Lesson Learned in 2011

In just a few hours, we will say goodbye to 2011 and hello 2012!! Yup, just a few hours time.. time really flies now days, right?? 2011 is a big year for me, many things have happened and I have learned a few things about myself, life and people around me..

Lesson #1 : Now I do understand the meaning of unconditional love.. and that is a mother’s love to her child. I’m not really sure about father though.. hahahha.. but I guess it is almost the same (yup, almost but NOT same!!) *wink* I, myself amazed how much I could love her!! (and how much space she took in our house despite her size so little.. hahaha)

Lesson #2 : First year of marriage is tough!! People called it the adjustment year.. but love conquers all. Maturity counts! I would never be like this when I am much younger I guess.. (I am very hard-headed.. trust me!) Heheheh.. I am glad I got married at quite a stable age. I’m more stable emotionally and financially but the downturn is my egg count is running low too!! Hahaha.. Must work hard to achieve my husband’s target of 10 children!! See.. Bella is supporting her parents.. she wants more adik already.. kaki dah masuk mulut dah πŸ˜‰

Lesson #3 : If either one of you wins in an argument between each other, it’s a losing battle for your marriage.

Lesson #4 : Sabda Nabi Muhammad SAW: β€œSekiranya aku boleh menyuruh seseorang sujud kepada seseorang manusia, nescaya aku akan suruh perempuan sujud kepada suaminya.” (Di riwayatkan oleh A.Hurairah) . Amazing isn’t it.. I have no comment, just memorize the hadith, ladies!

In general.. year 2011 has been a kind to me. Alhamdullillah. Owh, and not forgotten my little hijrah!! I want to strive to a be a better muslimah in 2012. I wanna be a better person, wife, mommy, doctor in whatever way I can..Β 

Happy new year from all of us.. (urmm.. no family pic with my selendang coz baru 3 hari blaja pakai πŸ˜€ nie pun Bella looks constipated! LoL..) May 2012 brings the best for all of us!! InsyaAllah..

Love, XO

38 thoughts on “Lesson Learned in 2011

    1. SALAM doc,..
      btw,sy tertarik dgn doc ckap “urmm.. no family pic with my selendang coz baru 3 hari blaja pakai..”..means u starting to wear hijab??..if yes..i’m proud of u as muslimah~ =D..penghijrahan yang terbesar for welcoming 2012 ~ =))

  1. may Allah bless u n ur family doc..n i will always support u in every way..n pray the best for ur hijrah too..Allah knows everything n insyaAllah, sooner or later, He’ll grant every sincere prayers from His slaves..;)

  2. happy new year halina..!! semoga 2012 membawa byk lagi kebhhagiaan n keharmoniaan pada halina sekeluarga..:) InsyaAllah!

  3. salam Dr.Halina,
    whoaa…nice speech..haha
    it can be a special lesson to woman too..
    may ur family happy and blessed by The Mighty Allah..
    i’ll always supporting you and your family, dr.halina!

  4. Happy new year 2012.. Insyaallah kak na boleh menjadi lebih baik.. pedulikan apa org kata. yg penting nawaitu kita dan Allah tau siapa kita… (:

    1. I am not a skin consultant.. Im just vain enough to know these things πŸ˜‰ you are rcommended to use anti aging skin care starting from 25-30 years old depends on your exposure to skin damaging factors like the sunlight.. 22? Pls lar.. Go enjoy your life!! Hahahha..

      1. knape ramai org kata dr halina dermatologist…i heard it from quite a no of ppl jugak .mane dapat lol

  5. happy new year dearie Dr:) hmm..quite disappointed xdpt tgk Bella &mommy *eh!!of course daddy bella sekali!hehe* dlm Nona tomorrow since i’m doin’ my practical @ hospital in T’ganu *why larr no new year cuti here:(* huggiess & kissess to litte B anyway!

