Bella Meets Snow!!

OK.. I’m guilty as charged!! I couldn’t finish my blog on time last night coz the moment I updated my FB saying that I wanted Β to finish it last night.. Bella did her “big business” then she wanted milk.. then we fell asleep while talking to each other.. So, janji tinggal janji lah.. Now I’m back from work, Bella’s daddy has put her to sleep.. Here I am in front of my computer *wink*

Alright.. most of you wanted to know about our trip to Turkey.. Firs, I wanna ask you.. Do you know what’s the capital of Turkey? Nope, it is NOT Istanbul.. it is Ankara!! Hahahah… I got that one wrong too!! It was Istanbul until 1923, they moved the capital to Ankara πŸ™‚ We learn something new everyday! Hehehe..

So, remember I told you the temperature there is 0 degrees.. I was wrong!! *dang* Few days before we arrived Ankara, it was minus 20degC.. and the day we arrived there, it was minus 14degC!! But at the same time.. the sun is shining… aaahhhhh… I just love living in a fridge with sunlight!! πŸ˜‰ And guess what?!! Bella loves the cold weather… Initially she was quiet, like she’s thinking what’s going on around her, after a while, she get used to it.. and really enjoys the snow..!! Owh.. did I mention about the snow?? Yay!!

“Mommy.. can I eat the snow??”

This is when she really put the snow in her mouth, and she got diarrhoea for the next 3 days!! Hahahaha..

Istanbul is full of historical buildings.. very Europe-ish.. well, it is actually half Europe and half Asia.. Anyway, my point is, it is very Europe-ish without any problem finding halal food.. I whacked everything edible.. just to enjoy Turkish gourmet.. They use a lot of meat, lamb and cheese.. heaven!! Don’t even think about asking me about my weight.. the answer is “No, I’m not telling you!”

One place you MUST visit in Istanbul is.. the Grand Bazaar!! Taddaaaaa… Not a surprise that one coming from me, eh πŸ˜‰ It is huge!! More than 3400 shops in the Grand Bazaar, and I believe if I need to go to all of the shops, I might need 4 days to finish it all… unfortunately, we only managed to spend about 4 hours there.. Bella’s dad schedule is jam packed!! No time to leisurely walk in the bazaar.. haih.. They have everything you need from Turkey. Love. Love. Love…

Serving my duty as mommy.. Breastfeeding Bella at the Grand Bazaar.. Don’t worry, she can breathe from under my breastfeeding cover πŸ˜‰

Β We stayed at the Bhosphorus area where part of Ottoman empire was located.. It is facing the sea with gorgeous view of the other side of the town..

And that is little Bella stylishly waiting for her flight back to KL.. she had fun in Turkey.. wishing she (and mommy) could come back again.. *hint to daddy* πŸ˜‰

58 thoughts on “Bella Meets Snow!!

  1. yes!! finally got “souvenir” from istanbul πŸ™‚
    finished reading…wink..wink…(*_________*)
    **i hv died waiting for you…..** hehehe….
    nite doc!

  2. waaaa…. bella nmpk mcm dah besar sgt.. especially in the last pic… love ur entry doc…. happy 2 see that both of u were happy there….;-)

  3. Yeah…i visited Turkey..the capital is Ankara not Istanbul.. The only Europe country with lots of Halal foods… Really hope can come bk Turkey… πŸ™‚

  4. I really miss Istanbul. Great places,good food and shop till u drop. Blue Mosque,Hager Sophia, GrandBazaar etc etc. Miss it all. Saw the pix taken. It seems Bella really enjoy herself there.*wink wink* Apart fm Istanbul, shld visit Bursa and other parts of Turkey with Bella, doc. πŸ™‚

  5. salam puan,
    i my country Iran, in winter in some cities we eat snow with syrup………it;s like ice cream……..i love it.but unfortunately, i’m far from home for 3 years and live in ur country……..

    1. hahhah.. in Malaysia.. that is ABC (Air Batu Campur!) hehheeh.. blended ice with syrup and some other condiments πŸ˜‰

      1. exactly……..i always loved to eat this mixture, but my dad as a pharmacist never let me to eat ice!i’m sure that u’re feeling was same with my dad!

  6. I missed Turkiye too..been there twice in a row…so many historical places to visit (& shop-till-u-drop of course!). Grand Bazaar was great…mmg tak habis round 1 hari…thus, should u be going there d next time around be sure to go for d Bosphorus cruise too where u’ll see d western n d eastern side of Turkiye…and oh, lil Bella seemed to enjoy her snowy experience…luv her pic in d snow! πŸ˜‰

  7. hello doc! Im a big fan of yours from brunei:) youre the cutest doctor ive ever known, telling u wat, i just created my Twiiter acc sbb nk get updated with your family life;) hehe

  8. Nice pics. Well, all that l can say is next time Bella meets snow just don’t forget to boil the snow first then let it freeze before eating ya..hhee..he.. plus, drizzle some maple syrup ke, rose syrup ke & brown sugar syrup= ABC! πŸ˜‰

  9. Your blog really made my day doc! πŸ˜€ please keep on updating yours, lg bagus doc buat novel, confirm laku!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ very entertaining & santai kn

  10. doc..nk tanyanih.if N.I.P (nursing in public) using BF cover tu dia x mengamuk ke kat dlam bby dah 7 8 bulan dia x mo dah cover2 nih..dia xda selak2 ke..saya cover pakai tudung pun dia sibuk nak selak2 jugak..belum lagi cover pakai BF tips sket doc…

  11. Just stopping by to say hello.

    Btw dr, you are really inspiring. And I really wish to be just like you someday. Okay, hope to hear more about you and bella. Bubye~

  12. sweet.. !! seronok baca! Dpt ilmu lagi..Thanx.. Alhamdulillah Dr Lina sefamili enjoy di sana.. Sronok sakan si comel Bella yer, kulit Bella pn nmpk mcm tanned jer.. hehe mummy bg hint kat daddy yer, xpa, pas pasni sure pi ke negara lain lak ikut Datuk lagi kan. hihi… ;D

  13. Dr., please please please about your nursing cover!
    mine (nursing poncho, like shawl) is sometimes makes my Syaurah hardly breathe, then terpaksa lah bukak sikit,
    sampai ada ketika my hubby kena cover takot ter’expose’!haha

  14. senyuman bella sgt menawan.. geram tgk.. InsyaAllah, bulan may ni kami nak ke istanbul.. klu tak terbaca di entry ni, mmg i ingat kami akan ke ibu negara turkey.. selama ni mmg ingatkan istanbullah ibu negaranya.. he..he.. its ankara ye..

  15. Cerita tak habis! So how do u survive long flight with a baby? Habis semua nursery rhyme nanyi?

  16. kesian. hope bella will grow up looking more like a girl and a little beautiful. otherwise, jadi macam si rumer willis.

  17. Dr. Harlina menyusukan bella walaupun di mana berada..inspirasi buat saya…anak pertama dahulu saya segan nak menyusukan di khalayak, tapi bila dah ada anak kedua ada pula kelengkapan (nursing cover), saya berazam utk menyusukan anak sepenuhnya…insyaAllah

  18. Bella always make me smile, her noty & happy face tu yang geram tengok. Her impression nampak macam banyak cakap aje. Is it true Doc Harlina? rasa nak picit2 pipi Bella.

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