Little B Goes Pro

Dear readers!!

Holaaa…. and assalamualaikum wbt🙂 I haven’t been writing for almost a week.. It has been a super hectic week and everytime I come back from work, I fell asleep. Most of the time, I fell asleep while brestfeeding Bella. I can’t remember who slept first, me or little B (must be me then!!) I don’t even realized when the daddy pick her up and put her in her cot. Hahaha.. Yes, it was THAT bad!! Today is my free day before another oncall tomorrow.. It’s my precious day with my little family!! Hooray!!

So, I wanna update you with B’s progress😉 This week, on April 4 to be exact.. she started crawling forward!!! Did you hear that?? FORWARD!! Hahaha.. Setapak dua and terpeleoot balik.. but it’s ok.. at least she is moving forward, kan!! She is getting better in using her knees to push herself. Alhamdullillah🙂

And.. we have enrolled Bella for a swimming class!! Baby swimming class!! Haha.. after all the reading and studying from DVD and youtube.. We finally settled for a swimming instructor for B. Hahah.. We just don’t have the guts to do it ourselves… Hahaha.. Yes, I worried too much when it comes to B. Mak-mak kan.. biaser lar🙂 I think we should just let the professional handle her.. So far she had 3 sessions.. and she loves it!! Of course daddy was with her in the water all the time… Mommy cheerleader jer🙂

For the babies, the most important thing, you need to teach them how to hold their breath underwater.. Started with 3 seconds and now she can hold up to 7 seconds *proud mommy moment*

Yes, that’s how it’s done.. Mula-mula seram jugak tgk instructor nie rendam little B.. Now getting used to it😉