Quick Trip To Singapore

Hey all!!

Hope everybody is doing great ๐Ÿ™‚ As some of you might know, my little tiny family was down in Singapore because Bella’s daddy is giving a speech at ย the Asia Pacific Region Space Forum.. mommy and Bella tagged along just for fun. Hahahha… own no!! Trust me, I have another motive ๐Ÿ˜€

So we drive down (I said down because in the map, Singapore is on the south of KL, jut in case if you’re wondering..) to Singapore on Wednesday afternoon as planned.. It was a 3 hour journey with just one quick stop to change Bella’s diaper. Hahah.. Trust me it was like the F1 pitstop cause we were in hurry.. It was about to rain at that time. I made it in less than 3 minutes from taking her off her car seat, to digging through her diaper bag, changing it with diaper rash cream and powder all ok!! Hahaha.. We went via the second link at Tuas. The traffic was excellent. There was almost no car at all!! I loike!! After checking in at our hotel, we went out for a walk at the shopping mall nearby..

Bella chilling with mommy and daddy at Starbucks after our long journey.. She’s having mocha frappucino in her own way.. biting the cover ๐Ÿ˜‰ NOOO!!! Trust me she did not have mocha frap!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

And here is Bella before she goes to bed.. She doesn’t sleeps with us coz back at home, she sleeps in her own room. Only on this rare occasion, she sleeps with us..

We just spent the next day wandering at Orchard Road.. of course most of the things that we bought are for our little angel.. Check out the hat with huge flower on it!! To whoever who always complain to me, why Bella is not wearing flower hats.. There you go!! Happy??! We didn’t managed to go to see the night Christmas lighting at Orchard Road.. Trust me they have the most beautiful lighting and ornaments and what not for Christmas there.. Just thought Bella might like to see all the beautiful lights and christmas trees at night….

Tak dapat yang besar, yang kecik pun jadilah.. See I told you, she loves lights and balls and stars..

The only place that we went to visit and act like tourist was the Singapore Flyer.. That is like The Eye of Malaysia which was located at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa a few years back.. Now they have shipped it back to Germany! Borrowed for a year I think.. Correct me if I’m wrong.. Hahaha.. It is a huge ferris wheel towering at 165m at its highest point.

This is the view of Singapore harbour, called Keppel Harbour. See how busy they are with all these ships docking..

It has been a long day for Bella.. We made her read the map on her own… Hehehe.. and this is what she did! Laying down looking cute and make me go… aaaaahhh!

After we are done with our Singapore trip, I quietly whisper to my husband.. pretending like I’m cool.. “Can we go to Johor Premium Outlet, S? My friend says it is quite a good place to go shopping. Bargains are pretty good! Alang-alang we are already here.. buleh tak?” *insert cute face here* Padahal dalam hati dah melonjak2!! Hahaha.. The moment he said “OK why not..” I straight away showed him the route map I have googled earlier on.. Hhahahha… *kena jeling balik here*

After 1 hour of driving following my map reading skills.. Hehehhe.. then only we made it to JPO *big grin* To me, it is really a good bargain if you dont mind wearing one or two previous seasons fashion.. I am NOT a fashion victim, I only wear whatever I am comfortable with. So, it is not a big deal for me.. Of course a lot of things a cheaper there as compared to KL and Singapore. I’m sorry I don’t have any picture to share with you coz I literally went berserk there.. *malu* Hubby was very kind to take care of Bella while I do what I do best (cheewahhh!!) Hahahahha.. Rough estimation, I think I have SAVED about RM2k there ๐Ÿ˜‰ No.. thats not the amount that I spent.. that’s the amount that I saved!! *another big grin* Bijak kan!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Till then, XOXO

17 thoughts on “Quick Trip To Singapore

  1. Dr halina, where did u get bella’s costume. I’ve been looking for costume everywhere, online n almost every baby shops in jb. But no luck untill now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. yeay…..Dr mmg best la…sye suka baca..lgpun sye mmg ngah bosan nak tggu el-clasico ni..tup2 Dr da updated blog, apa lg trus baca..

    P/S bella mmg cuteeeeeee….kakak shuke bella =) hahhahaaa

  3. Bella is so cute. like very very cute!!!! *melting* well, must be the great gene from her parents ๐Ÿ™‚

    Nice post by the way, Dr.
    Keep it up!

  4. Mesti Dr. happy sesgt sbb dpt spent time ngan hubby yg sgt sibuk itu bersama anak dara Dr., kan? Saya suka tgk bella dgn topi yg berbunga tu….cumellllll…..

  5. alamak..kamu dtg JPO senyap2… huahuahua…rumah akak is 5minutes from JPO ok…i am always looking forward to meet up with any ex-Terendakian yg singgah JPO…huhu…

  6. fiirst of all im proud to be johorian b’coz johor now have JPO n JPO bestkan..clone pavillion but much more cheaper than pavi… i da pernah pergi and i bought some shirts n jeans and have a great-great time shopping!! and planning to go there some other times… pfft~~ i spent lot of time walking around JPO to made my best decision cuz i da macam orang gila..nampak ni nak nampak tu nak…. cuz JPO ada all branded stuffs yang selama ni i dapat kat KL je….. soon johor gonna have Legoland!! dont miss it cuz im sure Bella will having her great time here!!

  7. WOW….besnya g sngapore….! comel bella pakai kostum..

    p/s: dr bleh bg tip nk berjaya x?? sy tringin la nk brjaya cam dr..:)

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