Introducing Solid Food to Our Little B!!

We (I was reluctant, but my husband was super excited!!) introduced semi-solid to B today.. We can’t wait until she reaches 6 month because I’m gonna start work soon. Well, 5 and a half month will do anyway..

We bought the bottled baby food last night and I hide it in the cupboard coz I haven’t finish googling how to wean your child chapter yet!! But her daddy was super excited..! I only finished till the chapter where it explains how do you know when your child is ready for solids.. Heheheh.. I already have a mental checklist that B is qualified..(yay!! she is qualified!!) to have solid food from now on.. Let me put it down in writings..

Checklist #1 : She can hold her head up herself. Her neck control is up to par for a 5 and a half month old baby. yay! – PASSED!

Checklist #2 : She can sit well when supported. That means her back bone is getting stronger. Not all baby can sit on their own at this age but as long as she can sit with support, that will do. Baby has to be in upright position to allow them to take the food – PASSED!

Checklist #3 : Good weight gain. Yes! In general, baby has to double up their birth weight by the age of 6 month.. In B’s case, her birth weight was 3.6kg. Meaning her target weight at the age of 6 month old is 7.2kg. But in real life, Bella’s current weight at 5 month old is 7.3kg!! Itu sudah bagoos πŸ˜‰ – PASSED!

Checklist #4 : Knows how to chew!! Yes, how can you eat without chewing!! Do you notice when babies were younger, they have spontaneous reflex to take their tongue out when they are hungry? πŸ™‚ Isn’t God great! That reflex is for baby to tell us that they are hungry. As they grow older, around 4 -5 month, slowly the reflex will disappear to allow baby to learn how to chew. As the reflex disappear, you might notice that you baby will salivate less because the chewing and swallowing skill comes together to prepare baby for solid food. – PASSED and PASSED!!

Checklist #5 : Bella is already eyeing on our food!! Hahahha.. everytime we eat, she will make us feel guilty for not giving her some! Enough said!!! Hahahha.. – PASSED with flying colours πŸ™‚

So, the excited daddy, armed with silicon baby spoon, happily took the baby food, bib and sit her up on the chair..Β 

Labu & Jagung Manis!!! HAhahah..We chose this flavour because this is the least stock on the rack at the supermarket. We thought this must be the best flavour, that’s why it is very popular πŸ˜€ (but after tasting it, poor baby!! Nanti mommy buat sindri yg best utk Bella ok!! Pinky promise!!)

Check out B’s funny faces when tasting the baby food!!Β 

And finally it is mommy’s turn πŸ™‚

I, with my full ability trying to prove to B that the food is yummy πŸ™‚ Hahahhaha.. and she did look convinced, didn’t she? πŸ˜‰ Nyum nyum..

According to my resources (Cheewahh! Suddenly I made it sound very intelligent!!) we have to continue the same taste for a week or so, just to familiarize our babies’ taste bud so that they (baby and the taste bud) wouldn’t get confused.. ok, will do that! Sorry B, pumpkin & sweetcorn it is for the next one week!!

On top of my over-the-counter bottled food, I will still continue B on breastmilk. In al-Quran stated that mommies are highly suggested to continue breastfeeding up until the baby is 2 years old. So, I will do my best to continue my little Bella with mommy’s milk. Alhamdullilah so far so good, susu is enough for Bella’s daily needs πŸ™‚

Hope you don’t mind sharing your baby’s favourite food and your secret recipe, ladies!! Sharing is caring *wink*

Till then, XOXO

72 thoughts on “Introducing Solid Food to Our Little B!!

  1. Info yg sgt berguna..well done dr..I pun started feed my baby at 5 mths plus..using GERBER brand..(tp x ingat flavor ape) the way after that my baby weight naik mendadak..then my mother advised..nape bg byk2..sikit2 cukupla dulu..mummy excited lebih..after like 8 mths I started give bubur + ayam + lobak..pastu blend taste better..ape pun mmg suka tgk baby suka makan..same like bella..she look happy on that picture..

