Crawling.. or just part of it.. ;)

Little B is already 8 month old.. Yay!! By this age, she should be learning how to crawl.. that is the normal development milestone for a child..

but for the past one week, she has been crawling backwards..

Hahahha… Yes, that is also part of the forward crawling development..

So, every time she got a chance to move about.. she will be crawling backwards..

Yes, this is where we always found her screaming for help.. Hehehhe..

67 thoughts on “Crawling.. or just part of it.. ;)

  1. Haha. Cute and funny. Dr, Just want to share you a product named i kids. Very good for immune system and of course devlpment. Main ingredient is colustrum. And im ctain tht u know the benefits of colustrum. Good for bella….

  2. I know everyone’s excited that she has started crawling,.. Im just excited that she has more hair! Really rambut bella dah panjang!

  3. ahhaha… comel la bella!! crawling backwards sampai terselit bawah sofa.. ye la, da xleh nk gerak mane2.. yg dia tahu backwards je.. xpe, next month mesti pndai crawling forwads pulak!!..hi3x

    1. Seronok baca blog Dr. rasa nk cepatkan tarikh kahwin & dapat baby & dpt besarkan baby mcm Dr. jaga Bella πŸ˜‰

  4. sweet…bella….x lama lagi berjalan la tu….gegurl sy 8 bulan lbh dah berjalan….semua org pun terkejut….hehehehhe

  5. salam, dr.

    omg bella’s so cute! the look on her face is like “oh no I’m stuck I can’t get out! I can’t get outtt! mommy helllp!”

  6. Kiut miut bella..Sebaya ngan my son..
    Muhammad Rayyan dh expert dh merangkak ni.. 1 pon lum tumbuh lg..

    1. usually, i pernah dengar la, bby yg lambat tumbuh gigi, maybe bcoz mommy dia ms pregnant dulu kurang amik kalsium….

  7. haha..cute lil B stuck under sofa!
    Yup, i think it is part of crawling! same with my baby, at first crawling backwards..people said “if baby crawling backwards usually will learn to sit first after it”.and after a month she start to sit. but crawling forward…errrr~ now, she is trying..haha. πŸ˜€

  8. hahaha…comel la bella..
    my 6month old daughter pun macam tu..
    tersekat dan mintak tolong…hehe
    cute sgt!

  9. cute just like my 7 month old zara..everytime she tries to crawl she’ll moves backward..klu dia nk try ke depan she’ll move her body left n right n she does move fwd but less than 5cm..😁

  10. doc, means kalau dia nak maju dia akan merangkak or meniarap mcm kombat? coz my daughter pon dah nak masuk 7 bln n still malas nak merangkak. asyik bergerak mcm kombat je. haha.. tp dia dah pandai berdiri! i think lil Bella pon dah pandai berdiri sendiri kan? ape pon, enjoy ur mommyhood! B-)

  11. mula-mula i sengihhhhh tengok bella. then mata terbeliak tengok lantai yg squeaky clean!! bella lap dengan tummy montel dia ek??! hahaha just kidding!!

  12. cute….can’t wait for my gegurl to start crawling..sygnya, nak tiarapkan badan pun dia sengetkan badan..

  13. my little girl few days younger then ur girl Dr Halina.Take as many video or photos n enjoy the moment.Coz this position last for short while,n their so so cute… πŸ™‚

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