Homemade Food.. finally!!

Semangat B’s daddy masih belum luntur.. He went to Border’s and bought this for mommy!! πŸ˜‰

Senang-senang jer recipes dlm nie.. Quite a good book with varieties of choice.. and easy instructions. Siap ada jadual makan utk weaning program lagi.. Anyway, I just finish with these two today…

Yang tgh2 tu blended steamed carrot, loaded with vitamin A, peeps.. good for the eyes πŸ˜‰ yg tepi dgn warna yg agak tak memberangsangkan tu sweet potato with broccoli.. rupa mmg tader tp rasa sedap! Tried and tested by Barely Supermommy πŸ˜€

Saya tanak kejadian ni berulang lagi!! Hahahah.. Memang unprocessed food nie.. Bella refused to let go this petai when she went to her Jiddah’s house the other day!! Helpppp!!!

53 thoughts on “Homemade Food.. finally!!

  1. Hi doc. Sukaaa bila dapat buat sendiri makanan utk baby kan?
    As for my son (yg skrg lg 2 bulan nk masuk 2 tahun n fully breastfeed), mula2 kenal mknn dulu mmg semua tak tolak. lg la suka.

    bila dh makin besar, selera tiap hari lain2. haihh.
    tp makin suka bila kita boleh try mcm2 resipi ikut suka asal kan berkhasiat.

    feel free to visit my blog coz i pun ada share recipes for babies and kids. πŸ™‚

  2. WOWWW…salute la kt bella….she’s preferred petai rather eating mommy’s homemade….dasyat anak ko halina….heheheee…. ;D

  3. dr.. would u like to share which book that Bella’s daddy bought for u? and one more thing which sweet potatoes that u cook with the broccoli? i mean the yellow one or the look like orange color or the purple ones?

  4. wah..bella mkn petai lah…selera kmpung ni..haha. anyway doc halina, sy nak tnya, xpe ke baby below 8 months diberi brokoli sebab msa saya bwa anak check up, doc kat klinik ckp jgn beri anak brokoli, kekacang, sesetgh jnis ikan..sehingga dia berumur 8 months +

  5. hahahahahaha…terkejut tgk gmbar tu.mmg kelakar sgt.. dok2 crita pasai makanan anak tetiba scroll down nampak anak makan petai… hahahaha… bagus2 .. ni boleh masuk keluarga Aras ni.. our family semua hantu petai…

  6. Salam Dr.

    U can try use Avent Steamer Blender. Steam, flip and blend. Sangat senang bila nak buat puree. Price around RM350 to RM400. For me quite pricey, tapi berbaloi.

    I also made homemade food for my baby, puas hati and kita happy!

  7. rindunya nk buat baby food sbb my son dh 4 yo.. dulu masa dia kecik selalu buat
    1. potato+broccoli
    2. apple +pumpkin
    3. apple+potato
    4. carrot + apple
    5. pumpkin + carrot
    6. pumpkin + broccoli
    7. sweet potato +pumpkin
    semua tu nyummy… mummy pun suka..:)

  8. Hi,

    It is nice to read the progress of your baby daughter. Also, it is lovely to know that my baby daughter and Bella shares the same birthdate! πŸ™‚

    I saw your home made puree. I think home made puree is always the best.
    I would like to recommend to you to add few drops of canola oil to the puree, preferably cold pressed organic canola oil as it contains good fat (omega-3 fat) that is essential for the baby development especially for the brain.

      1. Hi Dr. Halina,

        No worries. My pleasure to share the info. Actually olive oil is also good preferably organic. I think at Cold Storage, they sell quite a huge range of organic stuff including baby food.
        My baby is soon 6 months too :). She was born on 21st July 2011 too. I started giving her my homemade puree at 5 months old as I think she is ready to start…yes exactly like you after following the checklist! πŸ˜€

        My pediatrician recommends to add good fatty omega-3 in the baby food when they starts weaning because the baby needs them to grow motoric (I mean physical movement like sitting up, crawling and etc) and the brain development.

        Here, in the country where I live, they also recommend to add some unsalted butter in the food for the same reason stated above, i.e. the baby need the fat! That is why mat salleh’s babies normally are so tembam!

        If you enjoy having meal together with your Bella (which is good routine to socialize during family mealtime), I recommend you to buy a baby chair Stokke Tripp Trapp chair. For babies, it comes with an infant insert that you can buy separately. You can use it from 4 months old until adult age. It is little bit expensive but worth the investment. I think MotherCare sells it. My daughter since 4.5 months old, now is sitting with us eating breakfast and dinner together and I think she likes it.

      2. We just bought a Tripp Trapp last monday!! I love it!! And Bella seems to enjoy sitting on it!!

  9. Hi, i stumble into this page when i google steam petai for baby.. I am wondering if we really can serve steam petai as finger food for baby 9 months old? Is petai consider a vegetable or nut?

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