  2. dr, theres this group calles HSFFYB on fb where they share recipes for babies. sangat informative. just a suggestion πŸ˜‰

  3. Awwwww…..isnt she precious…!!! =D
    Its so much fun watching all those expressions they make bila taste new food…soooooooo adorable kannn… =)
    Actually ive never tried bottled baby food ever, the only thing ive tried is the heinz beras…powdery soft smooth beras without anything…other ingredients i will puree myself fresh…im using avent steam & puree machine…mase 1st time wean, i usually feed them heinz smooth beras with breast milk. Lepas2 tu introduce other taste such as puree pisang, papaya, mango, avocado, prunes, dates, raisins, apple, pear, broccolli, potato, sweet potato, carrot etc (yg buah/vege keras i’ll steam so dia lembut before pureeing)…(yg kering2 eg raisins, i’ll rendam sampai lembut before pureeing)
    I love love love Annabel Karmel’s cookbook…shes really good with babies & childrens food recipes…yummylicious…
    Anyways, have a great time with your food adventure with lil cutiepie B…im having one too…my boy is 7mth old….happy feeding to us ‘kewl mommies’ (perasan)…. LoL…. (>.<)

    1. Yes I know we are cool (ahhaha..) but seriously is it fashion to spell like that nowadays?? Im soo kampung!! Hahahha…

  4. Hi kak halina… Bella is so cute!
    I started feeding sofia when she was exactly 6 months. Excited mummy n daddy had to wait till 6 mths hehehhe. We started her on various bottled food from heinz. She was ok ok – more like tak suka jek. Neway, when it was time for her vaccination, brought her to see paeds.. Kena berleter lagi with the dr. He said, kenapa bagi bottled food… Tau tak dalam botlled food ni banyak sugar. Dont introduce sugar to babies at this age. Walaupun diorang kata takde gula. And then, sofia masa tu was a bit constipated when she first started solids. Kena marah lagi, dia kata banana can make the poo poo clustered besar2 sebab tu dia constipated…
    So he recommended – for the beginning, try home cooked rice – nasi lembik n blend. If she’s ok … A week or two later u can add on one vege, then 2 veges… If she’s ok baru start with protein. True enuff, sofia loves it… She lovvves makan now!
    Good luck trying kak halina.

  5. Bella’s so cute! If I were you, all I want to do is to gomol her hehs.

    Btw the main reason why kena maintain that food for 4days at least (it’s called the 4-days rule) is to really ensure that she’s not allergic to that certain food contain.

    Doctor yang cantik :), it’s best to manually prepare the food ourselves. Tasted nyummier, and healthier too!

    Here’s a simple food chart for starter:)

    (credit to K.Farah Rahim)

    and here’s my first time exp in solidify my daughter! πŸ˜€

  6. first semi-solid food baby saya, bubur nasi kosong yang diblend halus campur breast milk. Hmm, nampaknya dia lebih sukakan bubur nasi kosong daripada campur dengan breast milk. Hehe..
    Beberapa hari baru tambah carrot. Kemudian, tambah ayam, kemudian, tukar carrot pada kentang, brokoli, bayam, dan sebagainya. Tukar2 tengok mana yang dia suka dan tak ada allergic.
    Masak dalam slow cooker je. Masukkan bahan dalam cooker sebelum tidur, pagi tinggal blend. Senang, Hehe..

  7. I also introduced the same flavor of Heinz to my daughters. The kids liked pumpkin & sweet corn more than other flavor of Heinz product. Memang flavor tu yg paling sedap pon. Hehehe. Other than Heinz, we also use Nestle Cerelac beras merah + susu and also Farley’s as part of my kids’ early solid food. Kalau homemade, I prepared blended bubur with carrot, potatoes or broccoli. Can also includes fish at later stage. I also introduce fruit juices to the kids. Kalau notice constipation problem, I suggest Nestle Cerelac Gold yg ada flavor prune tu, kasi senang lawas. Well, just my 2 cents. Thx.