    1. doctors and nurses must get use to working during public holidays!! hahaha.. tak baik merungut.. keje mesti ikhlas ok! πŸ˜‰

      1. OK Dr! hehe. S.O to-be. hopefully S.O xde oncall πŸ˜‰ anyway, thanks for the lovely reminder B’s mommy hahaha..

  6. Sis Lina..Selamat Tahun Baru juga dan moga 2012 Allah bakal memberi kita lebih rezeki dan limpah rahmat Insya Allah..

    part hisap jari kaki tu pun sama eh dengan saya punya,ada percaya jugaklah sikit2 hihihihi =)

  7. salam kak na..
    happy new year for kak na n family.^^
    this is the most lovely article among yours n i love it very much.ehehe.
    kak na,nak tanya..waktu kak na still a medic student dulu ada fikir nak kawin tak?haha
    how u survive n enjoy ur life as medic student eh? saje nak tips as a medic student jugak.kadang2 rasa stressfull.huhu

    1. Never in my mind to get married during med student.. First, i was only 23 during final year.. And masa housemanship, memang tader social life lgsg.. Once dah jadi MO, my time still fully occupied with work and oncall.. So basicly, doctors in general doesnt really have time to kawen and honeymoon.. Hahaha.. Its ok, buleh selit2 kenduri kawen after balik dr oncall πŸ˜‰ my med student life was fun.. I have my gf who study and do silly things together πŸ˜‰ we are bestfriends until now πŸ™‚

  8. salam Dr.halina, happy new year (^_-)…. First, wah sangat kagum ngan jwapan dr. tentang kawin… Patutlah dr. berjaya sekarang…For the next post, hope dr. bagilah tip2 nak fokus pada matlamat dan azam yang dibina,camne nak hadapi stress yg mndtg.coz sy sgt mudah lemah smangat n hilang fokus bila ada something yg mngganggu,:( hmm, n saya sgt suka ikuti perkembangan dr.Hope dr, bjaya dlm azam perhijrahan..insyaAllah.bitauffiq wannajah…:)

    1. i believe in “if there’s a will, there’s a way” cik as.. im actually quite hard-headed.. in other way, that means stubborn. if i wanted something, i will do it until i get it. everybody lose their focus occasionally but you have to be objective in life. let say you want to study biology chapter 3 today.. (whatever chapter 3 is…) don’t just say i want to study biology today.. that is NOT enough.. sampai tgh malam pun belum tentu abis study, be objective, tell yourself, I will finish biology chapter 3 within 2 hour from 3-5pm.. dang!! kol 5 mesti abis study!! buleh??

  9. dr..lep u lah..hehe..kenapa tetibe lep u ni..entah,nak sayang gak dr..leh tak?u look so humble walaupon bergelar DATIN…suke nengok,and berubah kepada kebaikan hari demi hari..tahniah dr..alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah..hehe.bella dah masukkan kaki dalam mulut dah ye..bagus bella..salah satu bentuk supportive(kalau dia dah pandai lukis,mesti dia buat banner letak dalam rumah.tulis GOOD LUCK PAPA MAMA….)..HEHE…

  10. jazakillah dr.:) insyaallah boleh!;) i’ll try my best.Tetapkan pndirian ,fokus pd matlamat…insyaAlllah, sy akan aplikasikan dlm study or whatever what i want ttg apa yg doc bagi ni.. TQ my lovely sis.(dr.halina) ;),smoga allah mempermudahkan segala urusan dr.halina ke arah amal soleh dan kebaikan.allahumma amin ala kulli hal.

  11. Dr Halina,,,just to ask you why Bella’s name does not start with Siti since the daddy is from Sheikh generation…? hehehe….

    1. well, the girl will not carry the family name.. thats why we don’t put the siti.. and we love the meaning of sophea but the boys will definitely be sheikh X shukor al-masrie like the father πŸ™‚

  12. umm dr, in my family, i can pakai syarifah bcoz my dad is syed o sth…it relly depends on the dad right? laki ke perempuan…. if bella has a hubby who isnt a sheikh for example, then only her babies boy o girl doesnt carry the family name….in ur case dr sms is a sheikh n therefore, bella shud carry a SITI hehe

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