smooth to your baby’s liking! Wallaaaaa….ย This much of food can last for 3 ย days for B.. and that is for 6 meals. I froze B’s food and heat it back whenever I need it. I have to do that because I can’t afford to cook everyday. With work and oncall, this method works best for me, easy for daddy when he needs to feed B too..

ย And that is little B learning how to chew ๐Ÿ™‚

44 thoughts on “Beef Casserole and Butternut Squash for Little B!!

  1. Ohhhhh .. Tadi gambar tak keluar! Amboiii sampai senget baby Bella mengunyah beef .. Kiuttttttttt

  2. Doc,I thought olive oil is not good and in fact can be harmful when heated.its good to be taken cold ie not expose to heat. I have since used grapeseed oil for cooking,and olive oil for salad dressing or use on cooked food.
    You would probably be more learnt on this ,and if you find info abt it, can share,ye.

    Its yummy and I think can be good for adult too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. sorry mencelah..if i’m not mistaken..there is olive oil can use for heating (for cooking) and olive oil use for salad dressing..if i’m not mistaken there is 3 type olive oil…kindly check at hypermarket and google how to use each of the type..

      i’m using olive oil too for my children cooking..:)

  3. Bila baca entry pasal ni, tak sabar rasanya nak introduce green veggie to my baby. She is now 6 months. Rasanya dah boleh ke introduce veggie for 6 months baby?

  4. found your blog while bloghoppin abt baby foods….saw your entry on online shopping…OMG…mcm2 dah masuk shopping cart…:)

    out of topic but need to ask for assurance…is the jollykidz magic panel playpen worth buying? kukuh tak?

    1. That playpen memang tak terbukak lar kalu dah sambung.. Tp kalu nak bergayut2 tu takleh lar kot.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Salam Dr., saya selalu mengikuti perkembangan blog Dr. yang best dan penuh info. Boleh tak share, resepi apa lagi yang Dr. introduce to B selain carrot and s/potato + broccoli semasa umur die 6mnth ++. Thanks.

  6. Salam doc,
    just curious, lagikpon tak sempat baca all of your entry, just skip to the cooking method :). Minced beef pun home-made? Kalau bukan,which brand you beli eh?Thanks!

  7. Doc,knp xboleh letak garam dlam makanan baby ek? Pas tu sampai umur berapa baru boleh masukkan garam?tqvm

    1. Their tastebud is very sensitive. You dont want to load them with salty food.. Let them taste the natural ones first..

  8. little hero tu muntah masa 1st time i test him for beef. mcm mana nk buat.?alahan ke tu? later than siap demam+muntah+cirit. plz doc,advice me! tqvm in advance. nway..bby pun bleh mkn labu jgk yer!

  9. Dr.Halina..I nak tnye u, cmne I nk bt klu anak I xnk minum air suam ek?die akan sembur balik..then Doc, cemana doc bt air prune utk Bella?

  10. I use grape seed oil. It has a much higher smoke point than olive oil… better and safer for cooking at high temp

  11. nak tanya, mana Dr halina beli tmpt utk freeze mknn baby? & what’s the best way to reheat frozen baby’s food?

    1. I got a Beaba multi portion container for frozen food. And tommy tippee food container for refridgerator food. I just hear up using microwave but must be careful of hotspots.. Kena kacau btul2..

      1. I am sure u mince the beef on ur own rather than using the ready made by ramly ke ramlan tu kan? =p

        I am a mother of 3 years n 6 mths old impressed with the way u manage ur work well with motherhood life..saya selalu jadikan alasan malas masak sbb penat huhu..shame on me..insyaAllah saya nak masak utk baby Rafeeq..thanx Dr for inspiring me =)

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