  8. teringat ibu saya buatkan tepung beras,sampai ke cucu dia first solid food dia bagi tepung beras tu (masak macamana entah saya tak pasti),orang kampunglah katakan..

    i tot bila dah bagi solid food maknanya dah stop breastmilk rupanya tak..good info!

    doakan saya cepat dapat baby =)

  9. wahh…dr. …..u menepati janji…thanks darling dr. … *kissing with smiling*

    sy nk sngt dr share pasal ni when u ckp u tgh reading & research about bby solid food bcoz sy pun rase dh tak sabar nk bg s/f kt my bby yg same age with bby B (but mine 22/7/11) hehe…cuma tak yakin plus kdng2 comfiused bila bnyk sngt info (sbb sy based on tny org je.haha!!) since here dr. dh bg the c/list..suka la hati sy sebab my sakinah passed with great.haha.. Again,thanks dr. mommy darling!! *smiling all d way*

    1. there’s a lot of good feedbacks from other readers mardhiyyah.. sama2 lar kita blaja dr pengalaman diorg ok!!

  10. Salam Dr.Halina,
    Saya pn pnh try bg Pumpkin &sweet corn puree tu pd dia tak mau makan.tak sedap..i got an idea on that time,why not i mixed up dgn porridge dia..sedap jadinya..dia mmg suka..try yg perasa peas..sedap nurse sarankan supaya kita bg yg fresh,kena buat saya buat sndiri porridge dia..porridge+carrot+potato+spinach=delicious++…ibu dia tumpang skali..kdg2 menu btukar jgk….porridge+pumpkin(fresh)..sedap..manis je..itula menu my little Ellys… πŸ˜€

  11. mula2 i kenalkan makan just blend bubur without garam then bila dah besar sikit baru blend bubur dengan ayam/ikan dan sayur sawi.orang tua kata jgn bagi bayam lagi sebab akn kembung.bila dah setahun baru kenalkan far my twins memang suka.

    1. tq dr for the info even my baby only 3mths++ old..pon x sabar jugk…dr bole join page ni on fb ” Solid Food for My Baby πŸ™‚ ” .. byk resipi situ…actually dlm shari brp kali baby kne take their food ya?

  12. hi.. so good to share experience giving 1st solid food to baby.. my dougther also started solid few weeks ago.. mmg excited kan nak bg makan.. hehe.. but i start with plain bubur nasi add some breastmilk.. yum..yum she love it .. after 4 days i try to add carrot puree+bubur+breastmilk and she like it too.. πŸ™‚ she also like apple puree and latest i made kurma puree.. yup this link is so helpfull lot of info.. thank God i found it before started solid to my baby

  13. i pon x saba nk bagi solid food kt my baby fahim .. he’s only 3mth++ old..hihi…tunguu..dr. bole join page Solid Food for My Baby πŸ™‚ kt fb…actually dlm shari brp kali baby kene mkn ye?…

    1. I will do once a day first and that is lunch time. Till she’s good at it, will do lunch and dinner.. But make sure her dinner is early, nanti sugar rush, susah nak tido malam..

  14. huhu..
    Alhamdulillah..da ade guideline..sng nk refer j kat sni.sumenye info yg sgt bguna..=D
    sy pon nk share jugak laa..
    Kakak2 spupu sy,m.cik2 sy,sumenye wat mknn sendiri.true laa..rmai dr ckp yg processed food contains more sugar..
    Tp ktorg bg jugak kkdg..mcm biskut yg kn rendam smpai lembik tu.rusky kot nm pon suke biskut tu..sedap..pastu neslac pnye product laa.sng.mcm2 flavour.
    Tp last2 bdk2 pilih bubur nasi jugak..main msuk j ape2 yg kt rs bkhasiat,tanak skali dgn bubur tu,then blend..

    Xoxo,syg bella!!
    Mkn byk2 ye..nnt bleh jd besar,kuat,pandai..bleh ikut daddy pegi angkasa lepas..=D

  15. tq dr halina sbb sudi share info pasal bby bella..saje nk share citer jugak..ank sy mude 2 mggu je ngan sy dh stat bg die mkn buah betik lenyek then bg mkn..sronok tgk die sy x brani nk bg lbh..yg bestnye mak sy siap buatkn air kanji + gule sket bg die mkn..air kanji 2 mak sy amek time nasik dh nk mndidih..resepi org lame katenye..hehehe..

  16. cerelac(rice) mixed with banana. bila dh pandai makan, bagi bubur buat sendiri —> ayam+kentang+karot+ikan bilis+beras(sikit jer dalam sejemput)+bayam/kobis/brokoli. rebus sampai lembut n blend halus2.

  17. I started feeding Karl when he was 4 mnth old! Yes u hear it rite…hihi..4 mnth..! reason bcoz he passed all d qualities above. His first baby food was apple puree..n its gone within seconds..phew..lega hahaha
    After that i introduced him with plain baby cereals with dates, raisins, mango, apple,carrot, at a time..i puree kn lps tu simpan dlm ice cube container..then freeze it. Bila nk guna..i amik dlm 2 cube, panaskn n mix it with baby cereals…walllahh!
    Bila dh ok..baru i wat porridge n put some carrot, potato, anchovy..n do not put salt ya..namo..bahaya tu πŸ™‚ n jgn bg telur before 1year.
    Its really an experienced when comes to baby food..mcm2 nk try n nk bagi ank kita mkn..Apatah lg if ank kita pn mmg jenis yg suka mkn…im sure Dr.Halina pn sama,mesti.excited lebih.. πŸ™‚
    Dat was 6yrs back..and til now Karl mmg suka mkn n badan pn tembun jer hihi..Well Gud Luck To You Dr Harlina…n remember that nothing compares to mom’s cooking..n do the best to our kids..Salam

  18. assalamualaikum…hi doc! actually i just your silent reader. but ada satu dua topik u yg buat i nak tggalkan komen. tp yg ni paling menarik utk di komen dulu.huhuhu..

    i just nak sharing with u doc about my friend blog..u can read her blog.mungkin byk info yg boleh kat bawah ni i sertakan link2 yg mudah terus untuk doc baca..dr mcm mana nak bykkkan susu sampai hal2 mkn, jg gigi, kenalkan haiwan pada baby semua ada..just enjoy ur reading =)

    ##suka tgok ur baby B..moga ia menjadi anak yg solehah dan menyenangkan hati mummy and daddy..

  19. alololoh so cute little Bella masa taste makanan tu..
    well, sy tak pernah bagi instant food, macam tak confident dia punya ingredient tu.(haha kampung punya otak)
    I started wif bubur + carrot + chicken and then blend it wif avent food blender..
    itulah yg my baby makan sampai 8-9 months..afterwards dah tak blend dah sebab dah ada gigi n pandai mengunyah dah..
    cubalah on Bella, senang jer wat bubur rebus jer sume,ops! no salt yer..hehe

  20. Hi. My first time here.. for me: i bagi both of my son home cooked food.. coz i think its the best! i first introduced plain porridge blended. i.e masak bubur plain sikit, then sejukkan pastuh blend..After blending, masuk kat tapis, sieve the blended porridge so that the output is super fine for the tiny mouth n stomach.. kalo tengok baby takde problem, i then mix some carrots n potatoes in the bubur.. sama procedure, kasik blend n then tapis.. spinach pun yummy.. (tak payah banyak, dua tiga helai daun jeks..) bubur jadik manis sebab original flavour πŸ™‚ gradually will add fish like tenggiri.. rebus separate fish, n then air rebusan baru masuk kat bubur plus fillet ikan yang dah 5kali check xde tulang..:) blend again.. chicken pun boleh letak. For me as a super bizi working hot mummy.. (hahahah perasan x hengat), i dah buat satu periuk, i masuk dalam bekas tupperware kecik2 kat dalam freezer.. pagi2 nak pi keje kuarkan satu tupperware for agak2 for 3 times meal.. nak panaskan guna kukus or microwave.. Tak sempat nk buat bubur everyday cos balik keje baby da lapar, i penat and da lambat.. hehhehe:) hope this helps! enjoy mommyhood:)
    ** lupe: blender n tapis jangan campur yg kita kisar cili kat mah.. sian baby πŸ˜›

  21. My dearest Dr,
    Suke sgt tgk keletah si bella coz she always reminds me of my bb iqmal :)..hi dr.!I think we are on the same phase right now..mmm new mommy at age 31 just the diff is my bb is going to 7mths this coming 9th jan..
    Just 2 share wif u that iqmal’s 1st s/f also at the same age as bella..why it’s early coz die mogok nangis xbrenti xnk mnm breastmilk using bottle kat nursery until die xbernafas n pengsan..huhuhu never underestimate kecerdikan bf bb..
    So I trus bg Iqmal 1st solid fud, carrot lenyek n subhanallah..die mkn ngan lahap nye..I think it’s more bcoz of his curiosity being able to eat solid fud :p n bb 1st deria rasa yg die tangkap adalah deria carrot becoming my base..actually my target is walaupn die xmnm byk at least perut die kenyang mkn solid fud..
    Besoknya I trus kasik bubur nasik+carrot+bayam..sbb nk kasik die kenyang mkn karbo from nsk..then after a week I dh start campur ayam gilir2 ngan ikan for his protein but always blender n tapis..I like to cook for iqmal cause this is the early stage of introducing him to mommy’s cook yg insyaAllah die akan mkn smpi die bsr nnt..n the most valuable fillings yg I xkn lupakn is how much he luv to eat my bubur special made for him..tambah plak bbsitter iqmal tiap kali bg mkn iqmal she will always said to iqmal, ‘mmmm sedap nye bubur mommy msk kn’ sbb sronok tgk iqmal mkn πŸ˜€
    Now I nk start finger fud plak coz my bb dh start problem blk :(mogok xnk breastmilk n mkn kat nursery plak..asik la nk crk kilang susu die ni huhuhu..tgh crisis separate anxiety kot :(..hopefully finger fud can distract him a bit while iqmal at nursery n mommy at work :(..
    Chaiyok..chaiyok Dr Harlina..mommy’s cook is the best πŸ™‚

    Mommy iqmal

  22. i always play around with potato,carrot,spinach,sawi n broccoli n then start to add ikan bilis…ikan bilis goreng with little unsalted butter

    semua tu kena blend sampai halus,i bg juga avocado to my baby but he doesn’t like it 😦 n for snack i bagi biskut farleys (dissolve with warm water) n cerelac

  23. Hi semua, im just curious & nak tanye to all mummys out there, kalau u all masak porridge for ur baby..u all pakai rice brand ape ye? Or issit any brand rice yg adults makan is ok for our baby? Because my baby just turned 7months & i thought of introducing him rice..but not so sure what brand i should start with. As of now, iv been giving him makan pureed vegetables & fruits for his meals & also baru try Cerelac rice with milk. Any suggestions please? TQ πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend ahead everyone.

    1. Saya tgk kat youtube πŸ˜€ diorg pakai beras biaser jer.. Mat salleh byk pakai brown rice.. Tu lar yg saya blaja!! Hehe/. Meh tanyer kakak kat luar tuh.. Anyone??

  24. Hello Dr..I wanted to feed my baby with Heinz babyfood when he first started weaning but I notice there’s no halal signage on the label. I don’t expect the Jakim halal signage of course but at least they should have the internationally accepted halal signage on it. So tak jadi beli. I make my own bubur for my son & blend the bubur supaya blh telan. So far my baby enjoys the bubur so much πŸ™‚

  25. dr blh join fb group HSFFYB (topic homemade solid food) blog ada share sikit2 resepi baby and some step nk buat frozen puree (hehe peti ais penuh susu, stok makanan anak…last2 ikan ayam xde tmpt nk simpan)

  26. Hear hear! I echo Hani Hussin’s thoughts up there, I refer to Annabel Karmel as well! πŸ˜€
    Initially I gave my little Chempedak over-the-counter bottled food, then I felt guilty. So this i-have-never-stepped-into-the-kitchen mommy rolled up her sleeves and started cooking. HAHAHHAHA.

    Here’s some dummy-proof recipes (that comes from the kitchen-blondie me) to share with all of you πŸ™‚

  27. Dr. Halina, hi!! πŸ™‚ ive been ur silent reader for quite some time.. (coz i adore u sooo much!! hehe πŸ™‚ but silent is not silent anymore coz i couldnt resist to share you this!

    this is a blog written by my best2 friend forever (kata org skarang..) hehe.. she’s now staying in riyadh kena ikut husband dia and awal tahun lepas dia bersalin. so being in riyadh she claims that she doesnt have d confidence on solid foods yg dh ada kat kedai and so dia masak sendiri utk baby dia.. u can kindly visit her blog for recipes.. saya rasa sgt menyihatkan sbb most of them dari buah2 n sayur2 tambah susu ibu..

    she shares quite a lot of her secret recipes on her baby’s solid foods.. and u can see her baby is so tembam2 gebu saya pun geram giler lah!! πŸ™‚

  28. hye kak na..baru jap tanya mama dulu time aein around 5month++ mama bg makan mcm mne…mama dgn muka pelik bgthu..mama kata dulu bagi aein makan nasi lembik campur dengan sayur yg diblend…and aein tengok aunty bagi cousin makan..diorang pun bg mkn nasi lembik and sayur hancur juga..kadang2 bagi beras merah..bagi senang buang air besar..sometimes bagi makan biskut hancurkan dengan air suam…. tapi mama kata time kakak dulu mama bagi makan gerber.. πŸ˜€

    *suka baca blog kak na..coz i want to be gynaecologist and i can gain some info about baby without reading all skema books!! hehehe πŸ˜€

  29. A baby’s tastebuds are sensitive since they are “untouched” by strong flavours. Just remember, whatever you taste, the taste is stronger for them. This is because our tastebuds are a little “immune” to some flavours. For example, if you have eaten something sweet, then the next sweet thing you eat may not taste as sweet as it actually is. Even though the actual amount of sugar used the last time you had that thing is the same.

    It is therefore at this age that you should not get them to over-familiarise with flavours like sweetness and saltishness… or they will start to want to eat more sugars and salt as their diet changes … Natural flavours are best.

    Bottled food, while the manufacturers say do not contain sugar, usually means they do not contain added sugar… but the ingredient itself is already very sweet …

    You should let her try something that you would actually eat yourself … so that later she can feel included in your mealtimes… so you don’t have to prepare something separate for her. If you makan nasi for instance, then pureed rice for her would be a good idea to start.

  30. Hi Halina! Hi Bella!

    I saw the spoon you are using. it looks a bit big for Bella’s little mouth. Changing to a smaller spoon will also encourage weaning as baby won’t get disappointed when food didn’t slide easily into their little mouths. Tried that with my baby, smaller spoon symbolizes more control of baby’s ability to grab the food (using their mouth of course) and further put in their mouth. Just my 2 cents opinion.

  31. good luck dr.. so excited kan.. suggest to u joun group solid food for my babies in fbook.. will help us a lot of menu for babies… sampai rase excited nak masak semua menu yg ada.. gudluck dr:)

  32. Salam Doc,

    I had 6 grown up babies..(haha) My 1st when I was in the states..I got lots of infos recommending the 1st food to familiarize yr baby with should be veggie anything..frm spinach (my daughter’s personal favorite ) broccoli, squash etc. You did gave B pumpkin should be ok but best is know how childrens dislikes vegie that’s because we started introducing them with other than vegie for 1st food familiarization. Fruits are alot easier to be accepted coz they are naturally sweet..but please dont put sugar in yr baby food just to get them to eat..Soo..that’s all I can share greens first then fruits..ok..It’s alot easier with girls than with boys..I know coz I hve 3G and 3B…:-)..All the best

    1. yup mommmy!! thanks for your advice.. i thought the same thing too cuma tak terbuat pulak.. dah tanak bg bottled food dah.. skang sumer nak buat sindri πŸ™‚

  33. Salam Doc,

    My baby’s pead, Dato’ Dr. Azizi of Damansara Specialist recommended Annabel Karmel to me just before i start solid for my baby, and he is totally against over-the-counter-bottled-food, even anchovies!

    So Alhamdulillah, managed to cook and freeze the food for the baby from day one until now (he is 21 months) now and Annabel Karmel is my bible!!

    I agree with quest’s comment and the good news is, that, my baby loves to ratah vegetables because dah biasa with the taste.

    Have fun in preparing Bella’s food!

  34. Salam dr and all,

    This topic is really interesting to me, besides breastfeeding, cloth diapering and babywearing. Giving ur child semi-solid food is really like exciting, challeging and follow your motherly instinct. πŸ™‚

    My first two daughters, i gave them bubur nasi kosong, then upgraded to add some spinach, pumpkin, fish, ikan bilis and the list is on and on. The basic is bubur.

    Then, when i went to Susuibu Lactation Conference in putrajaya last october 2010, that time my 3rd baby boy was 5.5months. One if the speaker is Dr Jack Newman, a paed from canada. Very interesting topic on solid food and he explained about BABY-LED WEANING. i applied this to my baby and wallah, i don’t have to rush to cook for him (pemalas punya mak), just give our food to him (w/o garam and gula) and he feeds on his own. His first solid food is the kenduri watermelon. The big ine si that he can grab properly. You can make more research on this topic. Oh, you can try avocado mixed with apple sauce or pear sauce, yummeh!!!!!!

    Happy experimenting. Bila dah sedap tu, mak dan anak share makanan la sudahnya….. πŸ™‚

  35. Salam Doc, nak tanya mana nak dapat kerusi macam Bella pakai ni eh.. comel and stabil.. dah cari banyak tempat…tapi tak jumpe.. ape2 pon Bella sangat comellll…. =)

      1. Oo dah tau nama baru senang nak cari. Thanks Doc.. My baby beza 2 hari dengan Bella. Thats y rasa macam nak try beli that bumbo seat. nampak mudah utk g mana2 ada seater tu. Thanks again! =)

  36. my baby pula picky eater…entahlah dr kecil lg masa umur 6bln pun pnh cuba bg cerelec,die lgsung die xnk…baju bib xdr rupe da:)..i try bg puri pisang same juge…last2 i try masak bubur nasi campur ikan..nasib my baby makan..masuk 8bln or 9bln i bg kentang+keju pun tolak xnk..bile da tumbuh gigi i suapkan nasi biasa n lauk org dewasa mkan such as sup,tomyam….btambah selera till now…

  37. Dear Dr.Halina,

    Just to share with baby now nearly 8mths.I did the same which I started to give her solid food during she was 5mths++. I follow my mom’s recipe by giving baby Adelia bubur nasi. At first, I gave her bubur nasi yang dcampur carrot, kentang,bayam and ikan bilis gred A.Then, I change her menu everyday to make sure she love eating and have different taste by giving her ikan tenggiri,chicken or meat.Now she love eating…What i noticed that Baby Adelia tak berapa suka bubur yang dicampur dgn daging..By the way, make sure that bubur tu diblend halus dan kemudian ditapis (i’m too concious and typical..hahaha);p…Now baby Adelia gaining weight.dulu masa lahir kecil aje just 2.7kg..but now dah more than 7kg…baby Adelia makan 2 kali sehari and i do make sure that dia banyak minum air suam byk supaya tak constipated.

    my advise,no need for you to give her the same food for a week.Let her enjoy her meal. Believe me, you feel happy to see your baby reaction when they enjoying their food.

  38. salam dr. i baru lg kat sini..juz nk tanye mane dktr beli kerusi for Bella..coz nmpk dia comfortable je bl mkn…i nk beli for my baby…so that x la susah bile nk bg mkn…

  39. baby i iman i started to gave solid food bila dia dh 6 months. everyday my untie akan datang rumah i smata2 utk suapkan iman moi…selalunya dia akan letak ubi kentang,carrot ,bayam and ayam @ ikan…DR try buat dekat B mst dia suka sbb anak i akan mkn sehari 3 kali…pagi, tghari,and petang..selalunya mknan yg kita msk sndri akn lebih mom marah bila i slalu bg mkn cerelac beras dekat iman sbb dia ckp instant food x bgus utk baby…apapun i sntiasa ikuti perkembangn B sbb nak prktikkan utk anak i..anyway anak i 30/6/2011..thx for ur info Dr.

  40. Salam Dr .. i ni baru recently baca your blog, tu pun after i follow u at twitter bella start her solid food 5 months +++ lah yeaa .. my first baby esok baru 5 months, i ni tgh contemplating bila patut i bagi dia makan ni , ada yg kata 4 months dah boleh tapi kena bagi sehari sekali je , bila i tgk your checklist tuh baby i meniarap pun belum lagi , dia baru mengiring tapi bila dukung dia boleh tegak kan badan, kalau i nak start bagi dia makan, should i start with nestum yg dibancuh masuk dalam botol ke or feed her? is it ok i start with nestum first or any suggestion?
    please give me some advise …tq dr ..

    1. Its ok to start with nestum or puree as long as its blended food.. If you think your baby is ready, you can go ahead with solids. WHO recommendation is to wait til 6 month old..

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